Summer Internships & Apprenticeships

The Conservation College runs two unique, full-time summer programs for adults, plus one part-time training program for teens. These technical training programs lead to personal enrichment, meaningful jobs, and for some graduates, self-employment in the outdoor field.

Wolf Journey Book 8 Cover Artwork by Joanna Colbert of GaianTarot.comThe Earth Skills Teaching Apprenticeship has been our hallmark residential program since 1999 and is available for qualified participants who want to learn to teach wilderness skills in a fast-paced, outdoor setting. Our goal is to ensure that by the end of the summer you have the skillset necessary to work anywhere in the field of outdoor education. Experience full-time work-trade training (including food and facilities) from June 20 – Sept 1, 2023 plus eligibility for hire at $20/hr when ready to co-teach summer camps during the month of August. Apply asap with January 1 decision deadline. Preference is given for 1) those with a passion for teaching earth skills and want to return to teach camps with us on salary in future summers, and 2) those who are simultaneously interested in our supplemental Blue Skye Farm Internship program for a 100% immersive summer experience:

Farm Internship IconSupplemental Add-On Program: The Blue Skye Farm Internship is a sustainable homesteading program with “permaculture” and entrepreneurial components. The goal is for you to practice cultivating the home environment in a way that benefits nature as well as humans. Certified by the Washington State Farm Internship Program, you’ll help run Blue Skye Farm, home of Wolf Camp & School of Natural Science, growing and selling produce on site. This is an immersive work-trade experience with room and board included for qualified applicants starting in early summer, with some income available through farm sales through late summer. Our full-time farm internship is not available in 2023-24 until we turn over Wolf Camp operations to a new owner and can focus on the farm again, likely in 2025. In the meantime, apply for our Earth Skills Teaching Apprenticeship if also interested in helping to take care of our gardens, orchard and farm stand on weekends.

The Double IT Mentoring Program is a part-time Instructors In Training (IIT) Program is similar to “Counselors in Training” or CIT Programs for teens who want to begin training to become outdoor professionals. Most participants of this program are past Wolf Camp students who want to complete our Earth Skills Teaching Apprenticeship over multiple summers until eligible for hire as instructors.

Email us with any questions. We always keep your information absolutely private. While considering an application, check out our apprenticeship testimonials from novice apprentices, former campers-turned-instructors, and experienced educators who all succeeded in our summer apprenticeships and agree that the results far exceed expectations.