Custom Program Example: Homeschool Herbal Class Series

Homeschool Herbal Class Series – Fridays 11:00-2:00 at Lake Sammamish State Park

February 28, 2014:
Concepts – honorable harvesting, nature journaling
Plants – stinging nettle, mint family
Projects – samples, rope-making, infusion, decoction
1st aid/medicine – scene assessment, method of injury, headache

March 7, 2014:
Concepts – herbalism (history and importance) and what it means to be an herbalist
Plants – Pine family, plantains
Projects – samples, compress, poultice
1st aid/medicine – bee stings, slivers, bruises

March 14, 2014:
Concepts – safety in the woods (dangerous animals, poisonous plants, etc.)
Plants – cattail, mustard family, pea family
Projects – samples, herbal oil, cattail leaf hot pad/mat
1st aid/medicine – getting help, 911, c-spine

March 21, 2014:
Concepts – visual observation skills
Plants – grass family, rushes and sedges, cedar
Projects – samples, grass sitting mat, drying herbs
1st aid/medicine – biohazards (blood and fluids), skin irritants

March 28, 2014:
Concepts – moving through nature carefully, unobserved
Plants – berries (edible vs not edible), rosehips
Projects – samples, herbal syrup (probably for colds/cough)
1st aid/medicine – colds (coughing, sneezing, sore throat), choking

April 4, 2014:
Concepts – auditory observation skills
Plants/wild foods – seaweeds, water critters, tbd
Projects – samples, glycerite/tincture, tbd
1st aid/medicine – cold emergencies (hypothermia, frostbite)

April 11, 2014:
Concepts – olfactory observation skills
Plants – hazelnut, acorn, oregon grape, lily family, rose family
Projects – samples, wound cleaning wash, make a t-shirt bandage
1st aid/medicine – wound cleaning and bandaging

April 18, 2014:
Concepts – tactile observation skills
Plants – yard/common “weeds”, roots and seeds, culinary herbs
Projects – samples, herbal vinegar, tbd
1st aid/medicine – digestion, gas, diarrhea, constipation

April 25, 2014:
Concepts – tbd depends on group needs
Plants – edible flowers, aster family (yarrow, calendula, chamomile/pineapple weed)
Projects – saute/fritters (samples), herbal chocolates, spa day
1st aid/medicine – bleeding, fever

May 2, 2014:
Concepts – tbd depends on group needs
Plants – tbd depending on group, land mammals
Projects – tbd, snares and traps
1st aid/medicine – heat emergencies

May 9, 2014:
Concepts – tbd depends on group needs
Plants – tbd depending on group, comfrey, edible insects, larvae, reptiles and amphibians
Projects – samples, wound-healing salve, collecting basket
1st aid/medicine – tbd

May 16, 2014:
Wrap up and conclusion
Wild edible, herbal medicine and first aid challenge
Certificates of completion

Tuition Example

First Child Enrolling & Paid In Advance: $240
Additional Per Child & Paid In Advance: $180
Visiting Children & Paid Day-Of: $25 per session

Additional Example – Wildlife Safety, Tracking & Bird Langauge

Homeschool Class Series on Fridays from 10:30-1:00 for youth of all ages. Cost is $175 for the first family member, $150 per additional child if paid in advance by check ($5 extra fee if using credit card or paypal) for the 10 class series including materials, or $25 per child per class if visiting class-by-class. Children may be divided into older and younger groups, with requests honored to keep friends and siblings together if desired. We are also going to schedule two parent volunteers per class, so let us know if you would like to assist during any of the dates, with requests balanced between a first-request and everyone-gets-a-chance basis.

Fri, Apr 3 – Wild Animal Safety & Awareness
Fri, Apr 10 – Trailing Animals – Cybertracker Style
Fri, Apr 17 – Animal Family Track & Sign Identification
Fri, Apr 24 – Track & Sign Field Interpretation
Fri, May 1 – The Meaning of Bird Vocalizations
Fri, May 8 – Bird Language ID Hike
Fri, May 15 – Cougar & Bear Sign Near Lake Sammamish
Fri, May 22 – Search & Rescue Tracking

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