Day 6: Order of Emergency Survival, and the 10 Essentials

Today we’ll show you the Order of Wilderness Survival and the 10 Essentials, including:

  • Navigation: Navigation tools such as a map and compass. At least bring a charged phone and invest in an external battery stored in a zip-lock bag with small charging cord.
  • Shelter: This is probably the most important category when venturing into nature. If going to a city park, then a big packaged garbage bag is perfect (small and lightweight). It can be used for many thing including collecting litter. If you are venturing into the wilderness for a day hike, then you might invest in a light emergency bivy bag. Check out our survival shelter blog article for in-depth details.
  • Headlamp: It’s great to have a headlamp to see small critters in the shade, and of course for finding your way back / signaling for help in the dark.
  • Sun protection: Sunglasses, sun-protective clothes, and sunscreen. If you are going out in Pacific Northwest coastal winter, then pack rain gear, fleece, wool and waterproof boots. If venturing into hot environments, all exposed skin with light pants and long-sleeve shirt.
  • First aid: Including insect repellent if needed. Please note that insect repellent alone is not reliable against ticks, so research the best practices for preventing tick bites and other too-small-to-see hazards. Fortunately, we haven’t found any ticks in Puyallup yet, but for more information necessary almost anywhere else you go, research tick prevention tricks.
  • Tools: In the wilderness, a survival knife is considered paramount, whereas in a city park, it may be illegal, so a multi-tool is great for investigating “finds.” Work gloves are probably thing that creates the most efficiency when working outdoors. A safety whistle is also important to have on outdoor adventures. And, it’s great to have a magnifying glass or hand lens (like a 10x jewelers loupe) if you’re into rocks, small critters, mushroom identification and more. In the city, pepper spray might be a consideration, and bear spray with safe and efficient holster.
  • Fire: In the wilderness, matches, lighter, fire steel and tinder are key.
  • Extra food: Beyond minimum expectation.
  • Extra water: Beyond minimum expectation, or the means to purify.
  • Extra clothes: Beyond minimum expectation. Remember, cotton is rotten when wet.

We end the video broadcast with the “Meaning of Life” song by Wolf Camp alumnus Chris “Huck” Anderson to remind us what’s important as we walk through this pandemic. 

It’s The Day 6 Emergency Survival Edition of our “You Healthy? Go Outside!” 40 Day Quarantine Broadcast Series – Family Friendly Music & Earth Skills Activities with Kim & Chris Chisholm.

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