Wolf Journey Earth Conservation Courses

Wolf Journey Earth Conservation Courses guide you through skills of the Neighborhood Naturalist, Traditional Herbalist, Wildlife Tracker, Survival Scout, Ancient Artisan and Honorable Hunter, plus Sustainable Living and Environmental Education.

Each of the 8 courses consist of four sub-themes and 16 chapter lessons which can be completed as a series, or repeated as directed to earn a conservation certificate in your area of interest. The course books are currently out of print as we redesign each of them into an online format with video links and more.  Click here to send an email requesting to be notified when we publish the new online versions with a note indicating which course books interest you, whether you would like to receive our monthly Outdoor Skills Newsletter, whether you are also interested in courses for adults or youth, plus your location. Thanks!

Book One: Trail of the Neighborhood Naturalist
Book Two: Trail of the Traditional Herbalist
Book Three: Trail of the Wildlife Tracker
Book Four: Trail of the Survival Scout
Book Five: Trail of the Ancient Artisan
Book Six: Trail of the Honorable Hunter
Book Seven: Trail of the Sustainable Citizen
Book Eight: Trail of Environmental Ed