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Course Catalog

Course Catalog

Welcome to Wolf Camp and the Conservation College

Join us THIS WEEKEND for the Wolf Gathering:
20th Anniversary Celebration & Skillshare Rendezvous

Becoming Wild Book Cover

Saturday Keynote: Nikki van Schyndel on her two-year survival adventure.


Friday Keynote: Wolves in Washington during this critical moment for the Profanity Pack.

Enjoy a day or all weekend at Camp Curran near Tacoma WA. Our 20th Anniversary Celebration is open to the public where you can join those who have attended our classes, workshops, camps, expeditions, or apprenticeships over the years. Accommodations include tent camping, near-by hotels, and daily commuting.

The gathering is a pilot program to launch an annual conservation forum and skillshare rendezvous. Join us to attend or give presentations, browse crafts or sell wares, share and gain knowledge and skills at workshops, meet staff experts or network with other birders and naturalists, herbalists and ethnobotanists, wildlife trackers and nature photographers, subsistence hunters and fishers, traditional craftmakers and artisans, organic farmers and sustainable builders. Register Now for the Wolf Gathering

Wolf Camp – Celebrating 20 Years

WolfCampCover2010Join us for fun, skill-building programs guided by our highly trained instructors.  Wolf Camp founder Chris Chisholm ran his first classes and workshops in 1996, his first day camp in 1997 and first overnight youth camps in 1998. Chris still oversees every course with his wife Kim who together with an amazing staff, will ensure that you learn in-depth, are inspired in nature, and love your Wolf Camp experience. Register Now for Summer!

Overnight Youth Camps

Students ages 9-17 can join us for exciting overnight camps this summer including Backcountry Leadership – Nature Guides Training – Wildlife Safari – – Wilderness Survival Trek – Wild Cooking & Herbal Medicine – Ancient Archers & Artisans – Secrets of the Ancient Scout and the Epic Fishing Camp.

Kids Day Camps

Parents are invited to register children ages 5-13 for amazing day camps this summer including Wilderness Survival Craft – Wild Cooking & Herbology – Wildlife Search & Rescue or the Wilderness Skills Sampler in 3 locations, including Lake Sammamish, Olympia & Puyallup with transportation from Tacoma.

The Conservation College

Conservation College Poster 2016 B copyClasses & Workshops

All ages can join us during the academic year for weekend workshops like Wilderness Survival including Bow Drill Fire • Wolf Trackers Conservation Training • Wildlife Safety, Tracking & Trailing • Understanding Birds and Their Voices • Sustainable Homes & Gardens • Wild Edible Plant Foraging & Herbal Medicine Making • Harvesting & Crafting Natural Plant Fibers • Bow & Arrow Making • Hide Tanning & Rawhide Craft • Edible Seaweeds, Shellfish, & Shore Plants • Pier & Fly Fishing • 20th Anniversary Wolf Gathering Celebratory Rendezvous

Summer Expeditions

Inviting ages 18-26 to join us this summer for in-depth summer expeditions including – Backcountry Leadership – Professional Outdoor Educators Training – Wildlife Trackers Training – Wilderness Survival Trek – Herbal Medicine & Ethnobotany Training – Traditional Technologies Training – Honorable Hunting & Fishing!

Earth Skills Apprenticeship & Ultimate Summer Internships

The Conservation College Earth Skills Apprenticeship & Ultimate Summer Internships are certified in the Washington State Farm Internship Program and include lessons from our Wolf Journey Earth Conservation Courses.  Our curriculum guides you into skills of the neighborhood naturalist; traditional herbalist; wildlife tracker; wilderness survival scout; ancient artisan; honorable hunter; sustainable citizen and environmental educator.

Questions? Call or text 425-248-0253 or email us anytime. We look forward to your participation in nature.