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Course Catalog

Advanced Nature & Survival Day Camps

Advanced Day Camps Description & Itinerary

Although our “introductory” day camps are already more specialized than any other kids outdoor program, we also know that many of our camp graduates are thirsty to go deeper before they are old enough to spend nights away at our in-depth overnight camps. There’s no need to ask whether your child can attend one of our advanced day camps if they have not yet attended our regular camp themes because those are absolute prerequisites, very specialized, in-depth and necessary before advanced groups to succeed. Further, we only accept campers into advanced weeks who showed group leadership during introductory camp weeks.

Monday: The first day of any educational experience must emphasize community building and getting participants onto the same page. Once instructors feel that the campers are working well together, a community discussion and will take place to decide group learning priorities for the week. Participants in Advanced Day Camps will come with varied experience, so after initial team-building exercises and based on what focus campers decide on, campers will run through an intensive review of skills to make sure everyone is prepared for deeper learning.

Tuesday: The second day will focus on the main priority chosen yesterday by the advanced campers. For camps entitled Advanced Nature & Survival, the topic may expand upon anything in our intro wildlife, herbal, pioneer or survival day camp themes. For camps entitled Advanced Wilderness Survival, the topic expand upon anything from our Wilderness Survival Craft theme. For camps entitled Super Advanced Survival, the topic may also include traditional skills introduced at Pioneer Day Camps or Advanced Wilderness Survival.

Wednesday: The third day will focus on developing tool skills needed for successful accomplishment of the chosen group focus. Instructors may divide campers into sub-groups to focus on tools safe for each camper. For instance, campers who are ready for training with our survival knives may be in one group – usually campers ages 9 and up with great attention to fine motor skills – while younger campers and those with less motor skill control would get training on efficient use of relevant landscaping and carpentry tools.

Thursday: The fourth day will focus on completion of projects chosen as focus for the week. For instance, if Advanced Nature & Survival campers chose to focus on trailing elk and deer as hunters, we would drive them to the territory of our nearest wild elk herd and spend the day tracking them down, whereas if campers chose to focus on wilderness herbal first aid, then we would do a wildcrafting field trip to finish gathering and processing their herbal kits. Advanced Wilderness Survival campers who chose to focus on making fire by friction with bow drill fire kits would finish those today, or if Super Advanced Survival campers chose to focus on tanning rabbit hides, then today would be spent on the final step required to soften their hides into leather.

Friday: The last morning will consist of nature and survival challenges which test campers’ skills, such as timed survival scenarios, timed challenges to track down animals, tests to heal wilderness first aid injuries, and creating solutions to other emergency simulations. The last afternoon will consist of advanced campers teaching workshops to intro campers and parents on the skills they mastered during the week.

2018 Schedule for Advanced Nature & Survival Day Camps: Click on the location and dates of your choice to register and for FAQs

July 2-6, 2018 Puyallup-Tacoma: Choose from the Wilderness Skills Sampler for new campers, or Advanced Nature & Survival for campers returning from prior years. Takes place at Clark’s Creek Park & Camp Curran with daily complimentary extended care and family independence day activities. Also consider our special series of family classes talking place simultaneously this week.

July 23-27, 2018 Lake Sammamish Week 1: The Wilderness Skills Sampler with no prerequisite, or Advanced Nature & Survival Sampler for campers returning from prior years, and also consider our Wilderness Skills Family Camp talking place simultaneously this week.

July 30 – Aug 3, 2018 Lake Sammamish Week 2: Choose from Wildlife Search & Rescue and The American Pioneer with no prerequisites, or The Advanced Artisan for graduates of two prior camps with us, at least one being the Wilderness Skills Sampler or The American Pioneer.

August 6-10, 2018 Lake Sammamish Week 3: Choose from Wild Cooking & Herbology and Wilderness Survival Craft with no prerequisites, or Advanced Animal Tracking for graduates of two prior camps with us, at least one being Wildlife Search & Rescue or the Wilderness Skills Sampler.

August 13-17, 2018 Lake Sammamish Week 4: Choose from Wilderness Survival Craft and Wildlife Search & Rescue with no prerequisites, or Advanced Herbal Medicine for graduates of two prior camps with us, at least one being Wild Cooking & Herbology or the Wilderness Skills Sampler.

August 20-24, 2018 Lake Sammamish Week 5: Choose from Wild Cooking & Herbology and Wildlife Search & Rescue with no prerequisites, or Advanced Wilderness Survival for graduates of two previous camps with us, at least one being Wilderness Survival Craft or the American Pioneer.

August 27-31, 2018 Lake Sammamish Week 6: Choose from Wilderness Survival Craft and Wild Cooking & Herbology with no prerequisites, or Advanced Ancient Scout for graduates of any two camps with us.

Click any of the dates or locations above for FAQs and to register your child, taking advantage of early registration discounts now.

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