Agreements for Participation in Wolf Camp

Wolf Camp – A Haven Of Physical & Emotional Safety

Carefully read these agreements for participation in camp. They are particularly important to ensure a safe, educational, and fun experience under challenging circumstances that are unique to the Wolf Camp experience. Parents:  please explain to your child that deciding to participate in Wolf Camp means agreeing to honor the experience as a safe haven for every person – physically and emotionally. Also, please help us best explain the following agreements by discussing them with your child in an age-appropriate manner consistent with your family values.

____I will remain within the designated boundaries during camp. The boundaries will be pointed out when we arrive at camp.

____I will go off by myself only with clear permission from my group leader. Otherwise, I will always be with a partner and will make my whereabouts known to my group leader.

____I will only enter water following clear direction from a lead camp instructor.

____I will respect the personal boundaries of others in camp, including bodies, belongings, and behavior that others may or may not witness. We will discuss appropriate sleeping, dressing, and bathroom situations at the start of camp.

____I will refrain from sharing any stories, jokes, or comments which are derogatory toward others in camp, and toward groups of people in the outer world. Respect should be the foundation of conversations on religion, race, ethnicity, nationality, sub-culture, language, physical and mental ability, sexual orientation and gender identity regardless of appearances.

____I will refrain from sharing any stories, jokes, or comments about sacred themes such as bodily functions and human reproduction. Bottom line agreement is that all participants agree to discuss only age-appropriate themes and behaviors around younger campers without instructor supervision.

____I will refrain from focusing on exclusive relationships, or taking romantic type actions while participating in Wolf Camp. People attend Wolf Camp to experience earth skills, as well as form genuine friendships, without unnecessary distractions that take away precious energy from the few days we have to learn these skills. This is also one of the reasons why ghost stories are prohibited at camp. Along with feelings of safety, peaceful sleep and other health issues are paramount.

____I will refrain from using drugs, including alcohol, from 24 hours before the day camp starts, until after my last contact with any camp participant after camp is over. I will bring a written description of any prescribed medicines, including instructions for intake.

____I will respect the sensitive plants and animals in special areas during camp, and I will put nothing in my mouth unless I am 100% certain it is safe.

____I will always encourage others to rise to the challenge in every group activity.

____I will always watch out for the safety of every person in camp.

____I will follow additional rules specific to our group location. Examples include using appropriate footwear based on substrate hazards and type of activity, kitchen and sanitation rules, tool safety, etc.

These agreements will be discussed the first day of camp to clarify them for participants, and campers will also add agreements they wish the group to honor during the week. Instructors will also have a few more details to add that will help make camp fun and safe.

Parents: read our homesickness prevention protocol to prepare your child for camp. We send children home right away if they suffer from severe homesickness. The most important piece of prevention is to ensure whether it is your child, not you nor a friend of your child, who really wants to attend Wolf Camp.

Pet owners who are dropping-off and picking-up:  Pets must be kept on leash or in your vehicle at all times.

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