Advanced Apocalypse Survival Challenge

Returning in 2023 but check out our July 17-23, 2022 Wilderness Survival Trek which is the prerequisite for the Advanced Apocalypse Survival Challenge!

The Advanced Apocalypse Survival Challenge is a collision between emergency survival and traditional living skills. The week is filled with a variety of survival challenges. For example, completing a fire challenge with a fire steel will result in the loss of the fire steel, but the gain of a bowdrill fire kit and a metal water bottle; fire will then be harder to make, but water will be easier to purify. Items will be confiscated, “broken”, or subject to “malfunction” – determined at instructor discretion. This will push your skillset and teach you to strategize.

Take nothing for granted, learn to adapt, and focus on making good decisions in stressful circumstances. This camp is an intensely fun way to put your survival knowledge to the test in a real-time simulated “crisis.”  It’s designed to replicate a life “off the grid” without the luxuries of the modern world. We will spend the majority of the week deep in the woods exploring community living and traditional skills.

Gain proficiency with the arts of foraging, shelter building, water purifying, food preserving and fire carrying as we travel into the wilderness to live off the land. In the end, we will return with a greater appreciation for, and understanding of, our modern luxuries. While a number of traditional skills will be explored, the primary focus of this week is on community; what it means to be part of a community and “what it takes” to flourish. Instructors will guide and advise the group; ensure participant safety and well-being; and lead guided activities. The group will decide how intensely to best tackle community challenges, such as access to clean water, food, and shelters.

Participants are required to arrive with ALL the 10 Essentials including metal water bottle, waterproof boots, etc., ready to backpack into a wilderness survival situation. After checking supplies the first night, your party will depart on a day-long navigation challenge to find a safe wilderness haven before zombies awaken. Failure to complete any challenge may result in a “zombie raid” that will, potentially, have “disastrous” consequences. Zombies (played by instructors and other staff) may confiscate any items from humans they catch. If the human village is uncovered, zombies may ransack the village resulting in loss of essentials for a certain duration.

Camp Goals & Skills Covered:

  • Traditional Survival Shelters, such as the Wickiup and Thatch Hut;
  • Bow Drill method of fire-by-friction;
  • Natural Water Purification [seeps, filters, rock boiling, and locating natural springs];
  • Honorable Harvesting Methods, cooking, and eating the Top 10 Most Important Survival Plants;
  • Medicinal herbs of the northwest;
  • Cooking over an open fire and practice Wild Edible Foraging & Preparation (Herbs, Nuts, Roots, Flowers, Fruits, Insects);
  • Spinning natural rope for your shelter, bow-drill kit, shoelaces, and fishing line;
  • Burning out your own bowl and spoon for eating;
  • How to make jerky and pemmican;
  • Introduction to Wilderness Fishing;
  • Swim in Natural Waters, depending on camper desire and swim testing.
  • Discuss Natural Selection Forestry; use Hatchets & Axes for chopping and wood splitting.

Ages & Prerequisites

For ages 11-17 with prerequisite of Wilderness Survival Side of the Mountain or three previous overnight camps with us. One prior camp with us plus a multi-day survival overnight camp elsewhere may also be considered.

Notes: This is an advanced experience and rigorous on many levels. If you don’t know whether you are ready for the Apocalypse camp even though you did well at our Wilderness Survival Side of the Mountain camp in the past, then we recommend repeating intro survival or taking another overnight camp first. Instructors might determine from your prior week(s) with us that you are better suited for intro survival rather than jumping into the advanced  group, so don’t get attached to doing advanced apocalypse sooner rather than in a later year. Thanks! Instructor-Charlie-Borrowman-backpacking-in-wolf-country.jpg

Camp Instructors:

Senior Instructor Charlie Borrowman leads this course with instructor Heather Carmichael

Arrival, Departure, Directions & Transportation Options:

Sunday Starting Points & Times: Drop-off between 4:00-5:00 at the Faith Baptist Church Campground, 28514 SR 706 East 98304, located 6.5 miles past Elbe WA and one mile before the town of Ashford on the road to Paradise on Mt. Rainier.

Friday Afternoon Ending Times: Pick up at PLEASE NOTE: This elementary school is simply where we always have permission to conduct pick-up at the end-point of our survival trek on Friday. The school will not be open. Meet us in the grassy parking area outside the school gates.


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