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Course Catalog

Course Catalog

Mission, Vision, Guiding Principles and Unique Strengths of Wolf Camp and the Conservation College


Wolf Camp and the Conservation College run summer youth camps and career certification programs with the highest quality teachers and most diverse outdoor curriculum in the field.

Vision Statement

Wolf Camp and the Conservation College are transformational outdoor experiences.  We will empower participants with the skills and wisdom to competently and intimately connect with the natural world.

Guiding Principles

1. We promote appreciation and conservation of the environment.

2. We strive to set the standard in subjects we teach, including:

• Wilderness Survival & Nature Conservation
• Ethnobotany & Plant Conservation
• Animal Tracking & Wildlife Conservation
• Traditional Crafts & Cultural Conservation
• Sustainable Living & Energy Conservation

3. We create safe learning environments through effective risk management.

4. We promote fun and collaborative working environments based on healthy staff, clear policies, and a dedication to teamwork.

5. We are courteous, responsive, and professional with all students and family, honoring every individual for unique skills, talents, beliefs and contributions.

6. We strive to create profound experiences and challenges that result in the maturation of students, real confidence and self-reliance, deeper understanding of self, greater love of nature, and a respect for the ethic of conservation.

7. We seek good role models for peer and life mentoring at our programs in order to nurture the success of every student. We expect students of all ages to seek their truth, develop self-sufficiency, respect hazards, strive for success, be emotionally sensitive, express art and music, improve physical health, honor their own religion or spirituality, be tolerant of differences between people, and recognize similarities amongst everyone on earth.  The physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social health of students is our top priority, and we are able to achieve these priorities because all our instructors are seasoned teachers.

8. Wolf Journey Earth Conservation Courses serve as the foundation for our curriculum, guiding students into skills of the neighborhood naturalist, traditional herbalist, wildlife tracker, wilderness survival scout, ancient artisan, honorable hunter, sustainable citizen and environmental educator.

9. Max Davis Scholarships are available to ensure that no person is turned away from enrollment in any Wolf Camp program due to financial constraints.

Conservation College Poster 2016 B copy

Unique Strengths of Wolf Camp and the Conservation College

1. Small Management Size = Low Overhead Means Affordable Programs, Personal Attention & Responsiveness To Change

2. Top Teaching Quality = Most Skilled Training with All Ages & Learning Types

3. Most Information & Hands-On Learning At Courses = We Pack In Practical Skills & Knowledge at Courses

4. Best Risk Management = Top Safety Record

5. Most Diverse Program Offerings

6. Greatest Summer Internship In The Field

7. Only Earth Skills Program in South Sound

8. Best Quality Food = Top Chef Accommodating All Dietary Needs

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Contact us by phone or text at 425-248-0253 or email us anytime.