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Course Catalog

Course Catalog

Honorable Hunting & Fishing Expedition

Aug 28 – Sept 2, 2016 Training Camp for Qualified Youth & Adults

Join us at our favorite hunting and fishing locations this week. It’s an exciting week as trout start to bite as the night lengthens and cools, salmon season opens in the rivers, hunting season opens for small critters, and bow hunting season opens for deer! The amount of hunting will depend on your previous experience and whether you need to first go through Hunter Education Certification the first day which is optional for those who already hold a valid Hunter Ed certificate.

Location: Western Washington. Please email or call instructor Chris Chisholm at 253-604-4681 for details.


First Year Attending: Youth may attend the Epic Fishing Camp taking place simultaneously, while ages 18-24 may join the adult group but with prerequisite of wildlife tracking experience with us. Older/younger applicants may also be accepted into the adult group, including parents of attending youth, and others who have attended our weekend tracking or fishing workshops with us in the past.

Second Year youth and adults may attend the advanced Honorable Hunting track with prerequisites: Anyone who attends to advanced Honorable Hunting track needs to first complete our 1) survival or navigation weeks, 2) wildlife tracking week, 3) ancient archers and artisans week, and 4) fishing week in previous year as prerequisites. Everyone will also need Washington State Hunting & Fishing Licenses as required by age.

Goals & Skills Covered:

Honorable Harvesting Skills will include:

• Understand the ethics of harvesting animals
• Fishing for river salmon, saltwater pier fish, and backcountry trout.
• Utilize gear made in prior programs if available.
• Honor any animal harvested by utilizing all of its gifts.
•Ability to bring salmon in quickly on rivers; perch, dogfish shark, and bottom fish quickly on piers; and fly fish trout in the backcountry
•Ability to store harvested goods throughout a turning of the sun.
•Ability to cook primitively, smoke, jerky, etc. foods.
•Ability to stay clean and safe from injury in every activity.
•Ability to fish with modern and primitive gear (wiering, netting, spearing, bow fishing, hand fishing, hook and line, gorges, bullfrogging).
• Advanced Track with Prerequisites: hunter education certificate if not yet acquired
• Advanced Track with Prerequisites: practice hunting for rabbits, grouse, and other small critters.
• Advanced Track with Prerequisites: Ability to track down animals, trap and/or hunt them successfully (bow and arrow, rabbit stick, at-latl, ethics, strategies, butchering).
• Advanced Track with Prerequisites: Ability to make and use hunting blinds effectively.
• Advanced Track with Prerequisites: Ability to honor any animal you harvest by putting to good use all their parts (wet and dry scraping, brain and other high-tannin methods, hair on and off).
• Advanced Track with Prerequisites: Ability to make and set fish traps, fish spears, and other traditional harvesting technologies.

Course Itinerary:

2016 Even Year Schedule:

Sunday – Dry-Land Training & Evening Surf Fishing at our Pacific Ocean Campground.
Monday – Salmon Fishing on the Westport South Jetty & Evening Surf Fishing on Cranberry Beach.
Tuesday – Salmon Fishing & Crabbing on the Westport South Jetty. Nighttime Shark Fishing & Squid Jigging.
Wednesday – Travel to crab and fish the Fox Island Pier & Nisqually River before camping at Illahee State Park.
Thursday – Flounder Fishing & Crabbing at Illahee & Bremerton Piers. Nighttime Shark & Squid Jigging.
Friday –  Fishing at Fox Island Pier and Puyallup River. Gourmet Fish Fry at Clark’s Creek Park.

Our schedule during the week includes morning wake-up, stretches, washing, and breakfast vary slightly depending on previous evening activities, but if all was quiet by 10:00 p.m. we would awake at 7:00 or dawn if hunting/fishing early, do warm-ups from 7:30-8:00, and have breakfast from 8:00-9:00 … 9:00-12:00 is the morning session. 12:00-1:00 is lunch, and 1:00-2:00 is usually swimming or other recreational time. 2:00-5:00 is the afternoon session. 5:00-6:00 is dinner, and 6:00-7:00 is usually personal time. Evening sessions begin at 7:00, and bedtime varies according to the activity and the time of sunset.

Course Instructors:

Wolf Camp Co-Owners Kim & Chris Chisholm Chris Chisholm will be lead instructor with staff assistants.

Pick-up, Drop-off and Airport/Bus/Train Transportation:

Click here for location and transportation details which are the same as for the intro Epic Fishing Camp running simultaneously.


$665 if you register by March 20th, $675 by April 30th, or $685 by June 5th, and $695 thereafter if space remains available. To reserve your spot, make a $175 deposit below and your balance will be due upon arrival. You can also receive cumulative discounts of $10 per additional week you attend this summer, $10 per additional family member attending this summer, $10 for successfully referring other families who register campers this summer, and $10 per online review you do for us on a searchable site like google once you’ve attended a program.

Registration Options:

Check/Mail/Email Registration Option: Print out and complete our Microsoft Word Registration Form for each participant and send with a check deposit payable to the Wolf College, 1026 14th St. SW, Puyallup WA 98371. You can also email us a completed registration form and pay using your preferred method.

Credit/Debit Card Registration Option: Just call us at 253-604-4681 or 425-248-0253 and we will take your registration securely over the phone.

Or Use PayPal to register online securely with a credit/debit card or via direct withdrawal from your bank account. Click to Choose Your Deposit Options:
Group Preference:
Participant Name(s) & Age(s):
Phone(s) & Pick-up/Drop-off:

Our refund policy is that deposits are not refundable unless your registration is not accepted. If you cancel after making additional payment, you may receive a credit for a future program, minus a 25% administration fee of total payments made, in case of emergency. You will receive a full refund if your program is canceled and not rescheduled at a time that you can attend. No refund (and not necessarily any credit) is given if a participant is inappropriate at the program and asked to leave.

Or email us to be put on our our list for this program in the future. We always keep your information absolutely private, and will never share it. You can also like our facebook page to keep in better touch.

Course Preparation: Agreements & Packing List

Click here for our Expedition Agreements

Click here for our Summer Expeditions Packing List

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