Trail of the Wildlife Tracker

Wolf Journey Earth Conservation Course – Book Three

Certificate Goals: Wildlife Conservation, Birding, & More

Wolf Journey Book Three – Trail of the Wildlife Tracker features certificate goals of wildlife conservation, birding, arthropodology, herpetology, and other areas of focus on the path to becoming your local Wildlife Tracker.  As you walk through the course, you will move deeper and deeper into practical skills of wildlife conservation and knowledge of zoology.  More than that, you will realize that in every area of outdoor study – herbalism, scouting, survival, traditional living, etc. – that “it all comes back to tracking.”  For instance, if you can find a perfect rock to use as a bowl, you don’t have to spend a week making one that holds water.  Think of anything: if you can find it, you save the time and aggravation it takes to make it. In order to track, you have to “know your place,” learn the hazards, develop heightened senses, and be able to remember (record) findings accurately.

Wolf Journey Earth Conservation Courses are currently out of print as we redesign each book into an online format with video links and more. Only students enrolled in our spring and summer apprenticeships may access the course books at this time.  Click here to send an email requesting to be notified when we publish the online version with a note indicating which course books interest you, whether you would like to receive our monthly Outdoor Skills Newsletter, whether you are also interested in courses for adults or youth, plus your location. Thanks!

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Book Three: Trail of the Wildlife Tracker
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