Wolf School of Natural Science: Adjunct Faculty

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Senior Instructors & Adjunct Faculty

Nayaret Quezada-Salazar, Naturalist, Healer, Original Wolf Camp Instructor
Nikki van Schyndel, Survivalist, Tracker, Herbalist, Artist
Bill Baroch, M.Ed., Lead Instructor, Storyteller
Lorien MacAuley, Ph.D. Agricultural, Leadership, & Community Education
Yuanyuan “Amy” Liu, B.A., ESL Director
Don Nguyen, Founder, Climbers of Color and We Do It Outside
Kelda Lorax, B.A., Founder, Divine Earth Gardening Project
Andrea Jacobson, M.OT., Occupational Therapist

Chris “Huck” Anderson, B.A., Lead Instructor
Carol Goulet, Lead Instructor & Staff Advisor
Jason Patterson, Lead Instructor & Artisan
Torrey Burke-Weeks, B.A., Lead Instructor & Artisan
Braden Ploger, B.A., Lead Instructor & Finance Director

Scott Fanello, M.S., Lead Instructor, Appropriate Tech
Rachel Edwards, M.A., Lead Instructor & Herbalist

Kate Hedges, Lead Instructor, Founder of Blue Skies
Griz Chambers, Lead Instructor & Artisan
Orion Baker, B.A.Ed., EMT, CDL, Lead Instructor
Krista Rome, B.S., Conservation Consultant, Farmer
Alexandra Bunker, B.S., Camp Instructor
Elissa Pemberton, B.S., Camp Instructor
Caitlin Davis, B.S., Camp Instructor
Khadyja Reinhardt, Camp Instructor
Jacquelyn Kellin, Camp Instructor
Andres Godinez, Camp Instructor
Kyler Shumaker, Camp Instructor
Jacob Gerstman, Camp Instructor
Chelsea Jacobs, EMT, Camp Instructor

Andy Jacobs, Website Guru, Assistant Instructor
Matt Budzak, Business Mangement Intern & Accessibility Consultant
Malachi Cabera, Business Mangement Intern & DEIJ Consultant

Nayaret Quezada-Salazar

Roles/Work: Naturalist, Healer & Original Wolf Camp Instructor
Hometown(s): Santiago de Chile, Albuquerque, NM
Approximate Age: 55
Introduced to Wolf Camp: 1994
First Leadership Year: 1996

Nayaret taught our very first Wolf Camp programs alongside founder Chris Chisholm in the summer 1996, including wildlife tracking workshops, bird language classes, and wilderness survival trainings. Nayaret is responsible for bringing the professional guidance and moral support needed to launch Wolf Camp, and she went on to mentor countless others to succeed in their dreams. She is a successful life coach and healer, practicing multiple healing techniques including Systemic Family Constellation Work, Reike & Massage, Aromatherapy & Homeopathy, Acupressure & Digitopuncture, Feng Shui, Earthing in Nature, and more. After raising her children in Albuquerque NM and her childhood home of Santiago de Chile, Nayaret recently followed her children back to the Pacific Northwest as they enter their college years, and is joining Wolf Camp for another summer of inspired teaching, including weekly Nature Healing Walks for all ages.

Nikki van Schyndel

Becoming Wild Book CoverRoles/Work: Survivalist, Tracker, Herbalist, Artist
Hometown(s): Echo Bay, B.C.
Approximate Age: 45
Introduced to Wolf Camp: 1999
First Leadership Year: 2000

Nikki is a 1999 graduate of the Dominion Herbal College, illustrated Wolf Journey – Trail of the Naturalist, authored an account of her 2 year primitive living experience in the western wilderness called Becoming Wild with our apprenticeship graduate Micah Fay, and stars on the History Channel’s “Alone” Season 6 which is set in the arctic wilderness. She was mentored in wildlife photography by William Gibbons, a great Rocky Mountain wildlife photographer. She has been a loved volunteer for Wolf Camp since 2000, and our most advanced student having progressed through our Wolf Journey course. Nikki is a natural teacher and excellent tracker, herbalist, artist and survivalist. It is an understatement to say that Nikki is now one of the most highly trained earth skills educators in the field. For more details on Nikki’s trek after training at the Wolf School of Natural Science, check out our book review on Becoming Wild.

 Bill Baroch, M.S.

Instructor-Bill-Baroch-and-wife-Chama-ArchimedeRoles/Work: Lead Instructor, Storyteller
Hometown(s): Deming, WA
Approximate Age: 60
Introduced to Wolf Camp: 1999
First Leadership Year: 2000

Bill teaches using story as a technique for subtly sharing insight and information. He emphasizes stories which celebrate the natural world and human-nature interactions. From 1991-98, Bill was Co-Director & Instructor at Free Spirit Nature Camp in Warwick, NY, conducting six-week summertime camps for 4-12 year olds, presenting pre-camp staff orientation, acting as camp medical director, and planning/implementing activities focusing on nature study and exploration, survival skills and conflict resolution. Bill was also Program Director at Pathfinder Outdoor School in Mountain Center, CA from 1991-92 & 1993-94, administrating the residential outdoor education program, communicating with schools to set schedules, giving school site presentations to students and parents, developing/implementing new classes and programs, and teaching classes in natural science and other outdoor pursuits. Bill was also Teaching Fellow at Montclair State University’s N.J. School of Conservation in Branchville, NJ, from 1992-93, where he taught environmental education classes and developed teacher training workshops. From 1990-91, bill was a Naturalist Instructor at Greenkill Environmental Education Center in Huguenot, NY, where he designed and taught classes natural history to grades 410 during 3-5 day visits, using Project Adventure, High Ropes and the Climbing Wall to establish cooperative learning. Bill was also an Environmental Education Intern at Clemmie Gill School of Science and Conservation in Springville, CA from 1989-90, at Ryerson Conservation Area in Deerfield, IL , and at Northcoast Environmental Center in Arcata, CA in 1988. Bill was also a Docent at the Nature Conservancy’s Lanphere-Christensen Dunes Preserve in Arcata, CA from 1985-88, leading interpretive walks for school groups and the general public which focused on the geology and ecology of the dunes. He was a trail crew member for the U.S. Forest Service in Tongass National Forest,, Misty Fjords National Monument in Alaska in 1985, a Wildlife Technician for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game in Fairbanks, AK in 1994, working on the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, and again a Wildlife Technician for the U.S. Forest Service, Institute of Northern Forestry in Fairbanks in 1993, assisting a biologist on a moose foraging ecology study in Denali National Park.

Lorien MacAuley, Ph.D. Agricultural, Leadership, & Community Education

Roles/Work: Lead Wildlife & Virtual Instructor, Sustainable Ag Specialist,
Hometown(s): Brunswick, MD and Mannassas, VA
Approximate Age: 40
Introduced to Wolf Camp: 2004
First Leadership Year: 2004

Lorien MacAuley, B.S. in Biology, M.S. in Life Sciences, PhD in Agricultural, Leadership, and Community Education at Virginia Tech while working for the Virginia Beginning Farmer and Rancher Coalition. She now researches on-farm apprenticeships at Virginia Tech, with areas of interest including beginning farmer education, community-based food systems initiatives, food justice, alternative agrifood movements, sustainable development discourses, and labor issues within the food system. In Fayette County, WV, she managed an educational market garden for two seasons, in which youth grew, harvested, and sold veggies at the farmers market. Lorien holds a PhD in Agricultural, Leadership, and Community Education; a Masters Degree in Agricultural and Extension Education; and a Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit and Nongovernmental Organization; from Virginia Tech.

Lorien graduated from our Earth Skills Teaching Apprenticeship in the summer of 2004, and due to her expertise in wildlife tracking & birding, already was a lead day camp instructor in August of that year. She also lived at Wolf Camp for an additional year, helping to develop our farm internship with organic gardens and farm animals while also studying earth skills to a great depth. Lorien lead several of our camps in 2005-06. She was Wilderness First Responder certified, and trained in Site/Risk Management. Lorien did environmental research in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest during the summer of 2007, worked at Southern Appalachian Labor School in West Virginia, received her masters from the Virginia Tech in 2015, and her Ph.D in 2017. For a personal note from Lorien, check out our Apprenticeship Testimonials and scroll down to 2004.

Yuanyuan (Amy) Liu, B.A., ESL Director

Roles/Work: ESL Students Director, Chinese Language Interpreter, Day Camp Assistant Instructor
Hometown(s): Shanghai, China; Sammamish, WA
Approximate Age: 35
Introduced to Wolf Camp: 2018
First Leadership Year: 2018

Amy received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Wuhan University of Technology and went on to receive her Teaching Certification before working for 10 years as a pre-school and kindergarten teacher in Shanghai and now in Issaquah. She also worked as a marketing specialist with Ingersoll Rand for five years prior to changing her career to education.

Amy moved to the Seattle area last year, and she loves the beauty of nature, as well as studying nature. Her interests include running and hiking outdoors, as well as volunteering with trail runs in her spare time. She is an accomplished marathon runner, and loves hiking the mountains of the area. Her passion for the outdoors, her teaching experience, and prior work in marketing gives her the perfect blend of skills needed as a director for Wolf Camp.

Don Nguyen, Co-Founder, Climbers of Color and We Do It Outside

Roles/Work: Program Development, Virtual Instruction, Lead Instruction, Big Game Tracking, Mountain Guiding
Hometown(s): Oklahoma City & Tacoma WA
Approximate Age: 30
Introduced to Wolf Camp: 2016
First Leadership Year: 2020

Don Nguyen is a life long outdoors-person. Born in Oklahoma’s Little Saigon, he followed the call of the outdoors life and spends much of his time working in the mountains and wilderness of the western US.

Don guides mountaineering trips on Rainier, Denali, in South America and beyond. In the fall time he is a professional big game tracker and guide in the Rockies. You can see Don in his element, surviving the full 23 Days on Discovery Channel’s “Naked and Afraid” in Namibia.

Don’s passion for the outdoors extends beyond guiding and instruction, he is a co-founder of Climbers of Color, a non-profit organization working to create Black, Indigenous, and Persons of Color leaders in alpine climbing and other outdoor spaces. Don also manages We Do It Outside with his partner Emily.

Kelda Lorax, B.A., Founder, Divine Earth Gardening Project, Seattle Permaculture Guild & Tacoma Permaculture, Stardust Market Garden & Fairland Farmers Market

Roles/Work: Permaculture Instruction, Virtual Instruction, Small Scale Agriculture, Wild Edible & Medicinal Plants
Hometown(s): Puyallup WA & Fairland, Oklahoma
Approximate Age: 40
Introduced to Wolf Camp: 2010
First Leadership Year: 2020

Kelda began studying permaculture as a teenager in the 90’s, graduated from Evergreen State College with a B.A. and focus on Sustainable Communities, had a 2-year internship at the Bullock’s Permaculture Homestead, helped launch the Seattle Permaculture Guild, then the Tacoma Permaculture group, has co-taught and led several Permaculture Design Courses, served on the board of the Northwest Permaculture Convergence, and has Diplomas in Permaculture Site Design and Permaculture Education through the Permaculture Institute of North America(PINA). 

Kelda is widely considered to be the person who brought permaculture to Puyallup & Pierce County, and recently moved to Oklahoma to take over her grandmother’s farm, renaming it Stardust Market Garden after the next-door motel her family used to manage. She started the Fairland Farmer’s Market, served on city council for a term, is on the board for L.E.A.D. Agency, and teaches virtually with Permaculture Women’s Guild, Oregon State University’s Online PDC, and is a PINA Field Advisor. Kelda’s passion is for learning about and creating models of healthy human-ecosystem relations, while acknowledging and working to end the many injustices that have disrupted our collective relationship with the land.

Chris “Huck” Anderson, B.A.

Roles/Work: Lead Instructor, Founder of Lost & Found Adventures; Now Working As Lead Guide for Arizona Outback Adventures and chosen as one of 5 Most Exceptional Worldwide REI Guides for 2014
Hometown(s): Phoenix, AZ
Approximate Age: 35
Introduced to Wolf Camp: 2005
First Leadership Year: 2006

Huck served as our camp nurse and graduated from our Earth Skills Teaching Apprenticeship in 2005, when he also co-taught our Rock Climbing course and assisted with several day and overnight camps as well. In 2006 he ran the GeoTRIP, and he taught a variety of camps for us in 2007. He comes to us with a plethora of previous experience, including as an ambulance driver EMT. He is a gifted musician, having played with many of the great jazz artists of our time who visited Arizona State University during his years there. As you can read in his Arizona Outback Adventures bio where he heads up their risk management and instructor training divisions, plus his Most Exceptional Worldwide REI Guides write-up, the list of his attributes and accolades goes on and on. We are proud to be part of his history and future.

Kate Hedges

Roles/Work: Advisor, Founder of Blue Skies – Earth Skills
Hometown(s): Helensburgh and Edinburgh, Scotland
Approximate Age: 40
Introduced to Wolf Camp: 2001
First Leadership Year: 2002

Kate Hedges was the first graduate of our Earth Skills Teaching Apprenticeship. She came specifically to learn earth skills and to learn how a functioning earth skills school ran in order to go back home to found the first official earth skills training institute in Scotland, all in the same year she graduated from the University of Edinburgh. Due to her skill, talents and fun, she made her Blue Skies earth skills training institute a popular success in its very first year! If you live in Europe or are travel in to the British Isles, contact her through us or telephone (international prefix varies) 0131 228 9608/ 07984 893436 to find out about attending one of her great courses or to arrange a custom-designed programme. Most exciting is that Kate acquired a new permanent home for Blue Skies, a beautiful piece of land called Roeburn Wood, and it is situated about 30 minutes walk from Helensburgh, west of Glasgow. It is best accessed by train to Helenburgh Central railway station, a short journey from Glasgow. It’s harder and harder for Kate to get free to fly over and teach with us anymore due to her packed schedule at Blue Skies. For a personal note from Kate, check out our Apprenticeship Testimonials and scroll down to 2001.

Carol Goulet

Roles/Work: Staff Advisor, Co-Founder of B.C. Primitive Adventures
Hometown(s): Vancouver
Approximate Age: 55
Introduced to Wolf Camp: 1998
First Leadership Year: 1998

Carol has extensive experience teaching in a variety of settings, and was co-founder of B.C. Primitive Adventures in 1996. She has worked as a counselor at Leyline for several years, and all the students who have attended Wolf Camp can attest to her fun, nurturing, and challenging leadership. She is a graduate of many Tracker School courses, including Advanced Scout, and has become a highly skilled herbalist, survivalist, and teacher.

Jason Patterson

Instructor-Jason-Patterson-blows-bow-drill-coal-into-flameRoles/Work: Lead Instructor, Artisan & Survival Specialist
Hometown(s): Woodinville, WA
Approximate Age: 50
Introduced to Wolf Camp: 2004
First Leadership Year: 2005

Jason came to us with many years experience guiding wilderness therapy courses, and many years of dirt time with survival skills. He teaches artisan camps for us, and has been a great help to our program since starting to work with us years ago. He’s a great craftsman with wood and rocks, especially knowledgeable with minerals and geology, and has an amazing, calm, happy, humble and welcoming energy with young people. Jason is a carpenter by trade, and mong many other accolades, he earned a Level I Cybertracker Track & Sign Certification in 2013 and various Wilderness First Aid certifications over the years.

Torrey Burke-Weeks, B.A.

 Instructor-Torrey-Burke-Weeks-tracking-bear-near-Cle-Elum.jpgRoles/Work: Lead Instructor & Artisan Contractor
Hometown(s): Bellingham, WA
Approximate Age: 28
Introduced to Wolf Camp: 2001
First Leadership Year: 2010

Torrey first came to a Bellingham day camp when he was a wee little 7 year old, and has been coming back ever since. Growing up without TV or video games, his entertainment and education has always come from nature and the outdoors. His interests include teaching, tracking, backcountry camping, woodworking, traditional survival skills, foraged food, blues/swing dance, and sustainability. After 10 years of Waldorf education and 4 years at Bellingham High School, he received his Bachelors in Sustainable Design from Quest University Canada in Spring of 2016. Most impressive about Torrey, in addition to his advanced outdoor skills, is his natural teaching ability. Balancing what he learned at Waldorf with his Wolf Camp experience, he just knows how to inspire students to learn, and take them safely through lessons like a pro. For a personal note from Torrey, check out our apprenticeship testimonials and scroll down to 2012, and check out his personal construction business website at Cedar Creek Designs.

Braden Ploger, B.A., Finance Director & Lead Camp Instructor

Roles/Work: Day Camps & Finance Director, Camps & Classes Instructor
Hometown(s): Bainbridge Island, Seattle & Bellingham WA
Approximate Age: 26
Introduced to Wolf Camp: 2005
First Leadership Year:

Braden Ploger first started at Wolf Camp when he was 8 years old. He finished the Earth Skills Teaching Apprenticeship by the time he was just 16. He has always loved the outdoors and has been going on backpacking trips for as long as he can remember. He got his finance and economics degree at Western Washington University, while also teaching home school workshops on earth skills to all ages. He came on board as our finance director in 2018 to help Wolf Camp budget for its transition of the Conservation College into an independent, non-profit organization.

Krista Rome, B.S.

Roles/Work: Advisor, Environmental Consultant, Farmer
Hometown(s): Bellingham, WA
Approximate Age: 45
Introduced to Wolf Camp: 2000
First Leadership Year : 2004

Krista Rome holds a bachelors degree in environmental studies from WWU Huxley College and after college, worked at a prestigious wetlands consulting firm in Washington State. She has extensive experience working with native plants, and guiding school groups in habitat restoration. She is also a talented basket and drum maker, and her passion is to live as sustainably as possible on the land, and to teach those around her the values and joys of simple living. Krista was also certified as a Wilderness First Responder. She graduated from our Earth Skills Teaching Apprenticeship in the summer of 2003 after returning from the Peace Corps in Uganda, taught camps all summer in 2004, and continues to be a close advisor throughout the year. Krista has also gone on to become proprietor of the Grains & Beans Project. For a personal note from Krista, check out our Apprenticeship Testimonials and scroll down to 2003.

Scott Fanello, M.S.

Roles/Work: Lead Instructor
Hometown(s): Boulder, CO
Approximate Age: 40
Introduced to Wolf Camp: 2004
First Leadership Year: 2004
Scott Fanello, B.S. in Biology, graduated from our Earth Skills Teaching Apprenticeship in the summer of 2004, and due to unprecedented experience, soon became a lead day camp instructor in August. He also lived at Wolf Camp, helping to develop our farm internship with organic gardens and farm animals while also studying earth skills to a great depth. Scott lead several of our camps in 2005-06, including the development of the Old School Pioneers camp. He is Wilderness First Responder certified, and trained in Site/Risk Management. Scott received his masters in stormwater engineering and relocated to the mountain west where he works in the field. For a personal note from Scott, check out our Apprenticeship Testimonials and scroll down to 2005.

Rachel Edwards, M.A.

RachelRoles/Work: Instructor, Herbalist
Hometown(s): Rutherfordton, NC
Approximate Age: 35
Introduced to Wolf Camp: 2010
First Leadership Year: 2010

Rachel completed our Earth Skills Teaching Apprenticeship in 2010 after coming to us with great experience teaching environmental education and an herbal degree from Bastier University. After her apprenticeship, she continued to teach and then returned home to Asheville NC where she attained her masters degree and now works as a counselor. For a personal note from Rachel, check out our Apprenticeship Testimonials and scroll down to 2010.

Griz Chambers

Man blowing bow-drill-made coal into flame in tinder.Roles/Work: Earth Skills Consultant, Traditional Craftsman
Hometown(s): Crows Nest Pass, AB
Approximate Age: 30
Introduced to Wolf Camp: 2001
First Leadership Year: 2004

Griz graduated from our Earth Skills Teaching Apprenticeship in the summer of 2003. He first came to Wolf Camp as a young camper in 2001, then returned in 2002 as the first graduate of our Youth Mentoring CIT Program. Bill specializes in Primitive Artisanry, with expertise in hunting, fishing, and tracking. He lead our Primitive Fishing and Stone Age Technologies camps, plus co-taught a variety of day camps in 2005. He is an Emergency Medical Responder, a Wilderness First Responder, and is trained in Site/Risk Management. He hails from his hometown of Crow’s Nest Pass, Alberta, and is currently developing his own Earth Skills programs near Calgary. For a personal note from Griz, check out our Apprenticeship Testimonials and scroll down to 2002.

Alexandra “Squirrel” Bunker, B.S. Environmental Studies

Apprentice-Alex-Bunder-with-Chris-ChisholmRoles/Work: Camp Instructor, Videographer
Hometown(s): Altamonte Springs, FL
Approximate Age: 30
Introduced to Wolf Camp: 2001
First Leadership Year: 2004

Alex first came to camp in 2001 as part of our wilderness survival and seaside kayaking courses. She returned at age 15 to help with our rock climbing and other courses as part of our Youth Mentoring CIT Program in 2004, graduating from our Wilderness First Responder course and other trainings that year. After returning from studying in Italy during high school, she become Florida’s youngest public official as supervisor of the Seminole Soil and Water Conservation District where she served for over four years, active in fundraising, event planning and educating land users on the best land and water use management practices. She also worked as a rock climbing guide throughout college. Alex graduated from Central Florida University with a degree in Environmental Studies before embarking on a project to film green businesses around the world.

While finishing her Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies at Central Florida University, Alexandra received a scholarship for the Global Citizenship Seminar in Salzburg, Austria, and was a youth ambassador for Rotary International while studying abroad in Rome. In the business world, she has both trained and managed other employees for the Sanford Book Shoppe and the Aiguille Rock Climbing Gym in Central Florida.

Alexandra’s commitment to the environment has been demonstrated through her diligent work with several conservation organizations and committees, including the Florida League of Women Voter’s Climate Change Committee and the League of Conservation Voters. In acknowledgment of her strong advocacy on behalf of the federal Wild & Scenic Wekiva River, Alexandra was invited by former Florida Governor Jeb Bush to speak at the Wekiva Parkway and Protection Act signing in 2004. One year later, she received the prestigious “Conservation Award” from Friends of the Wekiva River, Inc.

At last update in February 2013, she was speaking at the “Imagine Florida Without Water” event along with Former Governor Bob Graham, Former Senator and current Commisssioner Lee Constantine, and National Outdoor Book Award Winner Bill Belleville. Alexandra is now developing Follow Your Green which is an adventure to film, document, and inspire people who follow their passion as entrepreneurs in Green Business.

Elissa Pemberton, B.S.

bio picRoles/Work: Camp Instructor
Hometown(s): Mt. Vernon, WA
Approximate Age: 30
Introduced to Wolf Camp: 2015
First Leadership Year: 2016

Elissa attended UC Santa Cruz where she received a B.S. in Environmental Studies with a focus in environmental education. It was during this time when she developed her passion for working with kids in the outdoors. She has experience teaching all over the world with kids from many different backgrounds. From teaching English in Thailand, to running arts projects with kids in refugee camps in Greece. She was recently certified Wilderness First Responder. Her interest include gardening, mountaineering, traveling, cooking, crafting and dancing.

“I met Chris and Kim through my cousin Marco. He had been a participant in Wolf Camp for many years and later joined their team as an employee. He had told me lots about the camp but I still had no idea what to expect. During my first week of training I felt slightly overwhelmed with the idea of learning all these new wilderness skills. I was wondering how I could possible retain all the new information in order to teach others.

“Once camp started I was too busy to worry about how I was going to learn everything. I simply had to jump in and start learning. The returning staff were incredibly helpful, I had a million questions and they had a million answers. I never felt alone, we always had so much support from fellow staff or directly from Chris and Kim. Chris pushed me to be more comfortable and confident with rolling with the punches. Which is a necessary skill if you want to work with children. Kim taught me the importance of taking care of yourself while hard at work. I already knew this of course, but she was a great reminder.

“By the end of the summer I couldn’t believe how many new skills I had gained. Not only had I learned what was required from me but I learned so much more from the staff, as well. They taught me how to tell stories, introduced me to new interactive games, and helped me develop different teaching techniques. I now find myself stopping to examine little animal scratches on a tree, looking up unidentified plants and explaining to friends how to build the best fire. I feel like I am more connected and fascinated by the outdoors than I ever have been before. Being a part of Wolf Camp has opened up my senses and installed an even deeper appreciation for the wilderness.”

Khadyja Reinhardt

Roles/Work: Camp Instructor
Hometown(s): Seattle, WA
Approximate Age: 30
Introduced to Wolf Camp: 2015
First Leadership Year: 2017

Khadyja discovered Wolf Camp when her tried-and-true method of harvesting nettle as a kid, sting free, no longer seemed to work for her as an adult. She was drawn to the technique that Wolf Camp teaches (both practical and respectful), and was intrigued to find courses that expanded on ways to interact with the wilderness that are smart and fun and lasting. She first took an overnight course in survivalism, then herbalism, and has continued to learn naturalist skills and in and out of Wolf Camp since. She greatly enjoys travel, dance, star gazing, fire-making and of course, spending time in the great outdoors.

Andres Godinez

andresRoles/Work: Camp Instructor
Hometown(s): Chicago, IL; Seattle, WA
Approximate Age: 23
Introduced to Wolf Camp: 2013
First Leadership Year: 2015

Andres started at Wolf Camp when he was 13 years old, taking our Backcountry Leadership training course, and since then he’s attended every summer to complete every course while also starting to mentor kids at day camps. Andres relates that Wolf Camp was amazing for his growth both at home and in the world. He grew up in Chicago with few chances to go out into nature, so he moved to Seattle in the summer of 2015, excited to be closer to Wolf Camp. Andres talks about how Wolf Camp helped him discover and learn more about nature and how to appreciate everything about it. This past summer he became an instructor and excelled in teaching and at working on a team. Andres says that the leadership skills he gained here helped him to better vocalize his thoughts, something that made him successful as he simultaneously completed aviation training (flight school) this summer, passing his graduation test not just by flying absolutely alone in a plane out of Renton Airport and over Lake Washington, but also being chosen by Alaska Airlines to travel out to Oshkosh, Wisconsin and meet its CEO, Bradely Tilden. Andres is also a great artist, worked at the Seattle Art Museum, and is currently attending Seattle University studying architecture.

Jacquelyn Kellin

IMG_0341Roles/Work: Camp Instructor
Hometown(s): Grand Rapids, MN; Bellingham, WA;
Approximate Age: 25
Introduced to Wolf Camp: 1996
First Leadership Year: 2016

As a person who spent her first 21 years in northern Minnesota, Jacquelyn can’t help but love the outdoors, and she was overjoyed to share this love at Wolf Camp throughout the summer of 2016. Like her uncle Chris who also grew up in Grand Rapids, MN and founded Wolf Camp the year Jacquelyn was born, Jacquelyn spent her childhood swimming, fishing with family members, exploring the woods, climbing trees, biking, having bonfires, and doing any other outdoor activities she could come up with to pass the time. As Jacquelyn truthfully writes, “Still to this day, the easiest way to avoid boredom in Grand Rapids is to go outside. Although I love the northwoods of Minnesota, I still long for adventure and exploration of places unknown to me.”

Along with her love for the outdoors, Jacquelyn also enjoys learning different things and challenging herself with new situations. Through playing on a soccer team in high school, and being part of a restaurant staff for 4 years straight, she learned how to solve problems quickly and effectively, not only on her own but also as part of a team, working through the ups and downs of professional relationships, something few young people can fully claim. Those roles along with nannying also helped to strengthen her communication skills, leadership and responsibility, but what might have prepared her so well to become a Wolf Camp instructor was, in fact, instructing fun summer classes for youth with an organization called College for Kids, which has been run by Itasca Community College since Chris attended those kids classes (guitar and Spanish as he recalls) back in the 70s! Jacquelyn received her A.A. from Itasca before coming out to complete the Earth Skills Teaching Apprenticeship here at the Wolf School of Natural Science.

Kyler Shumaker

Roles/Work: Camp Instructor
Hometown(s): Belfair, WA
Approximate Age: 21
Introduced to Wolf Camp: 2013
First Leadership Year: 2016

Kyler is another incredible product of homeschool education. His family started attending Wolf Camp classes in 2013, he completed our Naturalist Mentoring CIT program in 2015, and began assisting lead instructors at camps throughout our Earth Skills Teaching Apprenticeship until 2017. His expertise with survival skills, wild edible and medicinal plant knowledge, traditional craftwork, and outdoor leadership may be unsurpassed for a young man of his age. Kyler is a always and consistently and simply a delight and inspiration to be around..

Chelsea Jacobs, EMT


Roles/Work: Camp Instructor, EMT
Hometown(s): Seattle, WA
Approximate Age: 35
Introduced to Wolf Camp: 2011
First Leadership Year: 2013

Chelsea started our Earth Skills Teaching Apprenticeship in 2014 and became a certified EMT in 2015. She works on ambulances and performs burlesque when she’s not teaching at Wolf Camp.

Andrew Jacobs

Andy Jacobs

Roles/Work: Website Guru, Assistant Instructor
Hometown(s): Seattle, WA
Approximate Age: 35
Introduced to Wolf Camp: 2011
First Leadership Year: 2013

Like our website? Andy is our tech guru and helped our SEO considerably. He started our Earth Skills Teaching Apprenticeship in 2014 and has vast outdoor recreation experience as well as a delightful teaching personality.

Caitlin Davis, B.S.

Roles/Work: Camp Instructor
Hometown(s): Placerville, CA
Approximate Age: 27
Introduced to Wolf Camp: 2018
First Leadership Year: 2018

Caitlin completed our Earth Skills Teaching Apprenticeship in 2018 and came to us with a Bachelor of Science in Rangeland Resource Science (Soil Science Focus) from Humboldt State University, among many past training programs. Her coursework there also included conflict resolution, green building, homesteading, as well as botany. Caitlin has been a caregiver for the elderly, an intern and groundskeeper at farms, a restoration volunteer on multiple projects, and is a wonderful teacher of children.

Orion Baker, B.A. Education, EMT Firefighter

Roles/Work: Lead Instructor, EMT
Hometown(s): Seattle, WA
Approximate Age: 40
Introduced to Wolf Camp: 2002
First Leadership Year: 2016

Andrea Jacobson, M.OT.

Roles/Work: Occupational Therapist, Assistant Instructor
Hometown(s): Moreland Hills, OH
Approximate Age: 45
Introduced to Wolf Camp: 2018
First Leadership Year: 2018

Matt Budzak

Roles/Work: Business Management Intern & Accessibility Consultant
Hometown(s): Puyallup, WA
Approximate Age: 30
Introduced to Wolf Camp: 2020
First Leadership Year: 2022

Matt is currently a business and management intern, and he will be assisting us at camps during the summer time while providing feedback on how our camps can become more accessible. In his role, Matt provides skills that includes website development, blog posting, social media outreach, local business networking, event facilitation, database management, and working to make our services accessible to all demographics. As Matt shares on his website, he was born with Multiple Pterygium Syndrome and related medical conditions such as arthrogryposis and scoliosis. Matt runs his own business as a motivational speaker, inspiring area businesses, families, patients, students and staff with stories from his own life, helping homes, businesses and communities become accessible for everyone while teaching about thriving through challenges. As Matt says during his motivational speaking appearances, “You don’t have to change who you are, just change how you do things. Nothing stops me – not my 100 surgeries or even the amputation of my legs –  from living the best life possible. I just keep moving forward, pursuing dreams and goals, trying to live a more positive life.”

Malachi Cabera

Roles/Work: Business Management Intern & DEIJ Consultant
Brooklyn NY; Puyallup WA
Approximate Age: 18
Introduced to Wolf Camp: 2022
First Leadership Year: 2022

Malachi is a business entrepreneur, owning and operating Mali’s Landscaping, a service that provides lawn care services. Malachi was brought onto the Wolf Camp team through Hire Pierce County in early 2022. In his role, Malachi has developed skills that includes website development, blog posting, social media outreach, local business networking, event facilitation, database management, and working to make our services accessible to all demographics. Malachi is a community organizer, and is involved in various volunteer governmental service work including: the 75th Director of Elections for the YMCA Youth and Government program; campaigning with Sharlett Mena in Washington State’s 29th Legislative District in 2020 & 2022; and campaigning with Kiara Daniels for Position 6 for Tacoma City Council. He also had the honor of being a guest speaker at the Voter Turnup event in August of 2021 where he spoke on the importance of voting and why you should vote while only being 17! In his initial project as business management intern with us, Malachi helped facilitate Puyallup’s first-ever Black History Month celebration, working under the direction of JMarie Johnson-Kola and Experiencing Black Puyallup. In his role, he was Volunteer Coordinator / Young Adult Liaison to ensure volunteers were doing their jobs accordingly, and bringing insight on how the event could be equitable for all people. After completing his business management internship, Malachi served as our day camps assistant director in the summer of 2022 before being hired by the Washington State Democrats as a fall campaign season field organizer for candidates in the 27th & 28th Legislative Districts in the Tacoma area.