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Course Catalog

Course Catalog

Active Program Faculty & Summer Camp Instructors

Also see Kim & Chris Chisholm, Directors, as well as our Administrative & Adjunct Faculty.

Active Program Faculty & Summer Camp Instructors

Patrick Wiley, B.A., Lead Instructor & Apprenticeship Facilitator
Megan Damofle, Lead Instructor, Herbalist & Permaculturist
Charlie Borrowman, Lead Instructor, Wild Chef & Ichthyologist
Torrey Burke-Weeks, B.A., Lead Instructor & Artisan
Sarah Inskeep, Wildlife & Herbal Instructor
Braden Ploger, Lead Instructor
Chelsea Jacobs, EMT, Camp Instructor
Thomas Fellows, Camp Instructor
Heather Carmichael, Camp Instructor
Marco Garcia-Duarte, Camp Instructor
Jacquelyn Kellin, Camp Instructor
Drew Basham, Camp Instructor
Anna “Wren” Schmid, Camp Instructor
Andres Godinez, Camp Instructor
Gabriella Ashford, Apprentice
Khadyja Reinhardt, Apprentice

Patrick Wiley, B.A.
Patrick Skull

Roles/Work: Lead Instructor, Apprenticeships Facilitator
Hometown(s): Eugene, OR
Approximate Age: 25
Introduced to Wolf Camp: 2004
First Leadership Year at the Conservation College: 2008

Patrick received his B.A. in Religious Studies from the University of Oregon in 2015, and is currently working on his masters in conflict mediation. He first came to Wolf Camp in 2004, and completed our week-long Naturalist Mentoring CIT course in 2006 and our Earth Skills Teaching Apprenticeship in the summer of 2007.  In 2008, he served as an    assistant camp instructor and became our youngest-ever lead instructor in 2009. Chris calls him his “mini-me, only twice as tall” as he is an outdoor generalist, but naturally gifted teacher.  While studying at Whitman College, he received certification in Outdoor Leadership.  In 2010, he completed his Permaculture Design Certification through Oregon State University.  He is a twice certified Wilderness First Responder.  In 2013, he completed a course in Storytelling and Presentation Mastery through NLP Pacific.  He graduated from the University of Oregon in 2014.  Most recently, he completed the basic Professional Mediation and Conflict Management Training through Community Mediation Services.  Patrick will teach a number of courses for us during the summer of 2014. For a personal note from Patrick, check out our Apprenticeship Testimonials and scroll down to 2008.

Megan Damofle

Roles/Work: Lead Instructor, Herbalist
Hometown(s): Seattle, WA
Approximate Age: 30
Introduced to Wolf Camp: 2006
First Leadership Year at the Conservation College: 2008

Megan completed the bulk of her Earth Skills Teaching Apprenticeship in 2006 and returned to complete her training and lead instruct Wild Chefs & Herbal Medics in the summer of 2008. She has studied permaculture with Dave Boehnlein, Toby Hemenway and at the Sustainable Agriculture Program at Edmonds Community College.  She has pursued herbal education for over 10 years on her own and with various teachers.  Most recently she completed her 1st year of the Professional Herbalist course at IIEI with KP Kalsa in 2014 and is currently pursuing the Professional Herb Course with East West School of Planetary Herbalogy. She also completed the Hunter Gatherer Immersion Course with Raven’s Roots in 2015 where she learned bow making and wild food harvesting all over Washington State.

Megan has worked with kids for over 10 years as a caregiver for all ages.  She also had the opportunity to volunteer at her daughter’s Waldorf Preschool for 2 years where she found her love for Waldorf education.  Her interests include cooking, hiking, foraging, and having adventures with her family.  She lives on Vashon Island with her partner Gavin and their 5 year old daughter, Runa, a seasoned Wolf Camper. For a personal note from Megan, check out our Apprenticeship Testimonials and scroll down to 2006.

Charlie Borrowman

Roles/Work: Lead Instructor, Wilderness Chef, Fishing Specialist
Hometown(s): SF Bay Area, CA
Current Residence: San Diego, CA
Approximate Age: 25
Introduced to Wolf Camp: 2006
First Leadership Year at the Conservation College: 2009

Charlie first came to camp in 2006 after having attending Hawk Circle in Cherry Valley, NY, and has since completed all of our summer courses, including the Ultimate Tracker. He completed our week-long Naturalist Mentoring CIT course in 2007 and our summer-long Earth Skills Teaching Apprenticeship in 2009. Charlie is the most amazing lead guitarist and story teller. He re-invented our Epic Fishing Camp in 2010 for which he is now our perennial lead instructor, and has lead and co-taught most of our other camps including Wilderness Survival and the Stone Age Artisan. Charlie graduated from the French Culinary Institute in San Jose, CA in 2011 and his skills as a chef have transformed our meals at Wolf Camp into gourmet fair. Charlie also developed our Backcountry Gourmet Cooking Class which launched in the spring of 2013. He is also co-developer of the Wilderness Wannabies Comedy Tour, and most recently, he earned a Level I Track & Sign Certification from Cybertracker, Int’l in 2013. For a personal note from Charlie, check out our Apprenticeship Testimonials and scroll down to 2009.

Torrey Burke-Weeks, B.A.

Roles/Work: Lead Instructor & Artisan Contractor
Hometown(s): Bellingham, WA
Approximate Age: 23
Introduced to Wolf Camp: 2001
First Leadership Year at the Conservation College: 2010

Torrey first came to a Bellingham day camp when he was a wee little 7 year old, and has been coming back ever since. Growing up without TV or video games, his entertainment and education has always come from nature and the outdoors. His interests include teaching, tracking, backcountry camping, woodworking, traditional survival skills, foraged food, blues/swing dance, and sustainability. After 10 years of Waldorf education and 4 years at Bellingham High School, he received his Bachelors in Sustainable Design from Quest University Canada in Spring of 2016. Most impressive about Torrey, in addition to his advanced outdoor skills, is his natural teaching ability. Balancing what he learned at Waldorf with his Wolf Camp experience, he just knows how to inspire students to learn, and take them safely through lessons like a pro. For a personal note from Torrey, check out our apprenticeship testimonials and scroll down to 2012, and check out his personal construction business website at Cedar Creek Designs.

Sarah Inskeep

sarahmissionwolfRoles/Work: Wildlife Conservation & Herbal Instructor
Hometown(s): Manhattan, KS
Approximate Age: 23
Introduced to Wolf Camp: 2015
First Leadership Year at the Conservation College: 2016

Sarah was born and raised in Kansas, went to Maine for college, and studied in the Himalayas before coming to the Conservation College, working 24/7 at Wolf Camp and Blue Skye Farm in the summer of 2016 to complete both our Earth Skills Teaching Apprenticeship and Farm Internship simultaneously. Her expertise with wildlife rehabilitation, knowledge of birds world-wide, and affinity for the wild edible and especially medicinal plants of the west astounded us from the beginning. Sarah taught both kids camps and adult classes in her first summer with us, and for a sense of what Sarah brings to students of all ages, here’s what she wrote in her original application:

“Nature has ever been at the forefront of my mind. Though as a child I was shy with people, I was eternally curious about the plants and animals around me, regardless of shape or size. This biophilia, as Edward O. Wilson called it, grew as I did. The more I learned, the more I loved. The more I loved, the more I wanted to protect these things.

“This desire led me to train and care for rescue dogs, and later to volunteer at a local nature center. Working with and learning from my mentor Vanessa, my perspectives were reshaped. I always sought to help by working with animals directly, but there, I was witness to the pivotal role of education in determining the fate of animals and their world. All too often people fear what they do not understand, and what people fear they will see no need to look after.

“After high school, when studying with Where There Be Dragons in Nepal, I came to an even sharper realization. Just as I saw the beauty of the land mirrored in the open-hearted ways of its people, and found my own heart opening in return, I also saw for the first time the stark reality of human suffering – of exploitation, pollution, and poverty. And I understood my own species is equally in need of love and healing as the animals I cared for.

“Upon these foundational ideas my subsequent education has unfolded. Though somewhat unconventional, my path has not been without aim. From study of politics at College of the Atlantic, to living at a Zen Buddhist monastery, to becoming a full-time student of Aikido, I have been crafting a yet-unnamed degree of my own.”

Braden Ploger

bradenwwwhatwcshirtRoles/Work: Lead Instructor
Hometown(s): Bainbridge Island, WA
Approximate Age: 21
Introduced to Wolf Camp: 2005
First Leadership Year at the Conservation College:

Braden Ploger first started at Wolf Camp when he was 8 years old. He finished the Conservation College Earth Skills Teaching Apprenticeship by the time he was just 16. He has always loved the outdoors and has been going on backpacking trips for as long as he can remember. He attends Western Washington University as a pre-major in plastics and composites engineering, while on the side, also teaching home school workshops on earth skills to all ages.





Elissa Pemberton, B.S.

bio picRoles/Work: Camp Instructor
Hometown(s): Mt. Vernon, WA
Approximate Age: 29
Introduced to Wolf Camp: 2015
First Leadership Year at the Conservation College: 2016

Elissa attended UC Santa Cruz where she received a B.S. in Environmental Studies with a focus in environmental education. It was during this time when she developed her passion for working with kids in the outdoors. She has experience teaching all over the world with kids from many different backgrounds. From teaching English in Thailand, to running arts projects with kids in refugee camps in Greece. She was recently certified Wilderness First Responder. Her interest include gardening, mountaineering, traveling, cooking, crafting and dancing.

“I met Chris and Kim through my cousin Marco. He had been a participant in Wolf Camp for many years and later joined their team as an employee. He had told me lots about the camp but I still had no idea what to expect. During my first week of training I felt slightly overwhelmed with the idea of learning all these new wilderness skills. I was wondering how I could possible retain all the new information in order to teach others.

“Once camp started I was too busy to worry about how I was going to learn everything. I simply had to jump in and start learning. The returning staff were incredibly helpful, I had a million questions and they had a million answers. I never felt alone, we always had so much support from fellow staff or directly from Chris and Kim. Chris pushed me to be more comfortable and confident with rolling with the punches. Which is a necessary skill if you want to work with children. Kim taught me the importance of taking care of yourself while hard at work. I already knew this of course, but she was a great reminder.

“By the end of the summer I couldn’t believe how many new skills I had gained. Not only had I learned what was required from me but I learned so much more from the staff, as well. They taught me how to tell stories, introduced me to new interactive games, and helped me develop different teaching techniques. I now find myself stopping to examine little animal scratches on a tree, looking up unidentified plants and explaining to friends how to build the best fire. I feel like I am more connected and fascinated by the outdoors than I ever have been before. Being a part of Wolf Camp has opened up my senses and installed an even deeper appreciation for the wilderness.”

Chelsea Jacobs, EMT


Roles/Work: Camp Instructor, EMT
Hometown(s): Seattle, WA
Approximate Age: 28
Introduced to Wolf Camp: 2011
First Leadership Year at the Conservation College: 2013

Chelsea started our Earth Skills Teaching Apprenticeship in 2014 and recently became a certified EMT and works on ambulances when she’s not teaching at Wolf Camp. Full bio TBA.



Thomas Fellows

thomaspinniclepeakpojarRoles/Work: Camp Instructor
Hometown(s): Puyallup WA
Approximate Age: 19
Introduced to Wolf Camp: 2012
First Leadership Year at the Conservation College: 2015

Although one of our newest instructors, Thomas has always been an outstanding practitioner of outdoor skills, not only since attending our survival camps in 2012, but throughout his childhood participating in 4H Outdoor Adventures, volunteering with environmental restoration projects professionally engineered by his father, and completing our Earth Skills Teaching Apprenticeship while still in high school.

“I always told my dad that I didn’t want a “boring desk job”. I guess that’s how I ended up as a wilderness survival instructor. It’s a perfect fit for me because I can combine my love of the outdoors with my knowledge and experience.”

What’s most amazing is what an incredible teacher he is: careful with risk management, out in front of any need to be disciplinary, and very popular for kids to tackle. Even with his kind young face, campers always think he’s in his 30s. We also have a feeling that when he’s in his 30s, campers will think he’s in his 20s. Thomas currently lives on the Training Ship Golden Bear while attending college at the California Maritime Academy.

Heather Carmichael

heatherRoles/Work: Camp Instructor
Hometown(s): Sammamish, WA
Approximate Age: 18
Introduced to Wolf Camp: 2014
First Leadership Year at the Conservation College: 2015

Heather started at Wolf Camp when she was 15 years old, attending the Backcountry Leadership training course. She has loved the outdoors her whole life, and has been going camping and backpacking since she was a small child. Heather attends Cornell College, majoring in biology. She’s a black belt in Shudokan Karate, which she has been doing since she age six. Heather completed the Conservation College Earth Skills Teaching Apprenticeship in the summer of 2016 and is one of our most organized and inspirational camp instructors, leading everything from morning workouts to wildlife tracking forays.


Marco Garcia-Duarte

marcocircleRoles/Work: Camp Instructor
Hometown(s): Seattle, WA
Approximate Age: 18
Introduced to Wolf Camp: 2007
First Leadership Year at the Conservation College 2014










Jacquelyn Kellin

IMG_0341Roles/Work: Camp Instructor
Hometown(s): Grand Rapids, MN; Currently Colorado Springs, CO;
Approximate Age: 21
Introduced to Wolf Camp: 1996
First Leadership Year at the Conservation College: 2016

As a person who spent her first 21 years in northern Minnesota, Jacquelyn can’t help but love the outdoors, and she was overjoyed to share this love at Wolf Camp throughout the summer of 2016. Like her uncle Chris who also grew up in Grand Rapids, MN and founded Wolf Camp the year Jacquelyn was born, Jacquelyn spent her childhood swimming, fishing with family members, exploring the woods, climbing trees, biking, having bonfires, and doing any other outdoor activities she could come up with to pass the time. As Jacquelyn truthfully writes, “Still to this day, the easiest way to avoid boredom in Grand Rapids is to go outside. Although I love the northwoods of Minnesota, I still long for adventure and exploration of places unknown to me.”

Along with her love for the outdoors, Jacquelyn also enjoys learning different things and challenging herself with new situations. Through playing on a soccer team in high school, and being part of a restaurant staff for 4 years straight, she learned how to solve problems quickly and effectively, not only on her own but also as part of a team, working through the ups and downs of professional relationships, something few young people can fully claim. Those roles along with nannying also helped to strengthen her communication skills, leadership and responsibility, but what might have prepared her so well to become a Wolf Camp instructor was, in fact, instructing fun summer classes for youth with an organization called College for Kids, which has been run by Itasca Community College since Chris attended those kids classes (guitar and Spanish as he recalls) back in the 70s! Jacquelyn received her A.A. from Itasca before coming out to complete the Earth Skills Teaching Apprenticeship here at the Conservation College.

Drew Basham

IMG_0300Roles/Work: Camp Instructor
Hometown(s): Grand Rapids, MN; Currently Colorado Springs, CO;
Approximate Age: 21
Introduced to Wolf Camp: 2015
First Leadership Year at the Conservation College: 2016

Growing up in the woods of northern Minnesota gave Drew a true appreciation for the outdoors. Throughout his childhood and teenage years, he and his family lived on a lake 30 minutes outside of town, a place everyone nowadays just refers to as “the cabin.” As kids Drew would always be in the woods building forts or fishing on the lake with his brother and dad. As he got older those adventures turned into camping and fishing trips to Bowstring, Lake Winnibigoshish, and the Boundary Waters of Minnesota and Canada. Those old-school experiences shaped Drew’s love for nature and the outdoors and led him to want more.

As an employee at the Grand Rapids Gun Club for 3 years, Drew gained an excellent sense of his surroundings to ensure a safe environment for customers. He learned a great sense of responsibility by cleaning, loading, and closing at the end of each work day. He enjoyed working outside in all weather conditions, something not to be taken lightly in northern Minnesota, and he says he would love to do it all again. Drew also worked as a cashier and that was clear during his apprenticeship at Wolf Camp as he had the most friendly and effective communications skills with customers and employees. Everyone who knows him attests to how dependable he has always been, closing or opening the store back home, cleaning and stocking and and as we found out last summer, cooking meals in the kitchen, and especially whenever working with children at camp.

Anna “Wren” Schmid

wrenRoles/Work: Camp Instructor
Hometown(s): Seattle, WA
Approximate Age: 19
Introduced to Wolf Camp: 2015
First Leadership Year at the Conservation College: 2016

As a kid, Wren discovered a love of the outdoors from hiking with her dad. She grew up kayaking in Puget Sound and exploring the woods around her family’s cabin on Anderson Island every summer. She participated in her middle school’s outdoor program for three years on annual camping and backpacking trips, as well as snowshoeing. Wren was born and raised in Seattle, and her favorite places to be are in mountains and old growth forests. Wren graduated from the Conservation College Earth Skills Teaching Apprenticeship and began instructing camps in 2016. Born into an artistic family, she loves spending her time drawing wildlife. Her dream is to learn how to live an environmentally sustainable life.


Andres Godinez

andresRoles/Work: Camp Instructor
Hometown(s): Chicago, IL
Approximate Age: 19
Introduced to Wolf Camp: 2013
First Leadership Year at the Conservation College 2015

Andres started at Wolf Camp when he was 13 years old, taking our Backcountry Leadership training course, and since then he’s attended every summer to complete every course while also starting to mentor kids at day camps. Andres relates that Wolf Camp was amazing for his growth both at home and in the world. He grew up in Chicago with few chances to go out into nature, so he moved to Seattle in the summer of 2015, excited to be closer to Wolf Camp. Andres talks about how Wolf Camp helped him discover and learn more about nature and how to appreciate everything about it. This past summer he became an instructor and excelled in teaching and at working on a team. Andres says that the leadership skills he gained here helped him to better vocalize his thoughts, something that made him successful as he simultaneously completed aviation training (flight school) this summer, passing his graduation test not just by flying absolutely alone in a plane out of Renton Airport and over Lake Washington, but also being chosen by Alaska Airlines to travel out to Oshkosh, Wisconsin and meet its CEO, Bradely Tilden. During his academic year, you can find Andres working at the Seattle Art Museum.

Benjamin Kleiber

Wolf Camp Instructor in Training Ben Kleiber on Mt Rainier 2013Roles/Work: Camp Instructor
Hometown(s): Ferndale, WA
Approximate Age: 20
Introduced to Wolf Camp: 2007
First Leadership Year at the Conservation College: 2011

Ben Kleiber attends the University of Washington. When he wasn’t at Wolf Camp, you could find him drumming for the high school marching band or working as a Ski Instructor at Mt. Baker. He also played soccer and wrestled for Ferndale High. Ben immensely enjoys outdoor adventures such as rock climbing, snowboarding, and back-country ski trips. He began his career as a Wolf Camper when he was 9 years old, and has been coming back to teach as much as he can. His specialty is survival and scouting, but he enjoys everything about the outdoors.



Gabriella Ashford

ellasawRoles/Work: Apprentice
Hometown(s): Port Townsend, WA
Approximate Age: 16
Introduced to Wolf Camp: 2012
First Leadership Year at the Conservation College: 2015








Khadyja Reinhardt

Roles/Work: Apprentice
Hometown(s): Seattle, WA
Approximate Age: 29
Introduced to Wolf Camp: 2015
First Leadership Year at the Conservation College: 2017

Khadyja discovered Wolf Camp when her tried-and-true method of harvesting nettle as a kid, sting free, no longer seemed to work for her as an adult. She was drawn to the technique that Wolf Camp teaches (both practical and respectful), and was intrigued to find courses that expanded on ways to interact with the wilderness that are smart and fun and lasting. She first took an overnight course in survivalism, then herbalism, and has continued to learn naturalist skills and in and out of Wolf Camp since. She greatly enjoys travel, dance, star gazing, fire-making and of course, spending time in the great outdoors.