Keep Spring Staff Employed!

If you benefited from our daily live skills broadcasts this spring, or enjoyed our programs in the past, or just want to help keep Wolf Camp administrative staff employed in advance of the summer camp season, please consider a contribution during this time of social distancing. All revenues go to directly to payroll.

Thank you! Please feel free to email, text or call us anytime at 425-248-0253, and join us on the Wolf Camp facebook page starting at 6:00 PM Pacific throughout the spring, or view all the virtual lessons when we post them here at 7:00 PM. Otherwise, we’ll see you during summer camps and classes!

Thanks again! – Kim, Chris, Camp Dog Lily, The Chickens & All The Staff

Kim & Chris in January 2017 with paintings they completed during Paint-Your-Pet paint-n-sip night at the erstwhile Arts & Corks Studio, Puyallup WA.

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