Wildlife Search & Rescue Day Camp

Camp Description

This theme is excellent for exploratory learners, but not recommended for asperger spectrum students, as the itinerary diverges daily based on wildlife “finds” and other learning opportunities.

Wildlife Search & Rescue celebrates its 22nd year this summer. Enjoy the Hans Jensen Group Camp and Clark’s Creek Park where athe animals hide in their dens during the day before coming out at night to roam the fish hatchery and neighborhoods. Yes, we’ve found resident bear dens, investigated cougar scratching posts, watched bobcats hunting rabbits, heard coyotes yipping after catching prey, foxes marking their trails, owls dropping countless pellets, meditated on osprey diving for salmon … and those are just the big creatures.

Each day, we will explore the field for wildlife tracks and sign. Every find will be used as a lesson to gain better understanding of who made the track; why it made the track; where it made the track; when it made the track; and what it was doing when it made the track. You will discover what it is like to be a bird or other animal by using sensory awareness skills to interpret what is happening around you. Participants will learn to understand and use the language of the birds and will practice interpreting bird language through a series of experiments.

We will work together to make plaster casts of our favorite animal tracks; craft tracking sticks; safely move through the woods; and investigate trails, lays, larders, and other signs of life. This camp is full of exciting, interactive, challenging and cooperative games. Campers will learn to work as a team to develop skills of leadership, cooperation, patience, orienteering, dexterity, and fun. Additionally, our staff, some of whom are Search & Rescue volunteers, will teach you how to navigate in the wilderness and track people!

Camp Itinerary

Itineraries are subject to some amount of change based upon location, weather, instructor preference, and natural resource availability.

Monday: Awareness, Navigation and the Art & Science of Tracking

Morning Session: Awareness Skills, Wildlife Safety, Arts of Tracking
Lunchtime: Bring & Eat Lunch from home, then our After Lunch Activities (ALA) include choice of Archery, Chill Time, Sprinkler Games & Swimming (creek wading, or go to lake for swim tests on days lifeguards are available)
Afternoon Session: Animal Forms, Order of Survival, Lostproofing

Tuesday: Bones, Skulls, Hides, and Teamwork

Morning Session: Wildlife Journals, Animal Families, Hides & Skulls
Lunchtime & ALA: (see monday description)
Afternoon Session: Teamwork, Hand Signals, Scouting Expedition

Wednesday: Birds, Insects, and Amphibians

Morning Session: Language of the Birds, Animal Tracks & Sign
Lunchtime & ALA: (see monday description)
Afternoon Session: Insects & Spiders, Reptiles & Amphibians

Thursday: Trailing, Scats, and Casts

Morning Session: Trailing Animals, Scatology, Scent Marks, Browses, Lays
Lunchtime & ALA: (see monday description)
Afternoon Session: Plaster Casts, Beaver Dens & Dams

Friday: Human Tracking, Animal Rescue, and Celebration

Morning Session: Secret Spot, Human Tracking, Animal Rescue Medicine
Lunchtime & ALA: (see monday description)
Afternoon Session: Parents are invited to attend special end-of-camp workshops from 2:00-3:30.

Locations featuring Wildlife Search & Rescue: Click on the location and dates of your choice below to register and for FAQs

July 22-26, 2019 in Puyallup-Tacoma: Wildlife Search & Rescue at Clark’s Creek Park with walks to area farms.

July 22-26, 2019 at Lake Sammamish: Choose from Wildlife Search & Rescue, or Wild Cooking & Herbology, or Wilderness Survival Craft.

July 29 – Aug 2, 2019 at Lake Sammamish: Choose from Wildlife Search & Rescue or Wilderness Survival Craft for ages 6-11, or Advanced Herbal Medicine for ages 7-12 who have graduated from two camps with us, at least one being Wild Cooking & Herbology.

August 5-9, 2019 at Lake Sammamish: Choose from Wilderness Survival Craft or Wild Cooking & Herbology for ages 6-11, or Advanced Animal Tracking for ages 8-12 who have graduated from from two camps with us, at least one being Wildlife Search & Rescue.

August 12-16, 2019 at Lake Sammamish: Choose from Wildlife Search & Rescue or the Blue Skye Pioneer Camp for ages 6-11, or Advanced Pioneer Artisans for ages 8-12 who have graduated from at least three camps with us.

Click any of the dates or locations above for FAQs and to register your child.

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