Aug 31 – Sep 4, 2020 The Conservation Scout – Online Summer Day Camp for Kids, Youth & Family (waitlisted)

All Summer Camps Waitlisted – Join us in the fall and spring for our academic year classes!

  • Tuesday Classes focus on Herbal Medicine & Plant Crafts in the Autumn Season from Sept 15 – Nov 17, 2020, followed by Gardening & Cooking Wild Edible Food Plants in the spring of 2021.
  • Thursday Classes focus on Wilderness Survival & Bushcraft Skills in the Autumn Season from Sept 17 – Nov 19, 2020, followed by Wildlife Tracking & Birding in the spring of 2021.
  • Saturday Classes for all ages guide you through the Wolf Journey Earth Conservation Course – Book One: The Neighborhood Naturalist.

WolfCampCover2010Virtual Wolf Camps featured in the New York Times 7/07/2020

Ever wish you had a mentor help you discover the invisible secrets of nature, or someone to guide you into service of the community? Now you will! Returning campers can now join us for the online version of our popular Secrets of the Scout camp. Check it out:

Secrets of the Scout – Online Camp for Kids, Youth & Family (with prerequisites)

Our scout camps are widely considered the most fun, mind-blowing programs we offer. A scout must live with honor, balance, and in harmony with the earth in order to blend in with nature and move like a shadow across a wide array of terrain types. We will explore basic martial arts and learn to use tricks of mind-over-matter to help us accomplish feats that seem impossible.

But most important, the scout’s life is a life of service. This camp week is fun, and fulfilling because you are guided to do a service project such as conservation restoration in around your home or neighborhood. Ultimately, the goal of Secrets of the Scout is to teach participants how to blend into nature; social circles; and use their position to influence positive change in the world. Skills covered during this camp session include, but are not limited to:

  • Stealth & Camouflage;
  • Language of the Animals;
  • Silent & Articulate Communication;
  • Teamwork & Service Work focusing on Conservation Efforts;
  • Morals like self-sacrifice for the benefit of loved ones;
  • Intuition, purpose, wits, and courage.

Registration is now open for the following virtual scout conservation weeks:

  • August 17-21 Virtual Scout with prerequisites: outstanding participation in at least two prior virtual camps; or at least one prior virtual camp and one prior in-person camp.

Or click here for full schedule of virtual camp options.

Weekly Overview of Virtual Scouts

Please note:  Topics are subject to change based upon your location, instructor preference, and camper input.


  • Introductions, Agreements & Order of Survival
  • Practicing Skills of Invisibility & Camouflage


  • Finding Hidden Passageways at home and around the neighborhood;
  • Proving your skills with teamwork, bird language, and all-day silence challenge;


  • Investigating Conservation & Service Projects: Neighborhood Assessment
  • Gathering Resources, Delegating Tasks, Seeking Donations, Accounting & Maintenance


  • Building Conservation Partnerships, Preparing Presentations & Reaching Out
  • Starting Conservation & Service Actions


  • Completing Conservation & Service Actions
  • Assessing Response, Documenting Changes
  • Sharing Results & Accepting Feedback

These online camp options for youth and family are simple but amazing. The day starts similar to other online classes, where you meet in a private online room with dedicated instructors. Then after receiving inspiration and instructions for the day, you head outside and experience all the possibilities offered around your home. We get together again periodically over the course of the day to review discoveries, assess skills, redirect energies, and build our knowledge of nature. The past meets the future, from our backyard to yours! Click here to register after June 5th.

Or choose Physical Summer Camps including Kids Day Camps at Lake Sammamish & Puyallup as well as Overnight Camps near Mt. Rainier & Puyallup.

Then join us in the fall as we roll out the online edition of Wolf Journey Book One – Trail of the Neighborhood Naturalist on a path to becoming your neighborhood naturalist. Begin the journey by finding a study site where you carry out lessons of Urban & Rural Habitat Conservation throughout the course. Each time you visit your site, you will walk more intimately within the landscape, and by the time you complete the course, you will have become a key resource on the natural world for your community, and perhaps the best expert on habitat conservation in your neighborhood.


Make a $95 deposit to register your household, and then add an additional balance (at time of registration, or anytime through the first day of camp) depending on your circumstances described below. There may also be material ordering costs: we will provide one-click ordering options from amazon and other sources, as well as “save money and make it at home” options. See registration Step 2 below for material details TBA.

  • $95 recommended for a parent directing off-line child(ren), or households with current financial hardship;
  • $195 recommended for one child with full-time parental/nanny support, or low income households with additional children;
  • $295 recommended for one child with little parental participation, or two children with parental/nanny support;
  • $395 recommended for two children with little parental participation, or three children with parental/nanny support;

Step 1 – Register

Either call us at 425-248-0253 ex. 1 and we will take your registration with a credit card securely over the phone, or use PayPal to register online securely with a credit/debit card or via direct withdrawal from your bank account. Use the link below (might not be visible if you are using “reader view” on your phone or other device) or sign into and “send money” to our email address.

First – Choose Camp Dates:
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Names & Age of Participants:
Your Cell Phone Number:

Step 2 – After Receiving Confirmation

Order Materials: We will provide one-click ordering options from amazon and other sources, as well as “save money and make it at home” options. The current draft of optional Secrets of the Scout materials include: Since Scouts are known for not being seen and material could leave a trace, we try to shy away from needing them.

Step 3 for First Time Virtual Campers:

Copy and complete the Virtual Camp Household Registration Form (just once per household – or if you cannot view it, let us know and we will email you a Word version) and share your completed copy with us, keeping your editing access but making Camp Director Chris Chisholm the owner so he can share it with appropriate camp instructors, and we can mutually update/edit the form as days/weeks/years go by. All information remains confidential in perpetuity and will only be shared on a need-to-know basis. The registration form must be completed with input from all participants, as it 1) contains questions our instructors have of everyone involved, and 2) contains agreements for participation that everyone must understand for safety.

Step 4 for First Time Virtual Campers

Download software if new to you. We are currently using Zoom & Google Meet. If you have an alternate preference, please email us your recommendation.

Refund Policy

Deposits ($100 for day programs, $200 for overnight programs) are not refundable unless we don’t accept your application. If you cancel for any reason, you may receive a full credit good through the following calendar year on appropriate and available programs listed on our schedule, although an additional deposit is needed to secure your spot in the future program. If a program you sign up for is canceled and not rescheduled at a time you can attend, you may receive a full refund except in cases of natural (weather, geologic, wildfire, etc) disasters, epidemics, grid failures, government shutdowns, conflicts or curfews, or other unforeseen emergencies making it unsafe or impossible for staff and/or attendees to reach or use program locations, in which case all payments made will be held by us without expiration date for your future use in appropriate/available programs of your choice. Reasons include the expenditure of funds (property rentals, advertising, materials, admin staff time, etc.) long before programs take place, i.e. deposits make it feasible for Wolf Camp to schedule programs in the first place, but our mutually understood agreement is that Wolf Camp will run the program at the safest available time in the future. Finally, no refund, nor credit, is given if a participant is asked to leave a program for inappropriateness as determined by our kids, youth and adult agreements for participation.

Or email us to be put on our list for this program in the future. We always keep your information absolutely private, and will never share it.

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