New Position Available Summer 2018: Day Camps & Classes Director

For all available positions, see our Summer Environmental Education Jobs page. Applications will be accepted starting February 10th, and continuing into the spring until positions are filled. If you feel you are not yet eligible for any of the positions, go to our apprenticeship application page where you can apply to train and work into the positions until eligible for payroll.

Job Description – Day Camps & Classes Director

Wolf Camp is seeking a Day Camps & Classes Director to facilitate our kids day camps and family classes during the summer, then if advancing to academic year work, schedule and teach academic year classes if available in the fall-winter-spring.

The Day Camps & Classes Director will work on a team with our new Overnight & Adult Programs Director and Chinese Language & ESL Students Director, Health & Logistics Coordinator Kim Chisholm, and Office Administrator Colleen Valadez to run our summer programs. The team will work under the supervision of Executive Director Chris Chisholm.


First-summer compensation will be on a salary basis from $800-$1000/wk (FTE Equivalent: $20-$25/hr plus mileage, room and board) depending on experience and start date, with employment continuing into the academic year as desired, on commission based on on program development. Second summer $1000-$1200/wk salary depending on academic year work.

Responsibilities & Duties

Duties will include 1) helping our office administrator process day camp and class registrations, 2) communicating with students and their parents, including after-hours discussions if necessary, 3) helping camp instructors teach and facilitate the needs of students during day camps and classes, 4) helping kitchen and logistics staff organize meals and gear, 5) making sure that good photos are taken of all day campers to remember camp by, and 6) organizing, promoting, and teaching future camps and classes.

2018 Schedule

After early-summer office orientations and complimentary trainings to get up-to-date with risk management protocols, a successful candidate will be ready to hit the ground running our day camps in July-August, then assess in September whether s/he is ready to organize and teach academic year classes, or whether s/he prefers to periodically in preparation for returning full-time the following summer and beyond. 2018 summer schedule includes:

June 1: Optional Office Orientation (complimentary)
June 2: Optional Meet & Greet with Board of Directors (complimentary)

June 4-8: Organize Day Camp Registrants, Policies & Plans with Office Administrator (paid by the hour)
June 5: Optional Training Workshop – Sustainable Homes & Gardens (complimentary)
June 11-15: Coordinate Instructors, Locations, Policies & Plans with Co-Directors (paid by the hour)

June 16: Optional Training Workshop – Seaweeds & Shellfish of the Salish Sea (complimentary)
June 17: Optional Training Workshop – Paleo & Veggie Lifestyles (complimentary)
June 18-22: Organize Day Camp Registrants, Policies & Plans and/or attend trainings as needed: Wilderness First Aid, CPR & AED if not current; (complimentary)

June 23: Optional Training Workshop – Subsistence Pier & Lake Fishing (complimentary)
June 24-29: Organize Day Camp Registrants, Policies & Plans and/or attend Outdoor Risk Management Training at Backcountry Leadership course if not current; (complimentary)

June 30: Evening Campfire Meet-n-Greet with Staff & Board; (complimentary)
July 1: Help organize and coordinate Puyallup Day Camp & Family Classes prep from 9 am – 9 pm; (salary)
July 2-6: Co-Direct Puyallup Day Camp & Family Classes with Kim & Chris daily from 7:30-5:30; (salary)

July 8: Help overnight camp staff prepare, depart and set up Wilderness Survival week from 9 am – 9 pm; (salary)
July 9-13: Organize Day Camp Registrants, Policies & Plans with Office Administrator as many hours as needed; or help overnight camp staff if needed; (salary)

July 15: Help overnight camp depart in the morning, then day camp staff prepare, depart for, and set up at Millersylvania State Park in the afternoon-evening; 9 am – 9 pm; (salary)
July 16-20: Direct Olympia Day Camps: Wilderness Survival Craft and Wild Chefs & Herbology from 7:30-5:30; (salary)

July 22: Help day and family camp staff prepare, depart for, and set up at the Hans Jensen Group Camp. Make final revisions on group arrangements; 9 am – 9 pm; (salary)
July 23-27: Direct Lake Sammamish Wk 1 – Wilderness Skills Sampler Day Camps from 7:30-5:30; (salary)

July 28: Off
July 29: Help day camp staff prepare for the week, and make final revisions on group arrangements; 9 am – 9 pm; (salary)
July 30 – Aug 3 Lake Sammamish Wk 2 – Wildlife Search & Rescue and the American Pioneer, plus Advanced Artisan from 7:30-5:30 plus Friday evening staff meeting; (salary)

Aug 4: Off
August 5: Help day camp staff prepare for the week, and make final revisions on group arrangements; 9 am – 9 pm; (salary)
Aug 6-10 – Lake Sammamish Wk 3 – Wild Cooking & Herbology and Wilderness Survival Craft, plus Advanced Animal Tracking from 7:30-5:30; (salary)

Aug 11: Run check-in and orientation at the start of the Wilderness Survival including Bow Drill Fire Making workshop from 9:00-10:00 a.m., stay on site while working on group arrangements for the following camp week, and coordinate site clean-up and staff review meeting from 5-6 pm; (salary)
August 12: Help day camp staff prepare for the week, and make final revisions on group arrangements; 9 am – 9 pm; (salary)
Aug 13-17: Lake Sammamish Wk 4 – Wilderness Survival Craft and Wildlife Search & Rescue, plus Advanced Herbal Medicine from 7:30-5:30 plus Friday evening staff meeting; (salary)

Aug 18: Off
August 19: Help day camp staff prepare for the week, and make final revisions on group arrangements; 9 am – 9 pm; (salary)
Aug 20-24: Lake Sammamish Wk 5 – Wild Cooking & Herbology and Wildlife Search & Rescue, plus Advanced Wilderness Survival from 7:30-5:30; (salary)

Aug 25: Off
August 26: Help day camp staff prepare for the week, and make final revisions on group arrangements; 9 am – 9 pm; (salary)
Aug 27-31 Lake Sammamish Wk 6 – Wilderness Survival Craft and Wild Cooking & Herbology, plus Advanced Ancient Scout from 7:30-5:30 plus Friday evening staff meeting; (salary)
September 1: Run check-in and orientation at the start of the Backcountry Navigation & Leadership workshop from 9:00-10:00 a.m. and back-up staff throughout the day, then facilitate staff review meeting from 5-6 pm; (salary)

Sept 4-7: Summer Assessment & Evaluation; Upload weekly photos to facebook albums, and work with Office Administrator to email camp graduation certificates to families with link to photos; (paid by the hour)

Sept 10-14: Finish last week’s work by the hour, and if advancing to work during the academic year, then organize and promote Academic Year Classes via website, email and social media; paid on commission;

Sept 17 Onward: Continue working as desired on commission to organize, promote and teach Academic Year Classes.


• Bachelor’s Degree preferred.
• Wilderness first aid, outdoor risk management, or medical training required.
• Familiarily with Wolf Camp, or previous supervisory experience at another summer camp.
• Deep interest in our mission, vision and guiding principles., and significant training and experience practicing and teaching the earth skills in which we specialize.
• Priority to a candidate with four summers of work experience at summer camps, or two years school teaching in traditional classroom setting, or two years of administrative experience supervising multiple service workers (social service, food service, etc.)
• Priority to candidate with training, experience, or demonstrated effectiveness with group facilitation, conflict resolution, or human resource counseling skills.
• No criminal history, and a valid driver’s license with no more than one recent ticket.
• Ability to walk long all day over uneven terrain, run short distances without issue, and safely move 100 pounds a short distance.
• Ability to foster a sense of fun while simultaneously being responsible for dozens of children, parents and staff members.
• Enjoys helping with communal cooking, cleaning and organizing, and can maintain professional hygiene in outdoor settings.
• Ability to maintain personal health while working 60 hours per week all summer, performing in a professional, safe manner to help make Wolf Camp the most excellent outdoor educational program possible.
• Demonstrated understanding of multinational members of the community, including multiple Asian, eastern European, African and Latin American cultures, as well as a genuine willingness to learn about and serve historically marginalized communities in the Seattle area.
• Alignment with our kids, youth and adult agreements for participation in camp, with ability to remain drug free (including alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and illicits) during camp season, never having participated in child abuse or workplace sexual misconduct, nor having any impulse to do so; and not discriminating against anyone based on color, ethnicity, origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, politics, or handicap.


The position is open until this page disappears upon acceptance of a candidate, so apply immediately for the best opportunity by emailing the following information to us:

  • Cover letter explaining to what level you meet each of the above qualifications.
  • Microsoft Word or PDF Registration Form – same as what students fill out.
  • Simple resume with official educational and work experience.
  • Bullet-point list of other non-traditional or relevant experience or trainings you have received, even personal/familial ones, such as in wilderness first aid, cpr, lifeguarding, permaculture, risk management, navigation, climbing, survival, hygiene, college courses in biology-ecology-geology-astronomy-sociology, camp counseling, drivers ed, teaching, tutoring, mentoring, babysitting, healing, coaching, leadership, conflict resolution, diversity, martial arts, music, art, film, stage drama, dance, poetry, and personal dirt time growing up around nature, wilderness, beaches, farms, gardens, carpentry, landscaping, animals, hunting, fishing, camping, hiking and backpacking, for example.

Chris & Kim will make an assessment of your previous experience and respond within a few days to all fully-completed applications. If we request a phone interview, please prepare the following information:

  • One letter of recommendation from a previous employer, and contact information for other employment references.
  • Photocopy of your current driver’s license, or state identification.
  • Photocopies of all past relevant degrees and certifications you have received.
  • Your most recent educational transcripts. Plain copies are fine.
  • 3 year driving record.

To prepare, review our course descriptions and study our relevant extensive blog articles and video as much as you can, plus other research we may recommend. The more experience or training you can gain in advance of arriving, the greater success you will have in the position, including:

  • Time Outdoors (camping/hiking/backpacking, and playing night and day in the woods, deserts, mountains, prairies, beaches and waterways around your home; cultivating fruits and vegetables, fishing or caring for animals both domestic and wild)
  • Improving your community living / shared housemate situations through practicing communication skills and organizing events, for example, or gaining sensitivity and respect for others’ pet peeves; keeping kitchens and bathrooms clean, etc.
  • Personal hygiene: physical, emotional, mental, social, etc. and acceptance of diversity in politics, religion, culture – even ones you think are small-minded but may be based on someone’s genuine experience;
  • Tool safety and efficiency; practice with wilderness survival, traditional craftwork, wild edible foods, herbal studies, etc. Self-discipline to record and express experiences in writing, journaling, storytelling, blogging, etc.
  • Teaching/counseling/mentoring/volunteer experience (especially understanding the needs of various ages)