Tracking the Oregon Dunes – From Birds to Bears

July 30 – Aug 4, 2017 Expedition near Florence, Oregon with transportation available from Puyallup-Olympia-Portland-Salem-Albany-Eugene

Learn the skills of the wildlife tracker and conservation specialist as you follow clues and solve mysteries by interpreting live evidence. Animals reveal themselves to those who can read their stories in the earth. As you will see, tracks can tell us about the size, health, history and intentions of animals. You will also leave with a new understanding of the relationships between predator and prey.

Few people can understand the language of the birds and follow tracks that animals leave behind. After this week, you will have joined that elite group. In order to truly understand the animals we hope to observe, we must adopt their behaviors and embrace their customs. Finally, you will learn how to effectively trail animals, navigating the wilderness without getting lost, and document your findings for use in conservation projects.


Open for ages 18-28 (flexible) with no prerequisite, while others who have attended our weekend workshops or other camps and expeditions in the past may also be welcome. Ages 9-17 may attend the Wildlife Safari – Tracking & Photography youth camp running simultaneously.

Course Goal & Skills Covered:

The goal of the this course is to help you learn our regional ecology and in particular, its zoology through the skills of tracking. We will simultaneously be learning to identify birds and other animals there while understanding their dependence on the region’s plants and plants that specialize in its habitats.

Skills covered during this camp session include, but are not limited to:

Schedule & Activities:

Activities covered during this camp session include, but are not limited to the following list, and are somewhat dependent on weather, instructor discretion, camper desire, and serendipity:


Sunday Morning-Afternoon: Optional travel with us from Puyallup & Olympia WA, Portland Aiport PDX, Salem & Albany, Eugene Airport.

Sunday Evening: Oregon Dunes Dinner; Intros; Agreements; Sensory Awareness; Navigation Training; Songline & Stories;

Monday: Animal Forms & Families; Art & Science of Tracking; Bird Language; Wildlife Cameras; Plaster Casting;

Tuesday: Dawn Bird Chorus; Photography Tricks; Trailing Animals; Navigation Challenge;

Wednesday: Sign Tracking in Field & Forest; Tracks & Sign of Insects Beetles, Arachnids, Anthropods, Reptiles & Amphibians;

Thursday: Wildlife Conservation & Documentation; Search & Rescue Tracking Challenge;

Friday Campers Choice: Mock Wildlife Evaluation Workshop;

Saturday: Optional travel with us to Eugene Airport, Salem & Albany, Portland Aiport PDX, Olympia & Puyallup WA.


Sunday at Lake Sammamish: Intros; Agreements; Sensory Awareness; Navigation Challenge & Songline; Music & Stories;

Monday Cougars & Bears: Animal Forms; Stalking Games; Mammal Families; Five Arts of Tracking; Bird Language; Photography Tricks;

Tuesday Snoqualmie River: Dawn Chorus Bird Photo Challenge; Travel into the Territory of a Roosevelt Elk Herd to Trail large Mammals; Learn “plaster casting” and Practice;

Wednesday Alpine Meadows: Check Wildlife Cameras; Learn the Most Important Insects Beetles, Arachnids, Anthropods; Learn about Reptiles and Amphibians during our trip up into Alpine Meadows;

Thursday Teanaway Wolf Pack: Finish Learning Animal Families – Focus on Pine Forests & Sagebrush Canyonlands; Hike, Run, Walk Fast to Cover as Much Ground as Possible in our Search for Wolves;

Friday Campers Choice: Search & Rescue Tracking Challenge; Photographic Blog; Video Editing & Travel Home;

Course Instructors:

Wolf Camp Co-Owners Kim & Chris Chisholm

Kim & Chris Chisholm are on hand all week directing our professionally-trained instructors who make up our hallmark 6-1 average, 8-1 maximum or better student-instructor ratio critical for  high-level outdoor educational programs. Read our FAQ’s for more details and check out our testimonials and dating back to 1997!

Arrival, Directions & Transportation Options:

Complimentary Sunday Arrival Option: Meet us between 4:30-5:00 p.m. at Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park – Woahink Meeting Hall, 5469-5487 Canary Rd, Florence, Oregon 97439 in time for orientation from 5:00-5:30, followed by food from 5:30-6:00 for those who didn’t eat dinner already, and we also welcome you to bring healthy hors d’oeuvres or a pot-luck dish to share. We begin with introductions at 6:00 after which accompanying family/friends are welcome to depart while participants go set up tents at our group camp site.
$45 Sunday Eugene EUG Airport Arrival Option:
Book your Airport/Bus/Train Arrival into the Eugene Airport, 28801 Douglas Dr, Eugene, OR 97402 on Sunday in time to meet our pick-up vehicle at 2:30 p.m., but be sure to call or email us with arrival times before confirming your plans. Pick-up at baggage claim unless unaccompanied minor, then at unaccompanied minor waiting area.
$55 Sunday Albany, Oregon Arrival Option:
Meet us at 1:30 p.m. at the I-5 Exit 227 Subway, .
$65 Sunday Salem, Oregon Arrival Option:
Meet us at 12:45 p.m. at Fred Meyer,
$95 Sunday Portland PDX Airport Arrival Option:
Book your Airport/Bus/Train Arrival into Seattle-Tacoma on Sunday in time to meet our pick-up vehicle at 11:30 a.m., but be sure to call or email us with arrival times before confirming your plans. Pick-up at baggage claim unless unaccompanied minor, then at unaccompanied minor waiting area.
$115 Sunday Olympia WA Arrival Option:
Meet us at 9:30 a.m. at Fred Meyer,
$125 Sunday Puyallup WA Arrival Option:
Meet us at the Wolf Campus, 1026 14th St SW in Puyallup on Sunday between 8:00-8:15 a.m. so that participants can depart at 8:30 to our camp location.

Weekend Departure Options:

Complimentary Friday Departure Option: We end at Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park between 5:00-6:00 with dinner before final departure.
$95 Saturday Eugene EUG Airport Departure Option:
Drop-off at the Eugene Airport on Saturday is at 10:00 AM so don’t book a flight until after noon, and be sure to call or email us with departure time before confirming your plans.
$115 Saturday Albany, Oregon Departure Option:
11:00 AM at the I-5 Exit 227 Subway, .
$125 Saturday Salem, Oregon Departure Option:
11:45 AM at Fred Meyer,
$145 Saturday Portland PDX Departure Arrival Option:
Drop-off at Portland Airport on Saturday is at 1:00 PM so don’t book a flight until after 3 p.m., and be sure to call or email us with departure time before confirming your plans.
$165 Saturday Olympia WA Departure Option:
3:00 PM at Fred Meyer,
$175 Saturday Puyallup WA Departure Option:
Wolf Campus, 1026 14th St SW in Puyallup 4:00-5:00 p.m.


2018 Training Camps & Expeditions are $765/week if you make a deposit by May 5th, or $775 by June 5th, or $785 if space remains available thereafter. To reserve your spot, make a $200 deposit per person/week and your balance will be due upon arrival.

Cost includes everything except transportation from Sunday-Friday including field guide.  The only additional expenses you may incur for our courses are for travel and specific gear, although we have extras in case you can’t acquire something. You will also need health insurance, so check with us for recommendations on inexpensive temporary insurance if necessary. Also, please see above for optional transportation and  stayover choices.

Discounts: Standard cumulative discounts are $5 per additional week you attend this summer, $5 off per additional family member attending this summer, $5 off for successfully referring other families who register campers this summer. Weekend stayovers are complimentary for self-sufficient adults, not including long-distance transportation.


Credit/Debit Card Registration Option: Just call us at 425-248-0253 and we will take your registration securely over the phone.

Check/Mail/Email Registration Option: Print out and complete our Microsoft Word or PDF Registration Form for each participant and send with a check deposit payable to the Wolf College, 1026 14th St. SW, Puyallup WA 98371. You can also email us a completed registration form and pay using your preferred method.

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