“Alone – The Arctic” Watch Parties starring Wolf Camp Alumna Nikki van Schyndel

Wolf Camp alumna Nikki van Schyndel has returned from the arctic wilderness and stars as a contestant in Season 6 of the History Channel’s real survival show Alone. Check out which 10 items Nikki chose to take with her. We’ve heard she’s featured in Episode 2, and it is unknown whether she will appear in Episode 3 since the show’s format often focuses on 3-4 contestants at a time. After that, we’ll see how she did!


Want to do what Nikki did? Start our Wolf Journey Earth Conservation Course! Nikki piloted the program in 1999 and illustrated its first edition!

Nikki then joined our Weekly Online Classes back in 1999! Now online, our classes include:

  • Tuesday Classes focus on Herbal Medicine & Plant Crafts in the autumn season, followed by Gardening & Cooking Wild Edible Food Plants in the spring.
  • Thursday Classes focus on Wilderness Survival & Bushcraft Skills in the Autumn Season, followed by Wildlife Tracking & Birding in the spring.
  • Saturday Classes for all ages guide you through the Wolf Journey Earth Conservation Course – Book One: The Neighborhood Naturalist.