Participation Agreements for Adult Programs

Deciding to participate in Wolf College Expeditions means agreeing to honor the experience as a safe haven for every person — physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Take a look at our mission statement for a better understanding of our views. Participants will also add agreements they wish the group to honor during the course, and instructors will have a few more details to add that will help make your Wolf College Expedition safe and enjoyable.

_____ I will remain within designated boundaries during the course to help the Wolf College maintain good relations with property owners; I will be sure to ask about the boundaries if they are unclear after my initial tour of the camp area; and I will depart and/or be by myself only after direct, clear communication with my group instructor.  Otherwise, I will always be with a designated activity partner and make our whereabouts known to our group instructor.
_____ I will enter water, climb, or engage in similar risky activities only after clear, mitigating communication with my course instructor.
_____ I will respect the personal boundaries of others in the course, including bodies, belongings, and behavior that others may or may not witness.  If I am unclear or uncomfortable about sleeping, dressing, and bathroom situations after my initial course orientation, I will be sure to discuss and clarify with my instructor.
_____ I will refrain from sharing any stories, jokes, or comments which are derogatory toward others in the course, toward groups of people in the outer world, or toward sacred themes.
_____ I will never be alone with any course participant under 18 years of age to whom I am not related, and I will only discuss age-appropriate themes and behaviors around course participants under 21 years of age.  I will ask my course instructor for direction before chancing any errors in this regard.
_____ I will refrain from taking action satisfying romantic desire or sexual attraction with anyone I meet in courses running Sundays-Fridays.  Although these can be fun, jovial, active, and nurturing co-ed courses, we are also serious about focusing on the skills we are here to learn, and we don’t want any participant to wonder about someone’s intentions while only having 5 days to learn these skills.
_____ I will refrain from using non-prescribed drugs such as alcohol, marijuana, etc., from 24 hours before the course starts, until I depart from the course location and course participants. If I cannot achieve this agreement due to addiction, medical need, or other reason, I will disclose the reason on my registration form so that my instructor can make arrangements, such as a designated smoking area. If I am a tobacco user or other smoker, I will disclose on my registration form how often I need a break away from the group so instructors can determine in advance if that frequency matches the course schedule. Alternatively, if I choose to refrain from a mood-altering substance during the course that I regularly use, then I’ll disclose on my registration form whether instructors should expect to be sensitive to any withdrawal symptoms.
_____ I will respect all plant and animal life during camp, harvesting none that I don’t intend to utilize fully, and I will put nothing in my mouth that I don’t know 100% that it won’t cause illness or poisoning.
_____ I will always encourage others to rise to the challenge in every group activity, and I will watch out for the physical and emotional safety of every person in camp.
_____ I will not litter, but instead, I will pick up any litter I find and recycle it.  Also, I will secure and inventory my belongings wherever I go during the course, because the Wolf College is not responsible for lost, stolen or forgotten items.


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