The Traditional Herbalist

The Teacher by Joanna Colbert
Cover Art: Joanna Colbert

2021-22 Academic Year Rollout: Wolf Journey Book Two – The Traditional Herbalist guides you on a path of Ethnobotany & Plant Conservation as you blossom into a Traditional Herbalist.

As you walk through the course, you will move deeper and deeper into the skills of plant conservation, and the knowledge of ethnobotany.  Ethnobotany means understanding the relationships between plants and humans, including how plants are incorporated into our lives, as well as how humans are dependent on plant ecosytems.  When an herbalist who understands ethnobotany harvests a plant, he or she honors it by preserving the plant to for all its medicinal, nutritional, and utilitarian gifts.  You will also learn to conserve and caretake the land, whether it be the soil in potted plants placed on our balcony, or on the edges of a large farming enterprise, to the benefit of all creatures.

Wolf Journey Earth Conservation Courses

Wolf Journey course books consist of 20 chapters, each with four core study experiences that can be completed as a series of lessons to earn a conservation certificate in your area of interest.

Book One: The Neighborhood Naturalist (2020-21 Academic Year Rollout)
Book Two: The Traditional Herbalist (2021-22 Academic Year Rollout)
Book Three: The Wildlife Tracker (2022-23 Academic Year Rollout)
Book Four: The Survival Scout (2023-24 Academic Year Rollout)
Book Five: The Sustainable Citizen (2024-25 Academic Year Rollout)
Book Six: The Environmental Educator (now available by special request)

The original books are now being republished as online courses. Click here to send an email so we can notify you as we launch each book.