Custom Programs for Businesses, Schools, Families, Groups, Organizations & Differently Abled Outdoors People

Let us bring you into a world of the neighborhood naturalist, traditional herbalist, wildlife tracker, wilderness survival scout, ancient artisan, honorable hunter, sustainable citizen or environmental ed. We are confident you’ll be inspired by the nurturing, experienced instructors from the Wolf College, and that you’ll walk away with a priceless connection to the natural world.

Custom Class & Program Examples:

Subsistence Shore & Pier Fishing
• Seaweeds & Shellfish of the Salish Sea

• Safety & Navigation for Schools & College Groups
• Survival Training for Businesses & Organizations
• Herbal Class Series for Homeschool Families
• Merit Badge Outings for Scout Troops
• Trailing Animals for Hunting Partners
Northwest Nature Hikes & Classes for the Differently Abled

Wilderness Survival & Fire by Friction
Safety, Tracks & Bird Alarms in Cougar, Wolf & Bear Country
Natural Navigation, Map & Compass, Lostproofing & Orienteering
Local Wild Edible Plants & Backcountry Herbal Medicine
Backcountry Gourmet & Wildereness Camp Stove Cooking
Dealing with Climate Change
Backcountry Crafts

To schedule morning or afternoon classes for homeschool families, private schools, scouts and other groups, we recommend 3 hour class times for the subjects above, such as 10:30-1:30, and collecting $25-$35 for the first family member, $15-$25 per additional family member, totaling a minimum of $275 plus travel required for most classes, depending on location, materials needed, and instructor availability.

In-Depth Workshop Ideas:

To schedule other in-depth workshop level programs we recommend 6-8 hour time periods, collecting $45-$95 per person depending on subject materials, similar to what is shown on our workshops page. totaling a minimum of $475 plus travel, depending on location, materials needed, and instructor availability.

Paleo Diet & Lifestyle Workshop
Harvesting & Crafting Natural Plant Fibers
Hide-Tanning & Parfleche Workshop
Archery Workshop I: Making Bows & At-Latls
Archery Workshop II: Making Arrows & Darts
Backcountry Navigation & Leadership
Wildlife Safety, Awareness, Tracks & Trails (Bear, Elk, Cougar, Coyote & Other Critters)
Understanding Birds and Their Voices
Wolf Trackers Conservation Training
Wilderness Survival including Bow Drill Fire Making
Wild Edible Plant Foraging & Herbal Medicine Making
Edible Seaweeds, Shellfish, & Shore Plants of the Salish Sea
Pier & Fly Fishing: Tying & Casting
Trailing & Photographing Animals in Elk Country
Sustainable Homes & Gardens
Harvest & Process Autumn Acorns, Nettles & Rose Hips
Top 5 Wild Edible Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest Coast

Price Quote, Scheduling & More:

1. Contact us with your request, idea, or questions.
2. We’ll write up a simple proposal and price quote.
3. You make any suggested changes and provide a deposit.
4. We’ll see you on the confirmed date!