How to Involve Kids in Herbal Education

I shied away from my original title ‘Teaching Herbalism to Kids’ for this article because I think “involvement” is a more accurate term — learning herbalism in particular is about […]

How to Make an Appalachian Potato Basket

Basketry is a fascinating and ancient traditional craft that dates back to the earliest humans. Our ancestors created and developed the basket as a method for transporting food, water, children, […]

How to make an Herbal Syrup

Syrups are a wonderful way to take herbal medicine. They are satisfyingly sweet, with honey (most common), or other substitutes such as sugar, maple syrup, or vegetable glycerin combined with […]

How to Make Pine Needle Tea

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we live in a rich and varied ecosystem. Our temperate rain forests are host to a wide variety of plants, many of which the Native […]

How to Make Stinging Nettle Tea

In my humble (and perhaps a bit plant-biased) opinion, Stinging Nettle is one of the most amazing plants in the Pacific Northwest. Here at Wolf Camp & the Wolf College, […]

How to Make Mullein & Honey Cough Syrup

Mullein is a beautiful large plant that thrives in disturbed areas. Mullein is also full of medicinal and beneficial components like mucilage, flavonoids, iridoids, sterols, and sugars. Mullein as a […]