Advanced Herbal Medicine

July 5-10, 2015 Overnight Youth Camp with prerequisite

Take your herbal skills to a new level this week. Become a wild chef as you wander through fields, forests and seashores in search of wild foods. Dine on edible roots and shoots, drinks and desserts, and prepare insects for a protein-packed snack! We will make placemats, bowls, soup spoons and plates from natural materials for our feasts under the stars.  We will make increasingly intricate plant extractions and experiment with a greater variety of herbs.

As advanced herbalists, we will practice first aid so you can go beyond the beginner level of wilderness medicine. We will learn the valuable skills of navigating, lost-proofing and orienteering in order to stay safe while wandering through nature.  We will practice how to respond if confronted by a wild animal. And of course, we will enjoy Mother Nature’s Herbal Spa; complete with clay masks, facial steams, hair care, aromatherapy, flower essences and more.

Camp Availability:

Ages 9-13 & 13-17: Open/Available with prerequisite required: either Wilderness Chefs & Herbal Medics in prior years (takes place simultaneously), or if you completed any of the camps taking place earlier this summer with flying colors.

Ages 18 and up including parents may participate in Wild Ethnobotany & Herbal Foray running simultaneously.

Camp Goals and Skills:

The goal of this camp session is to bring you to the next level as an herbalist; from merely working with herbs on a physical level to understanding the mental, emotional, physical and social needs of your patients so they may fully heal. Skills introduced include:

  • Ability to feed yourself on wild edibles without losing energy;
  • Ability to honor any plants you harvest by putting all their parts to good use;
  • Ability to store harvested goods throughout a turning of the sun;
  • Ability to orient yourself using the sun, moon and stars and navigate with or without a compass;
  • Ability to heal wounds and keep yourself healthy with medicinal herbs and herbal first aid;
  • Ability to stay clean and safe from injury in every activity;
  • Recognize the identifying characteristics of the Top 10 Important Plant Groups;
  • Understand the meaning of plant characteristics (astringents, etc.);
  • Ability to make plant extractions (decoctions, infusions, etc.);
  • Completion of Journal Entries on your healing plants, and on corresponding poisonous plants.

Camp Schedule and Activities:

Sunday: Camp Setup; Intro Course Review; Campfire Snack, Stories & Questions;

Monday: Yoga & Calisthenics; Morning Edible Plant Harvesting Walk; Edible Plant Processing; Herbal Medicine Plant Harvesting Walk; Herbal Medicine Processing; River Field Trip & Cedar Rope Making; Utilitarian Plant Harvest for Fibers, Fire & Wooden Tools; Campfire Burn Bowls & Spoons;

Tuesday: Yoga & Calisthenics; Breakfast & Cleanup; Morning Plant Family Intensive; Peaceful Place Plant Journaling; Berry Baskets & Bark Bailers; Wild Edible Foods Cooking Intensive with Charlie Borrowman; Campfire Flute & Drum Making;

Wednesday: Yoga & Calisthenics; Drive to Paradise on Mt. Rainier; Alpine Meadow Wildflower ID Hike; Drive to Eastside Pine Forests & Sagebrush Canyonlands; Sagebrush Steppe & Pine Forest Plant ID Hike; Wild Edible Cooking & Dinner; Drive Back to Sahara Creek with Star Gazing Stop;

Thursday: Yoga & Calisthenics; Breakfast & Cleanup; Herbal Medicine Making; River Swim & Peaceful Place Journaling; Herbal Health Spa; Projects Completion; Campfire Music & Stories;

Friday: Camp Pack-Up; Drive to Herbal Store; Radiance Herbs; Seaweeds, Shellfish & Shorelife Walk at Low Tide; Seaweeds & Shellfish Harvest; Seaweeds & Clam Chowder Beach Cooking Extravaganza; Celebratory Wild Edible Meal; Intensive Botany Review.

Camp Instructors:

Wolf Camp Co-Owners Kim & Chris Chisholm
Kim Chisholm is lead instructor for this camp, with staff assistants. Chris will be running the day camp happening simultaneously this week.

Location, Pick-up, Drop-off and Airport/Bus/Train Transportation Options:

Click here for location and transportation details which are the same as for the intro Wilderness Chefs & Herbal Medics and the adult Wild Ethnobotany & Herbal Foray running simultaneously.


Costs are the same as for the intro Wilderness Chefs & Herbal Medics or the adult Wild Ethnobotany & Herbal Foray running simultaneously.

Click here for costs to attend multiple weeks: Recommended additions to make Advanced Herbal Medicine most successful include Survivors Side of the Mountain, Traditional Living Skills Camp, and Wilderness Nav & Orienteering Camp. Other camps include Ancient Archers & Artisans and the Paleo Diet & Lifestyle in August.

Standard Discounts: You will receive cumulative discounts of $5 per additional camp you attend this summer, $5 per additional family member attending this summer, $5 for successfully referring other families who register campers this summer, and $5 per online review you do for us on a searchable site like google once you’ve attended a program.

Registration Options:

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