Day 13: Cooking Wild Edibles of the Yard & Neighborhood

Today, in place of a workshop canceled due to the state’s “stay at home” order, we will explore yard herbs, and open up the camp stove to cook wild edibles such as dandelion, nettle, berry flowers, and even grass! Chris will also demonstrate how to refill those green propane camp stove tanks so you don’t have to throw them away anymore. We’ll end the broadcast today with the beautiful song “I Give Thanks” by Leslie Lightfall.

Tomorrow we’ll make home-made deodorant in case there’s a run on that at the store (lol) and finish what we started on Friday, turning our herbal oil into a salve. Next week we’ll tour our orchard and plant a tree, start a community garden along the sidewalk, share the language of the birds and embark on a wild animal tracking adventure.  

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