About Wolf Camp & School of Natural Science

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Wolf Camp & School of Natural Science prides itself on having become an outdoor teaching college over the years, especially through its Earth Skills Teaching Apprenticeship & Blue Skye Farm Internship with special expertise in wilderness survival, wild foods and herbal medicine, wildlife tracking and birding, and traditional technologies like bow making, hide tanning, basketry and more. Join us to:

• learn for a day
• train in-depth for a week or season
• build a career in outdoor education
• experience life-changing summer youth camps and adult expeditions

Our faculty includes highly trained teachers specializing in outdoor educational needs for all ages and learning styles. Our goal is create profound experiences and challenges that result in success, self-reliance, deeper understanding of others, and a profound understanding of nature. Our top safety record has been achieved through excellent risk management, and our efficient management style allows for affordable programs, personalized attention, and responsiveness to the needs of students and family. Our top chefs choose local, organic ingredients and cater to all dietary needs, supporting the physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being of participants.


Contact us by phone or text at 425-248-0253 or email us anytime, and complete the contact form below. Thanks!

Wolf Camp founder Chris Chisholm ran his first adult workshops and classes in the summer 1996, his first kids day camp in 1997, and first overnight youth camp in 1998 before running his first week-long adult expedition in 1999 and summer-long apprenticeships in the year 2000. Chris still oversees every course with his wife Kim McKillip Chisholm who graduated from the UW College of Forest Resources in 1999 with a degree in wildlife science, and has been a member of King County Search Dogs ever since.

Chris was inspired to start Wolf Camp while living and learning on the land and waters of the Chippewa (Anishanabe) Nation, got his start among the Lummi, Nooksack, Skagit and Salish, was able to enjoy private and pristine land, water and resources of Tulalip area tribes for several years along the Snohomish & Skykomish rivers, and currently lives and operates Wolf Camp with Kim in the territories of the Puyallup, Nisqually, Duwamish & Snoqualmie people. We are grateful to say the least.