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Course Catalog

Course Catalog

Advanced Primal Bushcraft: The Traditional Village

July 8-13, 2018 Overnight Camp & Expedition with prerequisite near Mount Rainier

This camp is designed to replicate a life “off the grid” without the luxuries of the modern world. As such, we will spend the majority of the week deep in the woods exploring community living and traditional skills. Gain proficiency with the arts of foraging, shelter building, water purifying, food preserving and fire carrying as we travel into the wilderness to live off the land. We will use the gifts which nature supplies us, including natural bug spray, soap and soft bough beds. We will construct a waterproof lean-to, warm debris huts, safe fire pits, reflective walls, and buried hot beds. In the end, we will return with a greater appreciation for, and understanding of, our modern luxuries.

While a number of traditional skills will be explored, the primary focus of this week is on community; what it means to be part of a community and what it “takes” to flourish. Instructors will guide and advise the group; ensure participant safety and well-being; lead guided activities. The group will decide how to best tackle their community challenges. Challenges may include: access to clean water, food, and shelters. As the week progresses, we will move away from modern luxuries [guaranteed meals and water; pots and pans] and undertake true Traditional Living.

We will also fuse another survival philosophy into this camp, including a comprehensive understanding of Wannabeian Philosophy.  On a clear, crisp night in September deep within the Santa Cruz Mountains, the Wilderness Wannabes were born.  One part Minimalism, three parts Pragmatism, and six parts Awesome, the Wannabeasts began crafting a curriculum unmatched by other, so-called, Wilderness Experts. Since their Santa Cruzian debut, the Wannabeasts have undertaken a multitude of Survival Treks.

The Wilderness Wannabes are built upon a Codex of Wisdom, the Wilderness Wannabes Code of Wilderness Pragmatism [WWCWP].  The first two, and most important rules, are provided as example of what one can expect (if you won’t perish, do nothing.  If you will perish, do the bare minimum) and by learning to follow basic rules like these, the Wannabes will have prepared you for any Wilderness Emergency.

Camp Availability:

Ages 9-17: Open/Available with prerequisite of Wilderness Survivors Side of the Mountain in a previous year, or one of the two camp weeks prior to this: June 24-29 Teen Backcountry Leadership or the July 1-6 Wild Discovery Film Camp or Nature Guides Training Camp or Wilderness Skills Family Camp.

Ages 18-28 may participate in the Wilderness Survival Training & Trek running simultaneously.

Camp Schedule:

Sunday: Arrive; enjoy a warm meal; meet your tribe; create government structure; learn/practice the Critical order of Survival;

Monday: All things shelter; review the five “W’s” of shelter building; select a community location; begin work on shelters; discuss responsible forestry practices;

Tuesday: All things water; discuss water’s tendencies; practice digging seeps; look for natural springs; secure reliable water source; rock boil; begin burn bowls;

Wednesday: All things fire; begin work on bowdrill kits; practice fire construction/lighting methods; learn the best places to gather fire materials; finish bowdrill kits; finish burn bowls; build drying rack;

Thursday: All things food; learn honorable harvesting techniques; learn top 10 survival plants; gather as many as possible; learn how to prepare and cook each; learn how to dry/store fibers for rope; learn how to make jerky;

Friday: Complete projects; learn leave no trace philosophy; community closing.

Camp Goals & Skills Covered:

The foundation of the Traditional Living Skills Camp is for participants to create a leadership/governance structure to form the most successful and efficient tribe possible. During the week, we will build a community from the ground up.  Some of the skills we will focus on are:

  • Traditional Survival Shelters. We will learn to construct the Debris Hut and Lean-To. If supplies and time permit, we will introduce the Earth Lodge, Wickiup, Thatch Hut, or Wigwam;
  • Become an expert with the Bow Drill method of fire-by-friction;
  • Natural Water Purification [seeps, filters, rock boiling, and locating natural springs];
  • Honorably Harvest, cook, and eat the Top 10 Most Important Survival Plants;
  • Learn the most important medicinal herbs of the northwest;
  • Cook over an open fire and practice Wild Edible Foraging & Preparation (Herbs, Nuts, Roots, Flowers, Fruits, Insects);
  • Spin natural rope for your shelter, bow-drill kit, shoelaces, and fishing line;
  • Burn out your own bowl and spoon for eating;
  • Learn how to make jerky and pemmican;
  • Introduction to Wilderness Fishing;
  • Swim in Natural Waters, depending on camper desire and swim testing.
  • Discuss Natural Selection Forestry; use Hatchets & Axes for chopping and wood splitting.

Wolf Camp Co-Owners Kim & Chris ChisholmCamp Instructors:

Kim & Chris Chisholm are on site all week directing our professionally-trained staff instructors who make up our hallmark 6-1 average, 8-1 maximum student-instructor ratio critical for  high-level outdoor educational programs. Read our FAQ’s for more details and check out our overnight camp testimonials and dating all the way back to 1997!

Pick-up, Drop-off and Airport/Bus/Train Transportation:

Click here for location and transportation details which are the same as for the intro Wilderness Survivors Side of the Mountain and the adult Wilderness Survival Training & Trek.

BACK-TO-BACK SPECIAL! NEW CAMPERS: Register for three or four weeks in a row between June 24 – July 20 and weekend stayovers are free not including long-distance transportation. CAMP ALUMNI: Register for at least two weeks in a row between June 24 – July 20 and stay free on weekends not including long-distance transportation.


2018 Overnight Youth Camps are $735/week for returning campers and siblings who register by December 25th, otherwise open to all at $745/week if you make a deposit by February 10th, or $755 by March 20th, or $765 by April 30th, or $775 by June 5th, or $785 if space remains available thereafter. To reserve your spot, make a $200 deposit per camper/week and your balance will be due upon arrival.

The cost includes everything from Sunday-Friday including organic camp t-shirt at your first camp, or survival knife, firesteel or field guide at subsequent camp weeks, depending on topic. The only additional expenses you may incur for our courses are for travel and specific gear, although we have extras in case you can’t acquire something. You will also need health insurance, so check with us for recommendations on inexpensive temporary insurance if necessary. Also, please see above for optional transportation and weekend stayover choices.

Discounts: Standard cumulative discounts are $5 per additional week you attend this summer, $5 off per additional family member attending this summer, $5 off for successfully referring other families who register campers this summer. BACK-TO-BACK SPECIAL! NEW CAMPERS: Register for three or four weeks in a row between June 24 – July 20 and weekend stayovers are free not including long-distance transportation. CAMP ALUMNI: Register for at least two weeks in a row between June 24 – July 20 and stay free on weekends not including long-distance transportation.

Scholarships: Scholarships for overnight camps are available for this week, as well as Survivors Side of the Mountain and Secrets of the Ancient Scout, so click those links to check availability and apply early in case spaces fill up. Please also note that our focus for scholarships is for residents of the Pacific Northwest states, and especially foster children, enrolled tribal members, and the underprivileged. If you need financial assistance or want to apply for a merit scholarship, click on Max Davis Scholarships and add answers to its 8 financial aid scholarship questions to your camp registration form, or complete a merit scholarship project as described on that page.

Registration is now open for alumni, and opens January 1st for new campers:

Check/Mail/Email Registration Option: Print out and complete our Microsoft Word or PDF Registration Form for each new participant (not needed for returning campers) and send with a check deposit payable to Wolf Camp, 1026 14th St. SW, Puyallup WA 98371. New campers can also email us a completed registration form and pay using your preferred method.

Credit/Debit Card Registration Option: Just call us at 425-248-0253 and we will take your registration securely over the phone.

Or Use PayPal to register online securely with a credit/debit card or via direct withdrawal from your bank account. Use the link below (might not be visible if you are using “reader view” on your phone or other device) or sign into and “send money” to our email address: (we’ll get back to you with any additional information we may need)

Register securely via PayPal: (account is not necessary if using debit/credit card)
Participant Name & Age:
Your Cell Phone & Pick-up/Drop-off Point(s):

Or email us to be put on our our list for this program in the future. We always keep your information absolutely private, and will never share it. You can also like our facebook page to keep in better touch, and once you’ve attended a program, please review us on our Better Business BureauYelpGoogle pages.

Refund Policy: Standard deposits ($100 for day programs, $200 for overnight programs) are not refundable unless we don’t accept your application. If you cancel in advance of the program start time for any reason, you may receive a full credit good through the following calendar year on appropriate and available programs listed on our schedule, although an additional deposit may be required to secure your spot in the future program. If a program you sign up for is canceled and not rescheduled at a time you can attend, you may receive a full refund except in case of natural (weather, geologic, etc) disasters, government shutdowns, conflicts or curfews, or other unforeseen emergencies making it impossible for staff and/or attendees to reach or use program locations, in which case all payments made will be held by us without expiration date for your future use in appropriate/available programs of your choice. No refund, nor credit, is given if a participant is asked to leave a program for inappropriateness as determined by our kids, youth and adult agreements for participation.

Camp Preparation: Agreements, Packing List and FAQ’s

Agreements for Participation in Camp

Summer Camp Packing List

Other FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

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