Zombie Apocalypse Survival Challenge

July 14-20, 2024 Advanced Primal Bushcraft Camp near Mt Rainier

The Zombie Apocalypse Survival Challenge is designed as a collision between practical survival skills and response to emergency crises. The week is filled with a variety of survival challenges. For example, completing a fire challenge with a fire steel will result in the loss of the fire steel, but the gain of a bowdrill fire kit and a metal water bottle; fire will then be harder to make, but water will be easier to purify. Items will be confiscated, “broken”, or subject to “malfunction” – determined at instructor discretion. This will push your skillset and teach you to strategize.

Participants are required to arrive with their 10 essentials, ready to backpack into a wilderness survival situation. After checking supplies the first night, your party will depart on a day-long navigation challenge to find a safe wilderness haven before zombies awaken.  Failure to complete any challenge may result in a “zombie raid” that will, potentially, have “disastrous” consequences. Zombies (played by instructors and other staff) may confiscate any items from humans they catch. If the human village is uncovered, zombies may ransack the village resulting in loss of essentials for a certain duration.

Take nothing for granted, learn to adapt, and focus on making good decisions in stressful circumstances. This camp is an intensely fun way to put your survival knowledge to the test in a real-time simulated “crisis.”

Camp Goals & Skills Covered:

This camp expands on the skills covered in the prerequisite courses, and tests your skills further through a variety of fun, timed survival challenges.

Arrive with ALL the 10 Essentials including Metal Water Bottle, Waterproof Boots, etc.

Click Zombie Apocalypse Survival Challenge Sample Itinerary for a sample weekly itinerary