Day 1 Physical Distancing Broadcast Series: Other Events Canceled? Go Outdoors: Music, Gardening & Hiking

Today we introduce our “You Healthy? Go Outside!” Evening Broadcast Series of Family Friendly Music & Earth Skills Activities with demo on how we started a new garden bed under old lawn for early season greens, potatoes and onions, as well as potted plant preparations for later season “pizza fixings” like tomatoes, peppers, cilantro.

Gardening is wonderful every year, but if things get bad, you really want to be growing food. Check the internet for soil germination temperatures needed for different veggie seeds, and consider plastic over still-frosty ground to heat it up more quickly. If you don’t have garden beds prepared, start growing in pots or leaky buckets – indoors is great to start – and way easier to maintain anyway when you move them outside. Yay less weeding!

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