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WolfCampCover20102017 Best Testimonial – “Both our young daughters have attended day camps through Wolf Camp, and our oldest has also attended the week-long Epic Fishing Camp. We have been continually astounded by Wolf Camp’s ability to teach children such extensive and, in some cases, complex concepts and skills in a way that feels fun, engaging, and accessible while still maintaining a sense of maturity and intelligence.” – Jamie J., Kenmore, WA

2016 Best Testimonial –My two sons, ages 12 and 15, just returned from the “Wilderness Survival” camp offered by Wolf Camp, and had the time of their lives. The skills they learned were just the right mix of challenging, both physically and emotionally, and fun. The counselors, not to mention Chris and Kim, the founders of Wolf Camp, are all amazingly qualified and wonderful with the kids. If your child wants a true outdoor experience, learning real skills, you can’t do better than Wolf Camp.” – Lori Dunlap, Oswego, Oregon

2015 Best Testimonial –Parr attended Wolf Camps for many years as he grew up and is now graduating from High School. Wolf Camp was consistently the camp experience he most looked forward to…the adventures and risks, mud and challenge were totally engaging. If you are a parent filling out some summer weeks…choose Wolf Camp – you and your offspring will not regret it! This year Parr heads for Europe instead….” – Jaye Stover, Mt. Vernon, WA

2014 Best Testimonials – The camp was amazing, as it covered everything important with backpacking. Our group of six (three boys and three girls) learned about starting a fire, shelter building, and more. What I loved most about this camp was how the instructor, Chris, designed it to be structured, yet unstructured. What this means is that the participants learn how to make logical decisions and decide what they want to learn. Chris also urged all students to participate in the formation of logical action plans. This helped bring us together among our differences. The plan (where structured) is made to be suitable for teens. And, past Tuesday, the whole trail on where your group wants to backpack is up to your group. If you so chose, Chris could signal for transportation to Mt. Rainier. The unstructured yet structured nature of the camp is truly something future scientists, engineers, coders, and researchers will all appreciate, while enjoying the serene landscapes of Ellensburg’s historic canyons. – Christopher Kang, Richland WA; “Both of my sons participated in camps when they were in their early teens. They are very different types of kids with different interpersonal styles and interests, and Wolf Camp was an excellent experience for each of them. Chris, Kim, and the rest of their team are well organized, very safety conscious, and passionate about teaching others to appreciate and live in harmony with nature.” – Dea B., Bellevue WA, Better Business Bureau Review, February 2017

2013 Best Testimonials – “Education which Chris provides is superlative and very much needed. There are only handful of organizations offering the level of expertise and skill available at Wolf Camp. My son participated in Wolf Camp several times, we hosted Wolf College education in our business and were able to work together at Mother Earth News Fair. We have always received highest excellence and integrity from this organizations. Strongly recommend.” – Alina Bartell, Snohomish WA, Linkedin Recommendation, July 2013; “My daughter Katja, attended 3 wolf camps and experience the time of her life. She was ages 9-12. She loved the survival skills and animal tracking. Made great friends and learned great leadership skills that she benefits from now in her early 20’s. Several years later we did a wolf education program and I did a medicinal plant class. Kim and Chris are the most amazing teachers and mentors. We hope to show up and surprise them one day soon at a family camping event. In this digital, fast paced world you owe it to your kids to get them out into nature, to learn, to sense, to grow to learn about themselves, to ground them and connect them to this amazing world around the puget sound. And there is no one better and I mean no one than Chris, Kim and their dog!” – Stefanie Haugen, Redmond WA, Better Business Bureau Review, February 2017

Conservation College Poster 2016 B copy2012 Best Fishing Week Testimonial – Chris, Kim, Tory and Charlie, thanks for having Max. He has learned a lot and enjoyed the wonderful and unique experiences. Max had a blast and already missed you all. He wants to come back again next year and every year. Thank you !!! – Tiffany Win, Seattle WA
2012 Best Survival Week Testimonial – My daughter has attended two overnight camps this summer, Trackers of the Animal Kingdom and Survivors Side of the Mountain. She has been buzzing with excitement from all the amazing things she has learned. This is truly one of the BEST programs with the most incredible counselors and educators. Love you, Kim & Chris! We’ll see you for the Epic Fishing Trip in August! 🙂 – Leslie Cheung, Santa Cruz, CA
2012 Best Tracking Week Testimonial  – Dear Chris & Kim: Thank you for the tracking camp and I learned a lot. I love all the tracking and it was AWESOME! Love, Bryeanna.
2012 Best Backpacking Week Testimonial – Wow!  What a great way to start the summer – WOLF CAMP!  I just wanted to thank you both again for taking the girls out on two unique adventures with Leadership/Backpacking and then Tracking.  They had a blast! – Tina MacQuarrie, Anderson Island, Wa
2012 Best Environmental Educators Training Testimonial – I gained leadership, strength, independence, experience in successful group dynamics, skills relating to students, teachers, and peers, earth skills, and confidence as well as a greater reverence in the outdoors. This has facilitated a lasting improvement in my mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. With my new skills, I have been and hope to continue helping others find similar benefits gifted from nature. – Torrey Burke-Weeks

2011 Best Hunting & Fishing Week Testimonial – If you want a fun activity that just happens to be educational too then Chris and Kim Chisholm are the right folks to go to. They offer lots of different classes on earth skills all over the country and have a sweet little farm in Pulallup too. I highly recommend taking classes from them. – Marilene Richardson, parent of Epic Fishing Camp participant, 2010-2012.
2011 Best Artisan Week Testimonial – I love your organization and your respectful and serious (yet light hearted) approach.  It has been sooooooo difficult matching our particular son with programs for youth in nature.  Your work is really somethign Aram looks forward to being a part of.  Thank you! – Tamara Dyer, Seattle WA
2011 Best Scout Week Testimonial – Wolf camp (Scout) was an enjoyable, engaging camp. Here are some specifics: 1.The councilors were awesome, knowledgeable people who looked out for their students. 2. The food wasn’t bad, though I recommend bringing a half dozen protein bars, just to keep you from being a little hungry. 3. Don’t expect any free time. 4. Bring dark clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. This includes shoes and socks. Overall I had a great time. Will return next year. – Anonymous
2011 Best Survival Week Testimonial – My 11 year old daughter and 14 year old son both attended the Survivors Side of the Mountain camp…. They both had a great time. They are looking forward to attending camp again this year. The camp is on beautiful property close to Bellingham, Washington. Both Chris and Kim are great with the kids and they are both great teachers. My daughter is looking forward to eating more mealworms! – Heidi Lakey.

2010 Best Hunting & Fishing Week Testimonial – We are definitely on board for Wolf Camp again next summer … and only want to attend Wolf Camp in the future. I knew Ethan would love it, so I’m glad we made him give it a try. Thanks again for providing such an awesome camp opportunity for the kids. We feel very grateful that Wolf Camp has become such a meaningful part of our summer tradition. – Thea Kleiber, Bellingham Parent of Overnight Campers, 2007-2012
2010 Best Backpacking Week Testimonial – Hey Chris! Antonio LOVED being at your camps this summer. He seemed a little more mature and self-assured than he was before… Cool!” – Lisa Pacot, Shoreline, WA parent of camper 2004-2011.
2010 Best Folk Arts & Music Week Testimonial – 2010 was my first time at Wolf Camp, and I had so much fun and learned more about nature than I ever had before! I feel like every other thing out of my mouth is a story from Wolf Camp! And Chris, Kim, Rachel, Andrew, you were all so nice! Thanks so much! – Cheyenne Dennis, Vancouver WA, Camper turned Youth Mentor turned Apprentice, 2010-2012
2010 Best Artisan Week Testimonial – Thanks again for the wonderful experience, Evan had a blast. The first thing he did when we got home was to set a “trap” in the back yard for rodents. No luck yet:)” – Justin Atwell, Seattle WA
2010 Best Scout Week Testimonial – Hi Chris. Thanks for your note…. He said it was the best camp he had ever, ever been to. Over the last few weeks he has often referred to something that happened at camp or something he learned. I noticed when I picked him up that he had a different energy about him — in a very positive way. I think it was really good for him to bond with a group of boys. He wants to do it again next summer in the “advanced” group because he wants to dig the camoflage trenches. Several other parents of Kareis’ friends have asked me about it and I told them he had a very good experience, so maybe they’ll try it next time. Thanks again! – Debbie McDermott, Olympia Wa
2010 Best Herbal Week Testimonial – Hi Chris. Bella had a wonderful time and said that Wolf Camp was even better this year and she felt like she learned so much! I forgot to ask you where you were looking for feedback which we will gladly give as we would love nothing more than many more years of Wolf Camp for both of our daughters. – Lori Faulkner
2010 Best Survival Week Testimonial – This is a wonderful camp! I have been going every year for the past 10 years and I still love it. At wolf camp kids get to experience things that most people would never get to try, like tracking a wild animal or playing all-night capture the flag. I recommend this camp very highly to anyone who is interested in learning survival, awareness, and many other outdoor skills. – Parr Stover, Day Camper turned Overnight Camper turned Youth Mentor turned Apprentice, 2002-2012
2010 Best Environmental Educators Training Testimonial – This camp has taught me amazing wilderness skills in a large range, from survial in the wilderness to tracking animals and making natural medicine. I reccomend this camp, especially the overnight ones to anyone whoe loves nature or likes being outside.” – Preston Stover, Seattle, Age 15, Seventh Camp Year, Youth Mentor in Training 2010

Chris Chisholm sells Woods Lake property, marries Kim McKillip, and they buy her grandparent’s old homestead in Puyallup WA.

2005-09 – Testimonials on old Wolf Camp site.

Chris Chisholm moves from rented camp property on Lummi Island near Bellingham WA to purchased camp property on Woods Lake near Monroe WA.

2004 Best Testimonial – I’ve been going to Wolf Camp for 5 years now. It taught me to have confidence in myself and bring out the braver part of me…. Wolf Camp has been one of the best parts of my life.” – Sam Popejoy, Day Camps 1999-2002, Resident Camps 2003-06.

2003 – Testimonials on old Wolf Camp site.

2002 Best Testimonial – At first I thought we’d be digging up worms or other stuff, but Wolf Camp was different – you learned but it wasn’t straight forward – it was put in a fun way. I liked the facial masks in the cabin, and when we spent the night by our secret spot … half the fun was playing capture the flag in the dark! – Julia Cortopassi, Davis CA

2001 – Testimonials on old Wolf Camp site.

2000 Best Testimonial – Testimonials on old Wolf Camp site.

1999 Best Testimonial – Wolf Camp was the best experience of the summer for me. The counselors are awesome and the other campers were great. I can’t wait until next summer! – Sierra Thomas, Everson WA

1998 Best Testimonial – At Wolf Camp,  I got to meet people interested in things I’m interested in.  Camp also gave me confidence and taught me things that I thought I’d never be able to learn.  Wolf Camp is a wonderful chance to get out and make new friends and learn new things about nature and wildlife. – Sage Snook, Bellingham WA

Chris Chisholm starts first adult and family programs on Lummi Island during the fall of 1996, submits business license in the winter, begins after-school classes in the spring, launches his first summer day camp in Bellingham WA in the summer of 1997, and his first overnight youth camp in the spring of 1998.