Family Camp & Class Testimonials

Youth & Family are also welcome to attend our summer camp options, weekend workshops, nature hikes, custom programs, plus afternoon homeschool and evening classes:

WolfCampCover20102016 Lake Sammamish Family Camp – “You’ve GOT to try this camp if you like nature and the outdoors!!! My 11 year old son and I attended the week long sampler day camp.  We learned about what to do when encountering wildlife (bears, cougars, etc.), identifying birds, how to use a compass and a map, how to build a fire, build a shelter, what vegetation you can eat, which are medicinal, and simply a better appreciation for nature. Chris is the director and he led our first day – he was amazingly knowledgable about pretty much everything.  He’s obviously very passionate about nature and education and is a very engaging instructor.  Sarah was our instructor for the rest of the week and she was also great.  It was fun walking on the trails and tracking deer and bobcats.  My son loved the rope making session.  He hasn’t stopped talking about the camp and the things he learned.  In fact, we recently went to Olympic National Park and while on a hike, he was able to identify a lot of the trees and plants which made it a lot more interesting and he even found vegetation he could munch on. We’re definitely going to do other workshops when we get a chance.  I appreciate how there are family oriented workshops as well.  We’re looking forward to the bow making session in the spring.” – Hingdi B., Seattle WA

Best of May, 2014 – Cougars, Coyotes & Other Critters: Awareness & Safety Workshop: “Chris and Kim, it was a pleasure meeting you today. Alex and I had a fabulous time tracking and learning about nature. We hope to join you again soon. Hope you have a great day tracking bears. Kind regards.” – Yanira G., Duvall WA

Best of April, 2014 Herbiology by Wild Edible Plants & Herbal Medicine Workshop participant Ashley Tee –

You can eat herbs, they taste good too,
But pick the right ones, or they could poison you,
You can make tinctures, pesto or fritters,
And watch out, make sure not to eat the critters!
You can also make balm, tea or coffee,
Maybe you can also make hazelnut toffees!
And if you like this herby rhyme,
Then come on down: it’s harvest time!

Summer-Fall Class Break for Camp/Expeditions Season

Best of May, 2013 – We’ve been attending your homeschool classes this year, but wanted to praise you on your demos at the Mother Earth News Fair and the Homeschool Conference!  They rocked!!  We feel so blessed to live this close to Wolf College! – Natalie M., Puyallup WA

Best of April, 2013 – Safety, Tracks & Bird Alarms in Cougar, Wolf & Bear Country Class: “Hi Chris and Kim – Angel and I had such a great time with – and learned a great deal from – all three of you last week at Columbia Springs Environmental Center.  My early morning walks have taken on an entirely new experience as the songs and companion conversations (no alarms so far!) fill the air.  Also, our tracking skills were put to good use the moment we got home that day………..on approaching the door, we discovered <clip0005.jpg> and quickly found our way to <clip0007.jpg> A wild thing to be sure!” – Susan Buckley, Portland, OR.

Best of January, 2013Wilderness Survival Skills including Bow Drill Fire Demo Class: “Thank you so much for coming all the way to Bainbridge for an 8th birthday party and working with 9 exuberant boys! Your insights and techniques were solid, interesting and engaging for kids and grown-ups alike. I have read your lostproofing guide and it is now safely tucked in my backpack. I will make copies to send out with the thank-you notes as well. Confidence in the outdoors makes it more fun for everyone – I hope that a lifetime of learning about the outdoors continues for many of these boys, thanks to the lessons you brought today. Seeing them test for wind direction, build an eagle’s nest to keep an injured person warmer while awaiting rescue, identify a good bivouac location based on terrain features, hone their awareness skills by looking around for items in the woods, learn to read a map and compass, and wrap up the day with a treasure hunt on campus at their school…what could be better? Thank you again!” – Alli Krug, Bainbridge Island WA

Best of December, 2012 – Climate Change Training – Lifestyle, Debates, Emergencies & Carbon Sequestration Class: Wolf Camp has come up often the past few weeks when we are chatting with homeschool families we are just getting acquainted with.  When asked what we participate in for extra curricular activities, Wolf Camp is first to be mentioned.  The terrific part is most of the conversations as of late are by moms who have heard of Wolf Camp and are wondering if we have heard of it. Word is getting out and we are thrilled to be “in the know”!!    It is great fun for Hunter and me to share our love for Wolf Camp.  Hoping the word continues to spread and you see numbers continue to increase. – Jeanette T., Tacoma WA

Best of November, 2012 – Thank goodness for Chris and Kim … sharing their expertise so warmly 🙂 Chris kept to the agenda schedule that moved along naturally with ample time for Q&A…. Kim taught us a quick and easy recipe for a soothing skin salve and sent us all home with a sample… I took it home to my family who loved it:) I look forward to seeing everyone again at the next event! Thanks again. – Laura Mae Mullen, Tacoma WA

Class/Workshop Break for Summer Camp Season

Best of May, 2012 – I just wanted to thank you for yesterday!  It was fun and informative.  I think its really cool that you have people in your camps that have been around for so long! – Abby Wyers, Portland OR regarding homeschool classes.

Best of April, 2012 – I wanted to thank you again so much for your presentation.  Morgan said it was great and my niece Cassidy was talking about it for days.  We really appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule and hope you can do it again next year.  I was told by the regional RMEF director that we had the best youth program of all the banquets in the state and I know that having you there really contributed to it.  Thanks again for all you do! – Heidi Lakey and Family, Chehalis WA

Best of March, 2012 – Local Wild Edible Plants & Backcountry Herbal Medicine Class: “Excellent! Very knowledgeable, well organized, good rapport with the kids.” – Mariana, Bellevue WA.

Best of February, 2012 –  Chris & Kim are great teachers and offer a fun and easy flow to their presentations. – Tania, Silverdale WA, regarding Wild Edible & Medicinal Plants class.

Best of January, 2012 – We love Chris and Kim’s depth of knowledge and passion for their subject. Always a good time. – Jessica B, Puyallup WA, regarding Wilderness Survival homeschool class.

Best of December, 2011 – Backcountry Crafts – Making Rope, Berry Collecting Baskets, Sleeping Bag Mats & More Class: “Looking forward to attending more classes! Knowledgeable, helpful, fun, and very friendly. 🙂 Great people!” – Lise, Portland OR.

Best of November, 2011 – Natural Navigation, Map & Compass, Lostproofing, & Orienteering Class: Chris and Kim do great work, are very knowledgeable, and are passionate about what they teach. I love taking their classes, and I always learn something new. – Amy Poe, Vancouver WA.

Class/Workshop Break for Summer Camp Season

Best of March, 2011 – Well my oldest Daughter Emily and I enjoyed it immensely!! My Daughter Katie enjoyed the walking around and identifying the plants..She needs the “active part and doing.” She is my adventurous one.. I think I will wait for the more “Adventurous” activities for her.. 😉 We loved it though and plan on doing more with this group..Great group of people!! Tanya, Portland OR, regarding Wild Edible & Medicinal Plants homeschool class.

Best of February, 2011 – Very informative and valuable for everybody. Teaches much about the world around us, how to be aware and to respect the earth. – Catherine O., Vancvouver WA, regarding Wildlife Tracking & Birding homeschool class.

January, 2011 – My daughter, grandson, and myself attended this class. Chris is amazing with the youngster. We stripped Stinging Nettles into fibers to twist into cordage for shelter, gathered pine needles for tea, learned about survival needs, food, water, shelter, fire, and spent time with Sky (the search dog) watching her play hide/find with a ball. Reassuring everyone if you’re ever lost search and rescue will find you if you don’t panic and do some basic things to keep yourself safe till they arrive. Basic concepts everyone should learn before they venture out in our majestic Pacific Northwest. Thank you Chris! – Christina

Best of December, 2010 – It was great! The kids loved it and so did the adults! We plan to continue the activities at home and look forward to the next class…. Really liked the incorporation of outside activities as well as inside ones. Great activities and information. I love that I get to learn new things right alongside my kids. The group was awesome and we learned a lot, as usual. Kids are inspired to look around outside and see what other uses that they can find for plants that we have on our property! Many thumbs up! – Brandie Penningroth, Mission BC regarding Sumas Homeschool Class

Best of November, 2010 – I am so glad something like this exists in this area to facilitate awareness among people about the natural world. I am thankful for Chris and Kim dedicating the time to making long trips over the pass just to accomplish this…. I enjoy being in an environment where my knowledge and skill are appreciated and I want to learn at the same time. It is a wonderful sharing that sparks the creative juices. We cannot wait for another meetup. – Tiffany Olvera, Tri-Cities, WA

Best of October, 2010 – We really enjoyed this class! So much interesting information and fascinating for both kids and adults. My daughters talked about it for hours after it was over. We’ll definitely be back next month and we’ll probably do the summer day camp too. Thanks, Chris and Kim! – Jill Caywood, Ellensburg WA

Kim & Chris Chisholm move to Puyallup WA and launch Youth & Family Classes again after Sabbatical

Best Archival  Testimonial – I will always remember the first time flying to the Pacific Northwest. It was winter, the horizon filled thickly with tall trees, so lush and with rugged glaciated mountains, and seemingly hundreds of Puget Sound islands. That was 20 years ago, and I still feel awed by this beautiful place, so different from anywhere else I have ever been. 4 years ago, my two sons attended WOLF’s very first tracking class along with my husband and me. Chris Chisholm was my boys’ much loved Spanish instructor at their school, and we were duly impressed after experiencing nature in a new way with him. It was one of the most interesting classes I had ever taken. Your WOLF experience will add so much to your life. Locals will never take the Seattle-Vancouver area for granted again, and those coming from afar will surely be inspired by our land filled with gifts of unique geography and climate.” – Valarie Gervais, 2000