Wilderness Survival, Shelter & Fire Making Workshops

Saturday, June 17, 2023 Bow Drill & Fire by Friction

Saturday, June 24, 2023 Waterproof Thatching & Wilderness Survival Shelters

Saturday, June 17, 2023 Bow Drill & Fire by Friction workshop runs from 9:30am-4:30pm starting at Blue Skye Farm in Puyallup WA and begins by showing you how to gather fire making materials, and walking you through the Best Way To Make A Fire which is critical for starting fire in the rain. We’ll view a variety of materials to see how they burn as tinder: various barks, seed down, leaves, laundry lint, and grass are used for different circumstances, and you can choose your own materials for a tinder bundle.  The reason we always emphasize basic fire-making skills along with traditional fire-by-friction is that there’s no reason to bother making a bow-drill coal, let alone striking a match, unless you’ve prepared materials that will sustain your fire. The scenario will require you to choose the best natural shelter and fire location in the area, then see if you can start and maintain a fire.


To build your bow drill kit, we’ll start with a knife safety/efficiency training while reflecting the symbolism of the parts of the bow drill kit. In so doing, you may come to realize why this method of fire-by-friction was preferred (and superior even to matches) for lighting fires in cold and wet climates. It should only take 10 seconds to create a coal if your kit is well constructed.  You will be using your knife to split a 3 inch piece of cedar to make your hand-hold socket, and do the same with your 12 inch piece to create a bottom board and 2 spindle “blanks.” You’ll carve a spindle to the perfect shape, mold your hand-hold into a comfortable socket, prepare points on your hearth in preparation for drilling, and carve one of those points into a perfect-sized notch where your coal will later be born. We will also stop to show you alternatives you would have to look for in the wilderness to make your fire kit without a knife, but again, it is critical that you use good material for your first kit in order to develop excellent form.

Saturday, June 24, 2023 Wilderness Survival Shelters & Waterproof Thatching workshop runs from 9:30am-4:30pm starting at Blue Skye Farm in Puyallup WA and starts with a session on gathering willows, grasses and other materials for making thatched huts. Spend the day building various huts and waterproof roofs, and if you like, camp overnight to enjoy the fruits of your labor!


Who are the instructors? Ansley Roberts & Matt Hale are leading these workshops with assistance from Wolf Camp founders Kim & Chris Chisholm.

What ages can participate? Workshops are designed for adults, but youth may enroll with a parent/guardian.

How should we prepare for the workshop? Please prepare as you normally would for a hike, including snacks, lunch, water bottle, 10 essentials, etc., but especially with appropriate clothing including rain gear and waterproof footwear.

Cost & Registration

Cost for one workshop is $95 for one person, and $90 per additional friend/family member registering in advance. Or attend both workshops in the series for $185 for one person, plus $175 per additional friend/family member.

Reserve your space by sending full payment via Zelle (preferred) to recipient “kim@wolfcollege.com” but be sure to include a note with your email address, phone number, participant names, and workshop dates because Zelle does not automatically share that information, or call us anytime at 425-248-0253 ex 1 to register over the phone with a credit card.

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