Day 27: Saturday Songs & Stories – Folk Legends of Love

Join us for Part 2 of our Three Part Concert Series airing at 6 PM Pacific with Wolf Camp founder Chris Chisholm who will share stories and songs around the campfire. It’s part of our “You Healthy? Go Outside!” Evening Broadcasts – Family Friendly Music & Earth Skills Activities with Kim & Chris Chisholm.


• Story: Arlecho Creek in honor late elders including Paul Allen & Cha-da-ska-dum Which-ta-lum
• Song: Hammer Song by Pete Seeger & Lee Hays; Story: Paul Robeson
• Song: Love the Power by Chris Chisholm; Story: Raymond & Rodney
• Annie’s Song by John Denver; Story: Krim Outside
• Compost Song by Lee Hays

NOTE: We broadcast every day at 6 PM to the Wolf Camp Facebook Page but really want to broadcast live on YouTube. However, we need 1,000 subscribers before they will let us live stream via our phone in the field, so PLEASE go to to subscribe and then ask all your family and friends to subscribe as well. Also please consider a donation if you enjoy the video lesson and would like to help keep Wolf Camp administrative staff employed through springtime.

UPCOMING TOPICS: We encourage you to offer suggestions on Virtual Earth Skills Camp lessons and adventures you’d like us to broadcast in the coming. Our plans for the coming week include:

  • Friday: Campfire Songs & Stories – The Wolf Camp Classics
  • Saturday: Campfire Songs & Stories – Legends of the Past
  • Sunday: Campfire Songs & Stories – Classic Americana
  • Monday: Most Important Plants (Edible, Medicinal & Craft)
  • Tuesday: Making Acorn Flour & Muffins
  • Wednesday: Making Hazelnut Milk & Truffles
  • Thursday: Making Big Game & Quickie Bows
  • Friday: Making & Shooting Quickie Arrows
  • Saturday: Setting Up Small $100 Solar Systems
  • Sunday: From Greenhouse to Garden Pots
  • We are hoping that sometime during the week of the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, April 22 we can launch the online version of the Wolf Journey Earth Conservation Course revealing each field experience on daily broadcasts, but only if we get to 1,000 subscribers on YouTube which is the number they require for live streaming from phones in the field. We’ll keep broadcasting to our Wolf Camp Facebook page as a back-up, but will end broadcasts to Chris’ personal facebook page when YouTube subscriptions reach the 1,000 needed.

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