Day 9: Cedar Bow Drill – Fire By Friction!

Today Chris demonstrates the “bow drill” method of fire by friction, using western red cedar you can get at any lumber store – the best way to make your first fire by friction, building good habits and success before gathering material in your own environment which adds a lot more challenge for continued learning. Kim will also demonstrate how to “splice” material into your rope so it can be as long as you want, plus how to “double reverse wrap” it to make it twice as thick. Please consider a donation if you enjoy the video lesson and would like to help keep Wolf Camp administrative staff employed through springtime. We’ll end today with the song “Trees Are On Fire” by Ken Lonnquist whose music you can find at

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It’s March 24, 2020 – Day 9 of our “You Healthy? Go Outside!” Physical Distancing 6 PM Broadcasts – Family Friendly Music & Earth Skills Activities with Kim & Chris Chisholm, Wolf Camp and the Conservation College at Blue Skye Farm.

Tomorrow we’ll demonstrate how to “carry fire” with a traditional “traveling match” plus the not-patented Wolf College method of magically bringing fire back to life when it’s down to a couple coals; hint: it’s how many wildfires are accidentally started.

Thursday and Friday, in honor of the workshops canceled next month due to our state’s “stay at home” order, Kim will demonstrate how to make an herbal salve, and then we’ll cook up some wild edibles from the yard before opening up the weekend to other topics. Birding and wildlife tracking perhaps?

Announcements & Reminders:

– Please Launch PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Drives for your local emergency hospitals, first responders, homeless service providers and other essential care givers!
– Going outside is the healthiest way to maintain happiness while social distancing, where virus concentrations dissipate in the fresh air and get killed by ultraviolet (UV) rays, and where the sun helps us produce Vitamin D which also keeps us happy and well. Gardening is also a great way to stay healthy, and if things get tough, one of the best ways to increase your food security.

Please consider a contribution if you benefited from this video, and help us keep Wolf Camp and the Conservation College at Blue Skye Farm going during this time when we can’t run spring workshops. We’re hoping to keep administrative staff employed in advance of the summer camp season.

Thanks, and please catch live broadcasts on the Wolf Camp facebook page or via the Wolf College youtube channel live stream if we’re within wifi range starting at 6:00 PM Pacific, or view it when we post it here at 7:00 PM, until the social distancing era end or June 14, 2020, whichever comes quickest:)

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