Vintage Blog Posts from our Old WordPress Site

We just noticed that the ubiquitous internet still has our old WordPress Blog site published. The following posts are from the first year after Kim and I got married, then moved to Puyallup, and began teaching weekly homeschool, after-school, and evening classes on our various topics. The photos are great, the stories are fun, but the instructional information contained in the posts is a bit sparse because we didn’t yet realize that to become popular, blog posts are supposed to be highly informational, rather than a documentation of what happened in the past. That said, feel free to check out what we did during that academic year…

October 2010

Beautiful Day & Homeschool Class at Edgewater Park in Mt. Vernon:

Mt Vernon Homeschool Class

Stinging Nettles and Salmon – Homeschool and After School Classes:

Clark's Creek Spawning Salmon

Wolf Journey Classes Begin in Ellensburg on a Beautiful Fall Day:

Ellensburg Homeschool Class with Wolf Camp

November 2010

Fun Adult Wolf Journey Class in Snohomish on Willows & Rose:

Wolf Camp at the Thumbnail Theater

Classes Harvest Willow and Rose Hips:

Hunter of Rose Hips at Wolf Camp

January 2011

Wilderness Survival Homeschool Classes in Bellingham, Olympia & Vancouver:

Hunter Survival Shelter

Survival Shelters at the Earth Lodge in Snohomish County:

Lean-To Shelter Workshop with Wolf Camp

Wilderness Survival for Homeschool and After School Classes in Snohomish:

Wolf Camp Bow Drill Fire at Homeschool Class

Wilderness Survival Classes co-sponsored by Seattle Backpackers & Kitsap Outdoors:

Seattle Survival & Bow Drill Fire Class with Wolf Camp

Kim & Chris Chisholm are co-owners of Wolf Camp, teaching skills of the Neighborhood Naturalist, Traditional Herbalist, Wildlife Tracker, Wilderness Survival Scout, Ancient Artisan, Honorable Hunter, Sustainable Citizen & Environmental Ed.


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