In-Person & Online Classes with Kim & Chris Chisholm

Wolf Camp & School of Natural Science has offered classes and workshops for nearly 25 years. Purchase a series of online classes to watch on your own time over the winter, or join us for in-person workshops in the spring.

Join us in person for one or all of our in-depth workshops in the spring of 2021. Or join any workshop virtually for as much of the day as possible via Google Meet for $50. All online and in-person participants will receive perpetual access to workshop recording.

Hiker Reading Old School Map - Artowrk by Joanna Powell ColbertSaturday, April 10, 2021: Backcountry Navigation & Leadership workshop with Kim & Chris Chisholm. In-person price is $65 for the 9:30-12:30 morning session including materials, with option of additional $35 for the 1:30-4:30 afternoon hands-on risk management, emergency first aid, and navigation challenges.

Saturday, April 17, 2021: Wilderness Survival Skills workshop with Kim & Chris Chisholm. In-person price is $65 for the 9:30-12:30 morning session including choice of fire steel or other essential item you’re missing, with option of additional $35 for the 1:30-4:30 afternoon hands-on fire and shelter making, as well as cattail and nettle processing for cordage and food.

Guardian of the Fire by Joanna Powell ColbertSaturday, April 24, 2021: Bow Drill, Hand Drill & Fire-by-Friction workshop with Kim & Chris Chisholm. In-person price is $65 for the 9:30-12:30 morning session including bow drill kit materials, with option of additional $35 for the 1:30-4:30 afternoon hands-on fire making challenges, as well as building your own fire-by-friction kits.

Saturday, May 1, 2021: The Top 10 Wild Edible Foods workshop with Kim & Chris Chisholm. In-person price is $65 for the 9:30-12:30 morning session including choice of field guide from our library, with option of additional $35 for the 1:30-4:30 afternoon hands-on harvesting and cooking wild edible plants of the area.

Saturday, May 8, 2021: Science Based Herbal Medicine workshop with Kim & Chris Chisholm. In-person price is $65 for the 9:30-12:30 morning session including salve and tincture making materials, with option of additional $35 for the 1:30-4:30 afternoon hands-on harvesting and processing of plants around Blue Skye Farm.

Artwork by Joanna Colbert with the author as model in willow tree with songbirds.Saturday, May 15, 2021: Wildlife Safety, Tracking & Bird Voices workshop with Kim & Chris Chisholm. In-person price is $65 for the 9:30-12:30 morning session including choice of wildlife field guide, with option of additional $35 for the 1:30-4:30 afternoon tracking tour of our special river site.

Or purchase a series of online classes to practice skills over the winter:

(New York Times Photo Clip 7/06/2020)  Classes are an average of one hour with instructors Kim & Chris Chisholm.

The Teacher by Joanna Colbert
Cover Art: Joanna Colbert

Series of 10 Recorded Live Classes on Herbal Medicine & Plant Crafts – Available in time for Holiday Gifts!

  • Class 1 – The Art & Science of Herbal Medicine, Wildcrafting & Wild Food Nutrition (content example)
  • Class 2 – Summer Medicine Cabinet Staples: Mint, Chamomile, Lavender, Plantain & More (content example)
  • Class 3 – Winter Medicine Cabinet Staples: Yarrow, Arnica, Rose Hips, Pine Needles, Marshmallow, Elder & More (content example)
  • Class 4 – Stinging Nettles for Medicine, Rope & Fiber Crafts (content example)
  • Class 5 – Cattails & Sedges for Cordage, Coasters, Weaving & More (content example)
  • Class 6 – Grasses & Rushes for Insulative Sitting Mats, Thatching Roofs & More (content example)
  • Class 7 – Willows for Medicine, Basketry, Lashing & Shelter (content example)
  • Class 8 – Oak Tree Craft Projects & Processing Acorn Flour (content example)
  • Class 9 – Top Trees & Shrubs for Digging Sticks, Drums, At-Latls, Bows & Arrows (content example)
  • Class 10 – Making Alcohol Tinctures (Yarrow Example), Rose Honey & Glycerites (Fennel Example) as well as the best plants/trees for fire by friction and fire maintenance
The Seeker by Joanna Colbert
Cover Art: Joanna Colbert

Series of 10 Recorded Live Classes on Wilderness Survival & Bushcraft Skills – Available in time for Holiday Gifts!

  • Class 1 – The Order of Survival & Four Minutes to establish Personal Awareness, Communication & Teamwork (content example)
  • Class 2 – Local Knowledge & Four Hours to Make Shelter (content example)
  • Class 3 – Fire Decisions & Four Days to Pure Water (content example)
  • Class 4 – Wild Medicine & Four Weeks to Secure Food (content example)
  • Class 5 – Wilderness First Aid, Knife & Tool Training (content example)
  • Cass 6 – Fire Steel, Tinder, Criss-Cross Fire Making & Burn Bowls (content example)
  • Class 7 – Fire By Friction: Bow Drill, Hand Drill, Flint & Steel (content example)
  • Class 8 – Rabbitsticks & Bow Making Primer (content example)
  • Class 9 – Arrows & At-Latl Dart Primer (content example)
  • Class 10 – Special Final Classes on Wilderness Survival & Bushcraft Training, including how to make string, rope and cordage from plants like raffia, cedar and stinging nettle; and a special guest speaker Seth Kantner live from above the arctic circle. Seth is an acclaimed photographer and author of books including Ordinary Wolves, Swallowed by the Great Land, Shopping for Porcupine, Pup and Pokey. Due to the miracle of modern technology, this will be a rare opportunity for us to hear about surviving and thriving in the wilds of Northwest Alaska.

Coming in 2021: The Neighborhood Naturalist

Cover Art: Joanna Colbert

Wednesday Classes launching the online edition of Wolf Journey Book One – The Neighborhood Naturalist will begin in 2021. The classes are excellent for adults wanting to immerse themselves in nature, as well as for micro-school learning pods and home school students wanting a comprehensive nature curriculum.

2021 Neighborhood Naturalist Classes will run on Wednesdays from March 17 – May 19 and return in the fall from Sept 15 – Nov 17. Class times will include 1 PM Pacific / 4 PM Eastern, and 5 PM Pacific / 8 PM Easter, and last one hour each, with plenty of time afterwards to ask instructors Kim & Chris Chisholm questions.

Registration includes passwords to Neighborhood Naturalist chapters as they are rolled out over the academic year, plus access to our private community site for participants actively working through Neighborhood Naturalist study experiences. It’s where we post supplemental resources and class recordings in case you miss them live, but it also provides a sense of community and crowd-sourcing help as you complete each study experience.

The spring season of ten classes costs $295, and you can add additional household members for just $100 each. Springtime participants can also add 10 fall classes for just $100 extra, plus $50 per additional household member who participated in the spring Click here for Neighborhood Naturalist class topics, schedule and registration information.

If you can’t join the live class series, you can gain access to the Neighborhood Naturalist curriculum and its community group site (with resources and class recordings) for $100. See paypal registration options below.

Virtual Class FAQs

Cost & Registration Steps

What online format will we use? We are currently using Google Meet with Zoom backup when necessary. If you have an alternate preference, please email us your recommendation.

Are classes live and interactive? Yes. Your instructors Kim & Chris Chisholm engage participants throughout, and classes create real connections between participants.

Can we register for multiple class series at once? Yes, as long as space remains available.

Can we pick and choose individual classes we want? Yes and no. You can register for individual classes, but instructors focus primarily on students who are registered for the entire series during the hour-long instruction. We ask those dropping into a class to hold most questions for instructors during the time we provide after class for everyone to discuss topics.

Can we use the Wolf Journey – Neighborhood Naturalist curriculum on our own, even if we are not participating in Saturday classes? Yes. In that case, the cost for the curriculum is $100, whether or not you are participating in Tuesday or Thursday classes, and includes membership in our Saturday student group site where resources (and class recordings) are posted, and where you can get feedback from Kim & Chris Chisholm as well as other students working through the curriculum. The curriculum without student group membership will become available next summer for $25 plus tax, after it is rolled out during this academic year.

What ages can participate? All ages may participate, although afternoon classes are designed for homeschoolers and their parents, while evening and weekend classes are designed for adults and teens. Online classes are not recommended for ages 8 and under unless an older sibling or adult is helping. Depending on enrollment, we may create separate groups based on age and whether parents in the household are participating, but normally, classes are mixed ages. We leave it up to parents to decide if children are old enough to participate, as well as whether to participate alongside them online and outside with recommended activities.

Can we get a refund if we cancel? Our refund policy below only offers credit for future programs if you cancel before a class series begins, or if we cancel a class series. Reason include the amount of administrative and prep time involved in preparing these classes and student group sites is substantial. However, for our online classes, we have an exception for when a class series is full (10-12 Participants) and we find another person to fill your your spot, then we will prorate a refund for those remaining classes. For our Neighborhood Naturalist curriculum, we can refund $75 minus prorated time during the rollout of the curriculum between Sept 19 – March 20.

Additional questions? Email us anytime.

Registration (see paypal drop-down menu for pricing options)

Either call us at 425-248-0253 ex. 1 and we will take your registration with a credit card securely over the phone, or use PayPal to register online securely with a credit/debit card or via direct withdrawal from your bank account. Use the link below (might not be visible if you are using “reader view” on your phone or other device) or sign into and “send money” to our email address.

Refund Policy

Deposits ($100 for day programs, $200 for overnight programs) are not refundable unless we don’t accept your application. If you cancel for any reason, you may receive a full credit good through the following calendar year on appropriate and available programs listed on our schedule, although an additional deposit is needed to secure your spot in the future program. If a program you sign up for is canceled and not rescheduled at a time you can attend, you may receive a full refund except in cases of natural (weather, geologic, wildfire, etc) disasters, epidemics, grid failures, government shutdowns, conflicts or curfews, or other unforeseen emergencies making it unsafe or impossible for staff and/or attendees to reach or use program locations, in which case all payments made will be held by us without expiration date for your future use in appropriate/available programs of your choice. Reasons include the expenditure of funds (property rentals, advertising, materials, admin staff time, etc.) long before programs take place, i.e. deposits make it feasible for Wolf Camp to schedule programs in the first place, but our mutually understood agreement is that Wolf Camp will run the program at the safest available time in the future. Finally, no refund, nor credit, is given if a participant is asked to leave a program for inappropriateness as determined by our kids, youth and adult agreements for participation.

Or email us to be put on our list for this program in the future. We always keep your information absolutely private, and will never share it.

Have you ever attended one of our programs before? Please review us on our Better Business Bureau, Facebook, Yelp & Google pages.

Future In-Person Workshops TBA

Saturday Workshop: Emergency Preparedness & Survival Skills Training $85-$75 including fire steel.

Saturday Workshop: Wilderness Survival, Safety & Hygiene, Shelter & Fire $85-$75 including bow drill kit.

Saturday Workshop: Harvesting & Cooking Wild Edible Foods $95-$85 including foods.

Saturday Workshop: Science Based Herbal Medicine: Wildcrafting, Growing, Processing $95-$85 including materials.

Saturday Workshop: Sustainable Homes & Garden Series – Neighborhood & Household Food Production $65-$45 including veggies.

Saturday Workshop: Backcountry Navigation & Leadership $75-$70 includes professional hands-on risk management and emergency first aid training.

Saturday Workshop: Wildlife Safety, Tracking & Bird Voices $75-$70 includes access to our special river tracking site.