Day 18: The Amphibian Hunt from Rain Barrels, Rain Garden, Bioswales, Pond, Creek, River…

Join us today for an “Amphibian Hunt” following the path of water from our roof, through rain barrels, rain garden, bioswale, pond, creek, and river to the sea. It’s part of our “You Healthy? Go Outside!” Evening Broadcasts – Family Friendly Music & Earth Skills Activities with Kim & Chris Chisholm, Wolf Camp and the Conservation College at Blue Skye Farm. We’ll end today with the song “All God’s Creatures” or similar:) Please consider a donation if you enjoy the video lesson and would like to help keep Wolf Camp administrative staff employed through springtime.

NOTE: To broadcast live on YouTube without wifi, we need 1,000 subscribers before we can live stream via our phone in the field so PLEASE go to and subscribe. Again, they have a rule that we need 1,000 subscribers in order to schedule live streams from our phone or tablet. Let’s get this done quick and ask all your family and friends to subscribe as well. THANKS! 

UPCOMING TOPICS: We encourage you to offer suggestions on Virtual Earth Skills Camp lessons and adventures you’d like us to broadcast in the coming. Otherwise, our plans for the coming week include:

  • Friday – Orchard Tour, Installing a community sidewalk garden, and if time, a tree planting lesson (the right way so they don’t die) in honor of reducing carbon in the atmosphere.
  • This Weekend – Animal tracking adventures, wildlife safety and language of the birds.

To watch future live broadcasts, try:

Announcements & Reminders:

– If you have time on your hands and you feel you’re not in a high risk group, see if your fire station, hospital or other essential facility has a suggestion on how you can can get trained to support them. Staple businesses like grocery stores may even be hiring.

– If you still have an income or extra money, a great suggestion we heard this morning was to see if or when your fire station, hospital or other essential facility and would appreciate delivery of a take out order for one of their meals – it’s a great way to support small businesses too, and don’t forget non-profits need to keep people employed as well. For instance, we have a donation link included in the text if you would like to help us keep our staff employed in advance of summer camp season.

– Going outside is the healthiest way to maintain happiness while social distancing, where virus concentrations dissipate in the fresh air and can get killed by extended exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays, and where the sun helps us produce Vitamin D, also keeping us happy and well. Gardening in particular is a great way to stay healthy, and if things get tough, one of the best ways to increase your food security.

Please consider a contribution if you benefited from this video, and help us keep Wolf Camp and the Conservation College at Blue Skye Farm going during this time when we can’t run spring workshops. We’re hoping to keep administrative staff employed in advance of the summer camp season.

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