Kids Day Camp Participation Agreements

Please explain to children that deciding to participate in Wolf Camp means agreeing to honor the experience as a safe haven for every person — physically and emotionally. Also, please help us best explain the following agreements by discussing them with your child in an age-appropriate manner consistent with your family values. Campers will also add agreements they wish the group to honor during the week, and instructors will have a few more details to add that will help make Wolf Camp fun and safe.

Note that participants may be asked to leave camp at any time at the discretion of the Lead Wolf Camp Instructor or Camp Director. Participants who are asked to leave for not complying with these agreements for participation in camp will not receive a refund for time missed during the camp week. These agreements are particularly important to ensure a safe, educational, and fun experience under challenging circumstances that are unique to Wolf Camp.

___ I will follow Wolf Camp’s guidelines to prevent the spread of Covid-19 including staying at least 6 feet from camp staff except when permission granted for teaching hands-on skills, wearing an approved/well-fitted face mask when camp staff indicates, stepping away from a group and sneezing or coughing down-wind into an elbow or tissue, using hand sanitizer whenever touching share items and before entering toilets/restrooms, and washing hands after using toilets/restrooms as instructed by camp staff.

___ I will remain within the designated boundaries during camp. If they are unclear, I will ask for clarification.

___ I will always be with a partner, and we will only go off by ourselves with permission from our group leader who must know our whereabouts at all times. If I am uncertain who my group leader is, I will ask a Camp Director.

___ I will only enter water under clear direction from my group leader supervised by a Camp Director. 

___ I will respect the personal boundaries of others in camp, including bodies, belongings, and any of my behavior that others may or may not witness.

___ I will refrain from sharing any stories, jokes, or comments which are derogatory toward others in camp, toward groups of people in the outer world, and toward sacred themes such as bodily function.

___ I agree to discuss only age-appropriate themes and behaviors around younger campers.

___ I will respect all plant and animal life during camp, harvesting only what I will use.

___ I will put nothing in my mouth unless I know (not just feel or heard from someone) that it is 100% safe to eat.

___ I will always encourage others to rise to the challenge in every group activity.

___ I will remain as quiet as I can when learning awareness skills and developing skills of invisibility.

___ I will watch out for the physical and emotional safety of every person in camp. I understand that this means I will take the usual school-like rules to a new level, to a place of full respect for instructors and other campers.

___ I understand that electronic devices are not a part of the camp experience and if I need to call home I must ask my instructor.

___ I will not litter. In fact, I will take all my wrappers, bottles, etc. home with me to recycle after camp each day.

___ I will inventory all of my belongings with my parents before leaving camp at the end of the week, because any items I forget at camp will be donated to charity at the end of the summer.

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