Summer Day Camp Testimonials

WolfCampCover2010Check out our Kids Summer Day Camps:

• Lake Sammamish

2017 Lake Sammamish Day Camps – “My daughter has attended Wolf Camp for three years and it is by far her favorite camp.  She is always talking about her experiences there with other people.  I still remember Kim saying that (she) could stay until she was a counselor and I would love to make sure that is a possibility.  I was fortunate to spend much of my summers growing up in the outdoors and at overnight camps that taught many of the same skills that the kids learn at Wolf Camp and think that it is so important for our children to have the opportunity to learn those skills.  Especially these days when so much of our experiences are filtered through technology and while I am in a very tech heavy industry getting out in nature and getting dirt on our hands and faces is important so that we stay grounded and focus on the basics that are easy to overlook in the fast-paced world.” – Ellen B., Mercer Island WA
2017 Lake Sammamish Day Camps –
“The Wolf camp people know what they are doing and they do it very well!! Not only did my son thoroughly enjoy his days with them so far this summer but I was also 100% confident in him being safe and happy when I dropped him off in their care. He learned a lot, made a lot of friends and the counselors seemed great! This was our first time but will not be our last with Wolf College!” – Erin M., North Bend WA
2017 Lake Sammamish Day Camps – “My daughter has a huge passion for the program and it has had a very positive impact on her and her view of the world.  It has provided opportunities to explore the outside world in a safe and productive way that I’m not in a position to do and other programs … seem afraid to do.” – Adam A., Seattle WA
2016 Puyallup-Tacoma Day Camps – My son had been begging for years to attend one of the Wolf Camps in the Tacoma/Puyallup area and I finally signed him up last summer for the Swan Creek survival camp… I am so glad I did! Not only did he have a wonderful time, I felt very safe leaving him with the staff. The camp was extremely educational and fun. He will attend every summer from now on!” – Julia Brown, Tacoma WA
2016 Lake Sammamish Day Camps –
 “My daughter attended the Wilderness Skills Sampler camp held at Lake Sammamish in Issaquah, WA summer 2016. She handed me list of skills she wanted to work on that summer (learn to make a fire, survival cooking, archery, tracking/hunting, survival shelters, etc). Almost all of these were covered at Wolf Camp. I was a little skeptical – the website was not a slick, professionally produced site; I had never seen it advertised in ParentMap or at our child’s school. After some research online, and some email questions, it looked legit enough to book. The first day of camp, I dropped off my child in the middle of a field! I picked her up several hours later, walked out of the field and into the forest, and there she was – dirty and tired, but very happy. The whole camp was gathered under an impressive tree, relaxing after their explorations. I liked the quiet, relaxed, and friendly atmosphere. The counselors were so knowledgeable and supportive. She had a wonderful week and can’t wait to return this summer. We’ve all enjoyed seeing her use her new skills all year, though I don’t think I’ll ever like the survival bush tea (blackberry?). We feel very lucky I stumbled upon this camp. It appears to be one of those PNW attractions that only the locals know about. I can definitely recommend this camp for … any child interested in nature and survival skills. Your child will thank you for unhooking them from screens for a week. (My child’s only complaint was that the archery equipment was in hot demand, but not in very good shape.) – NaturallyCurly, April 2017
2016 Lake Sammamish Day Camps –
“This is truly an amazing camp. My daughter Laney attended 2 different weeks last summer as a 6-year-old and came home beaming every day- she learned so much, had amazing counselors, and had such fun adventures! At the end of camp, she was incredibly sad it was over and talked about missing camp every day after. It’s been 6-months since she attended camp and she still talks about this camp on a weekly basis- it left an impression that will last a lifetime and she’ll be returning every year! Out of all her camps she attended over the summer, this is the camp that is at the top of her list. Amazing!” – Marissa L., Snoqualmie WA
2016 Lake Sammamish Day Camps –My daughter will be returning to Wolf camp for the 3rd summer in a row this year. Chris, Kim and the whole staff are caring teachers with so many skills of all kinds to share. I’m so happy that we have programs like Wolf College available in the PNW.” – Rachel B., Bellevue WA

2015 Olympia Day Camps –
My kids did the day camp at Millersyvania for the first time last summer and LOVED it. This is a very worthwhile experience and worth every penny. My kids are both special needs and they were accommodated with no fuss and treated just like regular kids. My kids had a good time and also learned true skills such as shelter building, fire building, foraging. VERY cool. I can’t recommend it enough!” – Adriana Hutchings, Olympia WA
2015 Tacoma-Puyallup Day Camps –
“Both of my sons have attended the day camp. They both came back with feeling like they could take care of themselves in the foster. They could not stop talking about the things they learned. This year my oldest will do the overnight camp. He is looking forward to it. I can not wait to see what he learns this time.” Libertot Ros, Bremerton WA
2015 Lake Sammamish Day Camps –
“My son attended Wolf Camp last summer and loved it.  He did the survival camp and learned quite a few cool things… like what to eat and not eat in the forest, how to make a shelter.  The camp staff were all relaxed and friendly – and knowledgeable about surviving in the woods.  We are signing up for Wolf Camp again this summer.” – Sheridan P., Kirkland WA
2015 Lake Sammamish Day Camps – “Both my kids have attended workshops at Wolf College and just completed a week of Day Survival Camp. Kim & Chris run a fun & educational program which my kids love.  They will certainly be attending more WolfCamp workshops & camps!” – Michele C., Woodinville WA
2014 Best from Central Puget Sound –I enrolled my 6 year old in their survival camp last week and she loved it! She came home full of knowledge about surviving in the wilderness, such as building shelters, fire, purifying water, and identifying trees that are best for eating and/or shelter. She learned a lot AND had a great time. They did a great job! (now, how can I get myself into one of their classes…free daycare?? 😉 – Kristin Mauldin, Everett, WA
2014 Best from South Puget Sound – “My son Silas loved the survival camp in August! He learned sooo much and totally engaged with the instructor, Patrick. Thanks!!” – Desi Turner, Tacoma WA
2013 Best from North Puget Sound – Signed my kiddos up for Wolf Camp again this year- I’m excited for them! They get to spend a week outside in tents, and learn so much. Thank you Chris Chisholm and Kim McKillip Chisholm for running this camp each year! It’s an awesome experience for my kids that I know will stay with them for their lifetimes. – Nikki Wheeler, Snohomish WA
2013 Best from Central Puget Sound – Chris and Kim, thank you for an “amazing” (as my kids keep saying) week this week. Kaely and Caeden had a wonderful time and we will figure out ways to make your camps in future summers.  We love the topics and skills as you can’t get better than outdoors, nature and animals and I’m sure the kids will tell us more and apply what they’ve learned on our camping and backpacking trips this summer. Smiles, it was nice to meet you all and make sure to take a break too !! Also Chris thanks for making the van trips for my kids 🙂 – DeeDee, Ryan, Kaely and Caeden Miller, Federal Way WA
2013 Best from South Puget Sound – Highly recommended for all ages of explorers! Another resource we are lucky to have here in the beautiful NW! – Jennifer LeMay, Sumner WA
2013 Best from Portland-Vancouver –  Hey guys. Thanks so much for this camp.  Wyatt learned so much from you, Chris. Enough that he is now the proud owner of a pocket knife (though we went over all the precautions he might need for this particular knife several more times before he got it!) Anyway, he loved your camp, and seems to have really retained a lot of what he learned.  You guys are awesome! – Amy Poe, Portland, OR

2012 Best from North Puget Sound – We can’t say enough good things about this camp – it’s not just about the learning which there is plenty of that, but it’s much more. We have repeatedly sent our daughter who is now 13, and can’t wait until our 5 year old is 6 so she can begin as well. Chris and Kim, the camp directors, and the camp instructors are all top notch. We sent our daughter here the first year when she was going through a difficult time and she came back inspired and healthy and couldn’t stop talking about her experience and everyone she met at Wolf Camp.  We are very thankful she has this camp to look forward to every Summer! – Lori F.
2012 Best from Central Puget Sound – My son Jace attended the McCollum Park Camp last year and LOVED it. – Mandy P., Bothell WA
2012 Best from South Puget Sound – Our 10-year-old twin girls had a great time at Wolf Camp with Chris and Kim. They came home really excited and couldn’t wait to go back. We like to spend a lot of time hiking and camping, and the girls learned how to spot good berries from poisonous ones, which plants are safe and which ones can be eaten. They were fascinated by it all. Chris and Kim are very friendly people and are great with the kids. – Bob Wadsworth, Puyallup/Renton

2011 Best from North Puget Sound – My son had a great week at Wolf Camp. He is a bright kid but sometimes has trouble socially in traditional camps (sports oriented, lower common denominator activities). Not so at Wolf Camp. He felt welcome, safe, and appreciated. He did the Survivor Day Camp and came back each day with enthusiasm, stories, friendships and confidence. Kim and Chris do a great job of creating a communal, warm atmosphere that extends beyond Camp walls. One day while the campers were swimming at the park’s pool a non-camper became ill and they called 911. This was a great learning experience for the kids to see they are members of a greater community and to take responsibility for that. They debriefed on the incident in the van so the kids understood why they intervened and how to do so safely. My son is eager to go next year, already! – Jenny K.
2011 Best from Central Puget Sound – Of the 9 camps Maxwell attended last year, he insists to participate the Wolf Camp again this year as his hop choice.  He particularly wants to learn more about the outdoor survival skills more this year. – Jeffrey Chang, Seattle WA
2011 Best from South Puget Sound – Chris – I just wanted to let you know how thrilled the kids were with their wolf camp experience. Also, thanks so much for the feedback…. Hope to see you at some of the homeschool classes.” – Julia Taylor, Fox Island

2010 Best from North Puget Sound – Our son has had a fantastic week. He’s already talking about what camp he wants to do next year (herbal) and doing overnight camp too when he gets older. I’m so pleased with all of it and think you two are fantastic at what you do. You will definitely have campers from our family for years to come. – Jenny K.
2010 Best from Central Puget Sound – Thank you for the great week — Lucy couldn’t stop talking about camp and all she was learning. We got a mini-lecture every day after we picked her up. (Presentations for parents were) really nice, by the way! – Kim M., Mill Creek Parent of Day Camper, 2010-12
2010 Best from South Puget Sound – My son Joe wore his Wolf Camp shirt today. And that made me think about what a wonderful time he had at Wolf Camp way back in June! It was a terrific way to start our summer…. Again, thank you for providing a welcoming, warm environment for Joe at Wolf Camp this past June. Take care, Margi Hansen.

Chris Chisholm sells Woods Lake property, marries Kim McKillip, and they begin launching day camps in multiple  Western Washington locations.

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Chris Chisholm moves from rented camp property on Lummi Island near Bellingham WA to purchased camp property on Woods Lake near Monroe WA.

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Best of 1998 – Wolf Camp is the only camp our child is interested in attending next year. The outdoor classroom provided holistic, stimulating (learning) that left a lasting and favorable impression in our child’s life. – Maggie Murphy, Bellingham WA

Best of 1997 – We’re getting in touch with the first 7 day campers to discover their recollections of Wolf Camp in Bellingham 20+ years ago!

Chris Chisholm starts first adult and family programs on Lummi Island during the fall of 1996, submits business license in the winter, and begins after-school classes in Bellingham WA in the spring of 1997.