Welcome to Wolf Camp and the Wolf College

The Wolf College is a conservation teaching college with special expertise in wilderness survival; wild foods and herbal medicine; wildlife tracking and birding; and traditional technologies like bow making, hide tanning, and basketry. Join us to:

learn for a day
• train in-depth for a week or season
build a career in outdoor education
• experience life-changing summer youth camps and adult expeditions

Wolf Camp was founded in 1996 by Chris Chisholm who oversees every course with his wife Kim McKillip Chisholm. The physical, emotional, mental, and social health of students is our top priority, and we are able to achieve these priorities because all our staff are seasoned instructors honoring a common mission. Join us at classes, camps, workshops, expeditions and apprenticeships and experience lessons from our Wolf Journey Earth Conservation Courses.  Our curriculum guides you into skills of the neighborhood naturalist; traditional herbalist; wildlife tracker; wilderness survival scout; ancient artisan; honorable hunter; sustainable citizen and environmental educator.

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Questions? Call us at 253-604-4681 (office) or 425-248-0253 (cell) or email us anytime. We look forward to your participation.

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