Max Davis Scholarships and the Conservation College

Apply for a scholarship to attend Wolf Camp and other outdoor educational programs that interest you! Max Davis Scholarships are granted by the Conservation College whose mission it is to “inspire a global conservation ethic by connecting people to nature through outdoor education.”

Financial Aid Scholarships are accepted first-come, first-served between Jan 5th – Jun 5th as funds remain available with grants up to 75% of the costs toward an earth skills educational opportunity. The scholarship board does expect that the applicant also contribute as much as possible to programs they attend, and that scholarship recipients attend the entirety of the programs for which they register.

To apply for a financial aid scholarship, email answers the questions below, and attach a copy of your Microsoft Word or PDF Registration Form if we do not already have one on file, plus a description of the program you wish to attend. Members of the Conservation College board of directors are the only persons reviewing the information you provide, and it will remain completely confidential:

1. Which program are you applying for, and for what length of time do you plan to participate?
2. Why are you interested in the program?
3. What would you like to use these earth skills for in the future?
4. What is your total household income for last year, now, and projected this summer?
5. How many people are solely dependent on the income and assets which you list?
6. Mention any extraordinary expenses this month, season and year which are stretching your budget.
7. What is your total household/family net worth (value of assets minus liabilities / debts from which you may benefit now or in the future)?
8. Note any other information that may be needed to help in this scholarship decision-making process.

Merit Scholarship Applications are accepted first-come, first-served between Jan 5th – Jun 5th as funds remain available. The Conservation College offers a limited number of merit scholarships for youth who produce an environmental-based project for the Washington State Science Fair.

To apply for a merit scholarship, email a copy of your registration/application, a description of the program/category you plan to participate in, and a description of your WSSEF Science Fair project.

Support the Conservation College and Max Davis Scholarships

Max Davis and fellow campers reaching Coleman Glacier on Mt Baker.
Max Davis and fellow campers reaching Coleman Glacier on Mt Baker.

The Conservation College became a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in 2019 under the guidance of seven Wolf Camp parents who became founding board members. In addition to its other goals and projects, the Conservation College took over administration of Max Davis Scholarships in 2021 after twenty years under the Western Outdoor Learning Fund.

The scholarship program was named after Max Davis, a favorite Wolf Camp participant who passed away in 2001 of a childhood illness. It is our hope that Max’s memory serves as an example for the kind of camper we hope to attract to earth skills education: aware of nature and its hazards; working hard to reach goals safely; keeping a uplifting attitude, and offering friendly leadership.

With an entirely volunteer staff and board of directors, the expenses of the Conservation College are currently minimal. 100% of any donation designated for scholarships will go entirely to those applying for Max Davis Scholarships. Incidental costs are funded by in-house donations and fundraiser events. Your entire donation will be used for scholarships to people who qualify for financial aid based on need and merit.

Please use the PayPal link below to donate any amount from $25, to $250 if you want to sponsor the balance of a kids day camper who applied for a scholarship, to $750 if you want to sponsor the balance of an overnight youth camper.

Or click on/share this donation link:

Wolf Camp is working to support the Conservation College in its infancy, and are helping to find additional board members to help guide the new Conservation College. Gain useful skills while sharing your talents!  To be eligible, you must regularly live or work within the State of Washington, but citizenship is not required. Time commitment is estimated to be 6 hours per month including board meetings, committee meetings, trainings and event preparation. If you would like to apply for an open position on the board, click on this link for more information.