Apprenticeship Focus Option: Outdoor Leadership & Nature Guiding

Wolf Journey Book 8 Cover Artwork by Joanna Colbert of GaianTarot.comTeens may also apply part-time as CITs

This summer apprenticeship program is available for young people who want to work as outdoor professionals.  Each week of the summer is an intensive training on a different aspect of outdoor education, leading trips and mentoring youth on wilderness survival, ethnobotany, wildlife tracking, ancient scouting skills, traditional crafts, sustainable homesteading, plus optional hunting, fishing, and spiritual retreat. By the end of the summer, you will have the widest professional and practical, hands-on outdoor educational training possible.

Outdoor Leadership & Nature Guides: Full-time for High School & College Grads;
Outdoor Youth Mentor Counselors In Training:
Part-time for Teens;

Benefits of program: 

1) some of the best outdoor educational training available anywhere in the world;

2) apply your mentoring hours toward high school and other volunteer program requirements;

3) eventual eligibility for employment at Wolf Camp and strong recommendations for employment elsewhere.

Part-Time Teen Schedule, Costs & Graduation Requirements (Adults see our full-time Earth Skills Teaching Apprenticeship schedule)

CITs and instructors gather around a set of tracks during a night-tracking teaching scenario.

Teens who are interested in the Outdoor Youth Mentor CIT program should study this page and complete the 20 application questions below.

Here are the part-time schedule options for teens:

June 23-28, 2019 Option: Backcountry Leadership training course is only required to start the Youth Mentoring CIT course if you have never attended an overnight Wolf Camp week in the past. To graduate from the program in future summers, you will eventually need to take an equivalent backpacking / risk management / outdoor leadership course later. If you attend this week of the summer, cost for this course will be $775 plus optional weekend stayover at $100.

June 30 – July 5, 2019 Requirement: Teaching Nature Professionally training course is required if you are accepted into the Outdoor Youth Mentor CIT program, and cost for this course is $775, plus optional weekend stay over at $100.

July 7 – Aug 31 Options:

A) Attend at least one more overnight camp week that you haven’t taken in the past in order to further your skills at $695/camp depending on when you apply, plus optional weekend stay overs at $100 each. 

B) You will also need to assist as a Youth Mentor at a minimum of one overnight camp that you have taken in the past at a price of $100 per camp you mentor. 

C) You will also need to serve as an assistant at a minimum of one kids day camp during the summer which will cost you nothing if you stay at home each night, or $100 per week if you stay with us in the evenings and overnight.

Program Costs:

There is also a $200 application fee. At a bare minimum, your total cost for the summer will be $1,590. You can add:

• more camp weeks at $775 each
• $100 weekend stayovers
• $100 food/facilities fee while mentoring/assisting during additional camp weeks.

Graduation Requirements for Teens: (may be completed over multiple summers)

1) Over the course of your training, attend and/or assist at least one week of Backcountry Leadership Training, Teaching Nature Professionally, Wilderness Survival Trek, Wildlife Safari Tracking, Wild Herbology & Ethnobotany, Ancient Archers & Artisans plus at least one additional week such as Nature & Survival Film Camp, Secrets of the Ancient Scout or the Epic Fishing Camp.

2) Return to assist and excel during at least one overnight camp week in order to specialize in at least one area of outdoor education.

3) Assist at a minimum of four day camp weeks. Must include at least one Wilderness Skills Sampler, one Wilderness Survival Craft, one Wildlife Search & Rescue, and one Wild Cooking & Herbology theme.

4) Become skilled enough as an outdoor educator to the point that you can successfully lead at least one age range of the aforementioned day camp themes.

5) Pass with at least a 90% score on one of the certification evaluations: (Ethnoecology; Ethnobotany; Herbalism; CyberTracker Trailing; Track & Sign)

Teen Application Process (Adults see our main Apprenticeship Application page)

If you meet the Responsibilities of Youth Mentors, detailed in the second half of this page, then call Chris Chisholm at 425-248-0253 or send an email to express your interest and to ask questions. Next, write an application with the following information included:

1) Write clear, concise goals as a Youth Mentor, including your intention to complete what you begin.

2) List your planned schedule, including time at Wolf Camp and time elsewhere this summer, starting with the day school ends and when it starts again in the fall. Use the information under Schedule & Tuition Choices above as a guideline.

3) Expand on the definition of Humble Respect when it comes to treating your peers, elders, and younger children, as described in the “northeast” in the Background section below.

4) What does it mean to really Appreciate your peers, elders, and younger children, expanding on the description of “east” in the Background section below?

5) What are the limitations of Intelligence, Common Sense, and Creativity, if any, when dealing with peers, elders, and younger children, according to the description of “southeast” below?

6) Where do you draw the line between Honesty and Sensitivity when interacting with peers, elders, and younger children? Use the description of “south” below as a guide.

7) In what ways do you react unconsciously in situations, where you need to increase your Will forces when dealing with peers, elders, and younger children? Use the description of “southwest” below as a guide.

8) Where do you draw the line between Unity and personal freedom in relation to peers, elders, and younger children? Use the description of “west” below as a guide.

9) Can you be genuinely interested in peers, elders, and younger children even when you don’t feel like it? If so, give an example, and use the description of “northwest” below as a guide.

10) Give your definition of Love, using the description of “north” below as a guide.

11) What has been your past experience